Saturday, February 28, 2015

Astrologically Yours
Remember to take some time for yourself. Taking time to take care of yourself not only keeps the love in your heart it banks it so that it keeps you and the one's you love safe and warm with the full knowledge that this security is real and is never in any danger of becoming "brewed" resentment. Resentment issues come from over committing one's self and it is due to the tension that this causes as well as the stress of doing more than you need to. When there is enough love deposited for everyone there is plenty to go around plus lots to share with others in reserve and an ease of living and contentment that is obvious even to outsiders, this comes from equal involvement of all parties concerned and is never, ever one sided, it is balanced. I have always found it strange that the majority seem to have more consideration for inanimate objects such as, homes, or means of transportation, than they do for their own physical well being and maintenance. This is ironic, for where would anything in our lives be without us to support their base framework or needs? Shouldn't the care and feeding of you, yourself, on all levels, mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically, be the most important things on your lists of things to do and a mandatory requirement, just like an oil change or a brake job, gas, groceries, house payments, rent or taxes are? I believe that they should be on the top of your list and I know that in your case they rarely, if ever, are. If you stop and really think about it from this perspective doesn't it make sense? How about making yourself the first priority and see how easily and pleasantly everything else falls into place for you? Of course you will have to retrain some of those people in your life so that they stop taking undue advantage of your unfailing "good nature" or availability, after all you weren't really doing anything else before they asked you for your help on a daily basis now were you? And, there may be a few well needed taps or slaps and new directions negotiated and enforced in the mode of respect, (both theirs and yours for you) but believe me, it is do able and quite necessary realistically. If you must think of it in long term, look at it this way; You are doing your "friends" "loved ones" and, significant others a real dis-service when you do not fill in this part of their education, and yourself as well, after all who is going to do it if you don't? You must take some time for yourself before you are forced to, physically your body needs some real rest, sleep, down time, vacation, and serious pampering, because your personal meter is pretty much depleted and on empty of any thing which is extra that is left to give. You need to realize this now. You are on the edge of break down in several different areas and if you do not consciously take this time and refocus your world Mother Nature will do it for you. It can come in accidents, break downs of personal resources that you do not have the resources to either fix or replace and coming to the knowledge that everyone has their hand out and it is not to help you to do anything either. It is also not your responsibility. If this doesn't get your attention it will get worse. You might not physically be able to do your job and then who is going to take care of things? You are stretched to the limit of your endurance on all levels and perhaps what you really do need to do is simply just "CLEAR THE HOUSE" especially if you have people living there or just hanging out that not only do not carry their own weight and have no business being there but who also expect you to do it all for them. Where does their sense of entitlement come from? You may well ask yourself this question or them for that matter. I have the answer. You taught them to expect it and you also taught them that you deserved no respect or consideration simply by serving them with no thought for yourself or your needs. My suggestion is if you cannot resolve this issue, you must end these associations with these human garbage disposals now. They are not victims. If they do not change or leave upon request and you are forced to give them the boot it is no great loss, now is it? Or is it that you really do feel that way about yourself? If you do then perhaps it is time to seek some real professional help in order to deal with your very real abandonment issues and also some help in managing the issues that you need to get you and yours back on your feet and healthy again. Do not hesitate to ask for it. The time is now. Take control of your own life and move on.

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