Saturday, February 21, 2015

Astrologically Yours


Well, if not for change exactly where would we be? This is a very good question for you to ask yourself at this time, for one thing it brings everything into perspective and gives you something to hang onto in the midst of your internal storm, of course parts of you cut your teeth on the glory of the contest or...ahem...should I say conquest...oh, of course I should, because if I don't who will ask you this very important question? Stop and think for a moment exactly what you are fighting for and why you are so intent upon keeping something or someone against all the seemingly brutal odds. Does it not seem that at times if it is really a good situation there should be some degree of peace and tranquility as well as growth and mutual support or do you really enjoy all of the drama that keeps you distracted from what the real issues at hand are all about?Be very honest with yourself here. If you have been putting up with something or someone for any reason at the demise of your own construction of life goals, you really must stop and make some decisions about your very personal future here, it is not all about them. What do you stand to gain in the long term by taking this course of action, does it really make any sense realistically or are you just procrastinating about your own foundations and the building of them. You may need to restructure your priorities and take stock of where you are financially. Are you pouring time, effort, energy, not to mention money into something that is a never ending void that does not give anything back in the end, nor does it benefit anyone either, and have you been here before with this situation and or person. Sometimes you really must "see" that all you want is to be needed and that people come to know this about you and can and will use all of your resources and invest none of their own in the process. Does this really help the situations in which you find yourself involved, in any way? This is a good time to seek counsel from an outside source especially if you cannot see the forest for the trees as so often happens when you focus your attention outwardly onto others instead of maintaining your own center and thereby allowing them to develop their own so that you all form a sustainable unit that is supportive on all levels. You must firm your own base now and move forward, however hard this may be for you to do, it is time that you stood in your own power and claimed your success, achieving the ambitions that you only dreamed of and the only way that you are going to do this is if you pay attention to your own "inner houses" letting others come to attend their own and stand on their own two feet, this is especially true if you are putting this person or persons into the position of being your partners for life. Realistically if they cannot hold their own at this time how on earth will they be able to be of any benefit to you or themselves later on? Whatever you do not make clear or clear up now will be the source of all your personal problems in the next fourteen year cycle that has just begun. Opposite positions are of two distinct polarities ones that can compliment you and ones that can also destroy everything that you have worked so hard to build. This is a time of new beginnings so please consider all of your options on every level and get the right help in all situations as you need them. No type of secure building has ever been made strong or stable without the right tools or knowledge of how to utilize them to the best possible completion of the project at hand, whether it is in life, love, or the pursuit of happiness, good planning means that good times are almost a guarantee.

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