Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Little Red Riding Hood: Full Moon Leo

Little Red Riding Hood: Full Moon Leo: "There is only one question that all of science and philosophy seek to answer: Is the universe a friendly place?" - Albert Einstei...

Full Moon Leo

"There is only one question that all of science and philosophy seek to answer: Is the universe a friendly place?" - Albert Einstein -
     Eventually we come to the point where we either trust implicitly or doubt compulsively. Trust in the "Great Turtle" that holds us all the way down. Let go of fear by short-circuiting it with faith at every level.
     I was, and am, provoking your self importance and mine. Self importance is our greatest enemy, it is what weakens us by causing us to feel offended by others or their deeds. Our self importance requires that we spend most of our lives offended by someone or something. What a waste of our time, effort, and precious energies. Expectations are like that, for they are no one else's business except the one who is doing the expecting. No one else even knows what is expected of them, nor do they feel obligated to perform, without self importance we are invulnerable.
     Realizations like this are always personal, this is the time to make them as the planets align and bring forth the promises that are in the chart of our birth. There are two category's; The first one is made up of those who are willing to exercise self-restraint in order to channel their activities toward pragmatic goals. The other category consists of those who don't care about self-restraint or any pragmatic goals.
      "A petty tyrant is a tormentor, someone who holds the power of life or death, or simply annoys us to distraction." Humor is the only way to counteract this kind of "coyote" power. The most fearsome are the buffoons, all teach us the strength found within detachment. We must learn to utilize the petty tyrant as a device of strategy, (think of the Acme kit) on the pathway to knowledge. The thing that turns humane into petty precisely is the obsessive manipulation of the already known. If you can hold your own with the known (petty tyrant) you can face the unknown without fear (roadrunner) which is the real reason for this kind of testing. It is a directive for us to pay close attention to the details. There is no longer any leeway in the abstract, the fatal flaw is in taking every thing seriously, actions and feelings become all important. Warriors with a well thought our strategy, focus, and goal, are free from self-importance, and can enjoy the playful ride, understanding that reality is our interpretation.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Little Red Riding Hood: Happy New Moon in Capricorn

Little Red Riding Hood: Happy New Moon in Capricorn: The domestic cat paces her comfortable cage, bored once again with all of her toys. She gazes longingly out the window dreaming endlessly of...

Happy New Moon in Capricorn

The domestic cat paces her comfortable cage, bored once again with all of her toys. She gazes longingly out the window dreaming endlessly of how it could "almost" be, if only, she could find the courage to run away.
She meows desperately, not really understanding what it is that she seeks. She knows that she is weak and afraid that she is meek, then suddenly a shadow glides across the window screen from which she peeks. She slumps down into her shoulders in terror of what could happen, what could be, as she hears the screech of a passing Hawk from the sea, she jumps through the air and runs down the carpeted stairs to hide in her designer closet where she thinks dark thoughts about how unfair life can be. "It could of been me. I could of been free. Only Destiny says; What will be, will be." Then she sleeps and she dreams, or does she?
A man pretending to be normal is holding a child because it is expected of him. He is completely and totally uncomfortable with this situation, every particle of his stance shows that he is, even the child feels it as it begins to cry. There is no kind of connection on any level of life, he is only trying to survive. The heart long dead emotionally still beats, it pumps the blood through the body, and the body is still activated, it goes through the motions of primary actions, the expected gestures of a life. There is no one home, the spirit is gone, it the physical body, occupied by the mind alone. When did the Spirit and Soul leave? At twenty-eight years old? A life sentence in an animated body armor, that no longer feels or experiences life. Reaction, not action. He is playing a part on a world stage, where the audience has long gone home.
"Lighten up! Life is too important to be taken so seriously."
- Oscar Wilde-

Never allow anyone to intimidate you. You do not have to defend or apologize when you are authentically being yourself. Come from a place of peace and power joyfully and always. When you are not effective it is because you are coming from a place of fear and emptiness. Ask yourself this; Why am I empty? When we tap into our own divinity it is with joy and laughter in a celebration of life and of love. The separation comes when we take things too seriously. What has taught us to be this way? Cultivate your sense of humor, it is the best cushion you will ever have against pain. If you cannot laugh, love, or cry about something, you cannot be healed by the experience of it for you have learned nothing. Joy and enthusiasm are the voice of the Spirit. The mind is a terrible thing to waste, but sometimes we must simply follow our heart in order to find the creative juices that remove boredom and fatigue naturally allowing us to bathe in the pure energy essence of delight.