Tuesday, September 15, 2015

New Moon/ Partial Eclipse/Virgo

"The thorn trees have no grief or fear. The constellations don't fight or hold
themselves back, nor does the orbiting Moon in it's magnetized state, moving
around it's twin soul. the Earth, worry about the separating factor.
Everything is momentary, and endless, time, a man-made concept anyway,
fades away, and yet its memory lasts forever.
Dissolving mountains, made from the explosions that have made flat land
and craters, out of the evolving world, creating dust that over "time"
turns into sand, and then into rich loam, that causes the growth of forests, and
then magnificent plant life, all in its own sequence of nature.
Yet, we the so called "Care takers" of this "Turtle Island" create dramas to
avoid the changes that are meant to be, delaying the inevitability, of our own
as well as others processes within the natural world, that knows so much more
than we do. 
Would it not be so much easier to follow our own nature, with its ebb and flow,
and stop worrying about the direction a thought will go in, or an inclination. 
Who has the privilege of knowing what is possible or the burden of it all, for that
We never really "leave" anything behind, not really, it just finishes with us, and
then it seeps away so slowly that its movement is imperceptible. 
Going without pain or recognition of leaving us, or our abandoning it, simply
because it is neither, so much as it is all just simply done, as the karmic
link that may or may not be a part of its presence.
Our lives changed forever because of our very acceptance and surrender.
Perhaps, that is our greatest fear? 
That of vanishing, without ever having been recognized or acknowledged.
While we instead, become a merger, re-inventing who or what we are,
because of the experience, drawing from it, keeping what is needed for the
next part of the journey, while discarding the rest.
We do not disappear, we evolve, our lives turning in constant motion of
their orbital, tidal wave evolution, around the molten lava that is our true and
Natural Spirit, the one that animates this physical "spaceship" body that
carries it all, allowing us to function and interact within the realm of what is 
called reality.
We are the dream. 
You stand at the threshold of another great adventure, possibly the most
important segment of your life.
Soaring is an option. It will not just happen. You must act upon your own
"gut" feelings and intuitions. Not ruthlessly or egotistically, even when it
hurts to do so, or especially when we are asked to give all that we have to
"Freedom and unimaginable grace come in powerful ways, that demand
great acts of courage and unstoppable, insupportable faith.
Give it your best, and the tapestry that is woven from these ingredients
cannot help being your real life's work.
Love what you do with all of your heart and soul. Give it all that you've got,
giving your life over to it completely, becoming the essence of the dream
that you have only just imagined.
All you have to do is deliver.
There are things that we find only at the very depths of our lowest lows, these
things give us the courage to go on.
We owe it to ourselves and those who we come into contact with to learn
and know the why's and where fore's of what and why the reasoning is for our
being with them. 
The more questionable, brutal, unpredictable, the link is, the greater the lessons,
for it is through this very real abrasive quality that the greatest epiphanies of
our lives come to the light opening us up to the greatest void of darkness and
light that we will ever know.
We learn through direct contact with others, our nemesis' teach us the most,
for they are the mirror through which our darkest truths about ourselves
are revealed.
What are we hiding from? What is it that they are acting out, living out, in
blatantly, unappologetically, bold, living color, that we are not?
While we may not take that brazen venue, it is these 'in our face" kinds of
visuals that are our "saviors" if we are aware and open to it.
What are we holding back, holding in, in denial, about ourselves?
Look at the people around you that are your greatest frustrations, irritants,
aggravations, for the answers, for they are the "Lunar" side of ourselves,
speaking to us through the power of osmosis.
If we continue to be in denial about the power of these contacts to ultimately,
open us up, and change our worlds, we ignore the very real fact of our own
refusal to surrender to the "wild child" that is a necessary part of all of our
development, and in so doing we trap ourselves on "Groundhog" day with a 
series of "like" factors and experiences that try desperately to "wake us up"
forcing us to accept the changes necessary for our graduation to the next 
What we love or hate the most, speaks volumes about the needs that we have
that are not being met, that would propel us into the future, and show us the
lessons of our reason for being.
Consider at the same time the theory of "polar solar" opposites. These attract
or repel according to where we are in our evolution. 
Compelling forces in the areas of movement and action. Power pin points of
behaviors concerning our real life objectives.
An example is necessary here: We will take an Aries person, the ram for an
instance, Aries is ruled by Mars, the red planet, the planet of direct action.
Movement is their middle name, followed by passionate interaction. Aries does
not give very much thought to what anyone else is doing, much less feeling or
thinking, they act first, ask questions later, (if at all) on the other hand in
the opposite direction there is Libra, ruled by Venus, the planet of love,
Libra is also action oriented, but how is that action different from Aries?
Libra's action is one of sharing and compromise, equal amounts of thoughtful
partnership and interaction with others. 
What can these two learn from each other? What is the balance?
Sometimes brute force and affirmative action, without question is a necessity,
of course.
Sometimes compromise and thoughtful consideration, careful planning are the
plan of the day, of course, however, in our day to day living world, more and more
frequently, it is the merger of these two energies that are the most dominant
force and not the division of them.
This is true of every sign and its polar/solar opposite. These are the partnership
houses, and we are here to learn from them.
What color is your rainbow?
I can help you with that, when ever you are ready to learn how, let me know.
Love and Lightning!