Thursday, December 7, 2017

Little Red Riding Hood: Full Moon Gemini

Little Red Riding Hood: Full Moon Gemini: I remember the Gypsy girl reading our cards and telling us that "Acceptance and Surrender" were the only things that she saw. We ...

Full Moon Gemini

I remember the Gypsy girl reading our cards and telling us that "Acceptance and Surrender" were the only things that she saw.
We both looked at each other, "Acceptance and Surrender?" We said in unison. "What does that mean?"
Then at a Sweat Lodge hosted by Brother White Bear, I asked for both, "Acceptance and Surrender". He was horrified, as he told me "Oh, no Sister, you do not know what you ask for. Nor how it will come. It is not an easy road. I know, I have done this."
Well, we had to ask, didn't we, and as always, "The Spirit does deliver."
The journey began that day. It has not been an easy one, sometimes, it has been excruciatingly painful. A real life roller coaster ride on all levels. Trying to hold on, always is, especially, when there is no real way to avoid change. I got exactly what I asked for.
I saw mirrored images the other day, left, right, front, back, the left ruled by the feminine, nurturing self, the right side, ruled by the masculine, aggressive self. Inside, outside. I had to think about all of the twists and turns, it was like a puzzle to me. Astrologically, and Metaphorically, of course. It is how I see things.
Air: ruler of Gemini,Libra, Aquarius. The thought. What you think you become. The breath.
Fire: ruler of Aries, Leo, Sagittarius. The act of creation. The Activator.
Water: The Intuitive feeling of Nature. What you feel, you.
Earth: The Physical Builder. Manifestation.

In combinations: A+W=Detached Feeling. A+E=Detached Builder. A+F=Detached Creator. And so forth. 
What do you think about? How do you think about it? Why are you building? What are you building?
What steps are left out? Planning, Building, creative, feeling, visionary?

What is the plan? Too much of a good thing is destructive. 
Example: Water and Earth create together with Air and Fire, making up the whole of the world in harmony, and beauty.
When it is all working out, the Sun shines and warms the Earth, and the Waters, the Air blows giving the breath of life, and cooling energies where needed, the Water flows lending its moisture, hydration, and promoting growth, bringing the cleansing rain.
When there is too much of any one of  these elements, there is chaos, which entails extreme conditions, bringing mandatory changes that must happen to either bring back and restore the balance, or eliminate the situation that is causing the trauma to the natural system.

Sometimes it is the inevitability of being the silent observer that is the only thing we are supposed to be experiencing.
The quiet listener. The witness to some obscure need to vent.
These require no input, no answer, no understanding shoulder to cry on. These simply need to be seen, heard, felt, acknowledged, by proximity alone.
Much like a confessional, without the need of being officially blessed, or the requirement of saying "Hail Mary's"  sets the person free, to simply be.
Cleansed of all turmoil, at last there is peace in the Soul, validation in the Spirit, a quieting of the Mind, relaxation of the physical Body. The vision clear, at last free flowing.
 Something so seemingly simple, shared, is forgiveness, in ones own mind, for the unbiased clarity, or the realization of "I am not alone" there is someone out there who "knows" me.
The importance of this connection is priceless.
"You are not alone. We are all One. What you have shared, I have heard. I accept you as you are. We are "ALL" connected. Believe It!


Friday, November 24, 2017

Little Red Riding Hood: Astrologically Yours

Little Red Riding Hood: Astrologically Yours: Aries:  Actions speak louder than non-participation. Make the effort, be surprised at how much you enjoy being "out there". Reme...

Astrologically Yours

Aries:  Actions speak louder than non-participation. Make the effort, be surprised at how much you enjoy being "out there". Remember to listen, as well as to express your own opinions. Try and keep a balance between the two. It is time that you started to practice what you preach, and teach, on a daily basis. Your services are not free.
Taurus: All work and no play, makes Jack, or Jill, dull companions, and friends. Take it easy on yourself. Pay attention to your health, get professional help when you need to. Do not think that things will " just go away" specifically, when they are insistent upon being aggravating, or painful.
Gemini: Love, passion, creation, work, service, health, business, partnerships. Wow! You've sure got a lot of juggling to do. Draining your resources, in all areas is not progress. Slow down. Take a moment to engage that fine mind, priorities first, right?
Cancer: Secure your home base, all else will follow. Family first. Smooth out the groundwork, and reprioritize your original momentum. Your creations are at their best when you get personally involved in their "care and feeding". Seriously transform, your field of vision, open up the most minute possibilities, allow these to speak to you on a personal level. Amazing isn't it?
Leo: You are not a disposable, instamatic, power tool, that operates all on its own computerized, Android. You are a human being, and you do need people to perform at you optimum capacity, efficiently, it is a group "thang". Breathing fire and taking names is a little bit harsh, when you play the age old "martyr" game. What "Is" the real reason for this? Who are you really angry with? Surprise!
Virgo: Anger about the past is holding you back from stepping gracefully into the future. It is what it is. You cannot change the past. You can decide to make better choices in the now. Catering to selfish, fragile, egos of family members who are a part of the old problems, is self defeating, kind of like trying to make a "silk purse out of a Sow's ears". Impossible.
Libra: Personal business, thoughts about past ventures, investments that didn't pay off, things that should of, would of, been, if only, makes you realize just how very important taking care of the details is. Sometimes, all it takes is being willing to pay attention and listen. Nothing is one sided. Ask questions if you need to. Get profession opinions. It is important that you gather all of the facts, before you make any sort of decision.
Scorpio: It is time that you got your finances in order, procrastination is over. Yes, it will be ruthless. Hire yourself a good attorney to help you through the process, and allow them to do their job, by handling the details. Being a Martyr does not become you. There are no victims here, only your choices.
Sagittarius: Memories of the past, friends already gone, do not allow yourself to follow this train of thought. Get out of the house, make some new friends, get involved in your neighborhood. "You don't always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you get what you need." Sometimes that means going hunting for it.
Capricorn: Friendship is very important to you, as is business, if there is some mix up or misunderstanding on either end, cut to the chase and ask specifically what is going on of whomever is obviously responsible for creating this situation, and you do know who it is. Gossip, is one of the ugliest, and most ruthless tools that there has ever been. Nip it in the bud, by shining the light of truth.
Aquarius: If there are legalities, or problems, within your business sector, seek counsel, so right to the top, if need be, don't mess around, get the goods on whatever is not Kosher, and take care of it, right away. Love rarely mixes well with business. Neither does trusting someone to have your best interests at heart, if you are not involved with it yourself. Scrutinize these two factors carefully.
Pisces: Taking actions to level the playing field on jointly held resources so that they are more balanced, maybe taking a trip together, that you both enjoy planning out, and orchestrating, can smooth out the rough edges, bringing you more together as a couple. Romance is in the air. Seize the moment. Balance can be restored.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Little Red Riding Hood: People of the Crack

Little Red Riding Hood: People of the Crack: Past the lines of civilization, to the murky waters of lost control...we find ourselves in situations where we do not understand our roles. ...

People of the Crack

Past the lines of civilization, to the murky waters of lost control...we find ourselves in situations where we do not understand our roles.
What are they? Where are they? Why are they? How are they? So important seemingly, to the status quo, they are little more than made up boundaries that keep us hostile, stranded without any kind of natural flow.
Loss of conscious obligations, rigid, moral, patrols, we look around and see the fabric of our lives take on the look of wasps nests, hives, and we, little more than moles.
Myself, I have watched this "shock factor" gaged the ether, and the fear, known without realizing, or even "knowing" just how threatening it can be to people who must maintain a certain fa├žade to exist, even if it is this extreme.
Why is this? I wonder. I have never had the luxury of choice. I have "lived" in complete and total chaos, without a thought of the should of, could of, would of been's, although, I have been told often that these options surrounded me, while I lived in a bubble of non-conformity.
Perfectly oblivious, I only did the next best thing logically for me, never knowing about the options I have not been disappointed in the outcome, or annoyed by what I have heard other's call a certain intangible impasse or void. Overtones of Freud? I wonder. Could he be the one that has done so much damage, seeking always to analyze, label, and control this very human elemental?
Acceptance and surrender have long been my most sustainable keys. I have known no other way to live, or how else to be. I now see it in the eyes of the people around me.
Lovely, normal, people, pillars of the community. No, really. They are.
Their reasons for being, their constant obsessions; folded towels, just so, laundry on certain days, the grocery list, always stocking the same items in triplicate. Never, ever, without clean underwear, always saying and doing the "right" things, whether they felt like it or not. Cooking, cleaning, grooming, feeding, crying, pleading, going that so called "extra mile" in someone else's shoes, (how so?) All the while worried to absolute sickness that all of their many well laid plans will somehow fail.
Their house of cards will fall apart, an interloper will intrude, someone not a part of the original "pride" "brood" or plan, one who does not "know" instinctively or practice all of the "known" official "golden rules" of polite society, proper mannerisms, responsibilities, and techniques.
It is an amazing thing to wake up one day and realize beyond a shadow of a doubt that one is surrounded and drowning slowly, the breath being squeezed out and you never even knew it. You were just trying to live. When did it become a prison, a jail, a maximum security of living, dying, hell?
How did this happen? You solemnly ask yourself. I do not know. I must have been given a shot, or slipped a mickey in my coffee. I could have sworn that I was just looking in the mirror and there I was. Now I ask myself; Who is this stranger that is standing in the space that used to be my reflection? The eyes look kind of like mine used to look only they are no longer alive, animated, there is no sparkle, no life there at all.
What happened to that person with the banana boat shoes, that great big, bright, grin, that welcomed everybody in to share the dreams with? Where did they go? Does anyone know? Because, I want her back again. She has my life's blood.

Friday, September 29, 2017

Little Red Riding Hood: Metaphor

Little Red Riding Hood: Metaphor: Alembic or Retort  "Glass vessels rounded at the bottom to rest in a metal rack, and with a long neck, sometimes curved, and corked....

Little Red Riding Hood: Little Red Riding Hood: Astrology - Alchemy - Meta...

Little Red Riding Hood: Little Red Riding Hood: Astrology - Alchemy - Meta...: Little Red Riding Hood: Astrology - Alchemy - Metaphysics : Jung had a picture of the cosmos in one of his books that depicted outer space f...


Alembic or Retort

 "Glass vessels rounded at the bottom to rest in a metal rack, and with a long neck, sometimes curved, and corked. This, suggestive of the womb in alchemy, and sometimes referred to as the uterus. The idea is that the "work" "opus" is like a gestation of new life, and is performed with a sealed vessel, secured."

 What ever is contained inside is subjected to "the heat" and great pressure, but the seal must under no circumstances be removed, or compromised, or the work will be spoiled, and lost.

The alembic must be strong enough physically not to crack under this pressure. You can see what this means in psychological terms.

 The alembic is the symbol of being able to hold on to the affects, emotions, and conflicts, as they come to the surface, without exploding, and running around acting, (reacting) all over the place. If the seal breaks in the process, then the individual has relinquished responsibility, for their own choices.
  This is the cause of all problems, with commitment of all kinds. Many people have a great fear of involvement which keeps them from "staying in the fire" until the "stone" foundation can be created permanently, this happens only when you do the work, whatever it takes. 

   The stone being one's own will or focused directive, for commitment, which can only be "found" or "created" from the very real ingredients, and these are all of a very formative, and personal, preference.
   Messenger: You say that you say, and do things, that wake people up, and, or, challenge them within their restricting viewpoints, by freeing them in some way to be their very best, naturally
your mind does not work in ordinary ways, you see things in a different light, through your heart chakra.

   The mind probes deeply, past the superficial, probing for answers, through the visceral, the pivotal point being that you know that thoughts have power, intensity, and the strength of your convictions. You learn about this strength and courage through your most intimate relationships with others. You can be transformed through love, torn down and gutted, totally reconstructed from the inside out. You meet your own power in this way. It is what is buried with the Alchemist Stone in the psyche.

   However, in working with these deeply held complexes, by integrating them, even if they are projected, gives you the opportunity to heal, grow, transform, and dissolve, all of the trauma, imagined, or otherwise.

   The superconscious expresses itself through actions; how you assert yourself with power, will, and clarity of reason, changes the entire entity, or physical .

   There may be gut level, and extreme expressions of violence, tyranny, brutal control mechanisms, even if they are buried deeply within the psyche, their power to heal, or destroy, is felt in what it attracts, blocks, or repels. 

   When there is a need to walk away, take it. Come back clear and tranquil, there are any number of invisible forces that can, and will, try to confuse, and destroy this process. Yes, even in your dreams.

   You know "things" and you cannot be compelled to "see" them any other way, nor should you allow yourself to be compromised in this. You just "know" as if an electrical surge, or "lightbulb" has gone off inside of you. It is that fast. Accept this process.

   Sudden flashes of intuition that are like lightning (upper chakras) Mercury/Uranus different than a standard "Gut" reactionary level (lower chakra) ruled by Pluto, or one that is "in your bones" ruled by Saturn. You "feel it" and are adamant about it. Do not disregard.

   I can be reached for appointments by phone only at: 305-731-6280 or

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Little Red Riding Hood: Astrology - Alchemy - Metaphysics

Little Red Riding Hood: Astrology - Alchemy - Metaphysics: Jung had a picture of the cosmos in one of his books that depicted outer space filled with floating and propelling big rocks, asteroids, sta...

Astrology - Alchemy - Metaphysics

Jung had a picture of the cosmos in one of his books that depicted outer space filled with floating and propelling big rocks, asteroids, star constellations, planets, and their planetary symbolic ruler-ship symbols, in the Zodiac; The Ram, Bull, Twins, Crab, Lion, Virgin, Scales, Scorpion, Centaur, Goat, Water Bearer, and the Fishes going in opposite directions. All were fighting with their solar opposites in the midst of all of this "Final Frontier" back ground.
Ram was kicking the Scales, instead of trying to balance them out, and find a middle ground of compromise and compassion, or learn something about charm. The Scales were totally unmoved by any of it, perfectly happy to ignore anything that did not concern them and their interests of the moment, instead of actually noticing that the lessons of taking action and doing something, instead of waiting for it to happen to them, was passing them by, (or kicking them out for failure to engage, which ever the case may or may not be)
Bull was busy fighting the Scorpion, much like Michael and the Bull, in that movie with John Travolta "Michael" with no thought at all except to destroy and prove to the whole world just how powerful and strong he is, while Scorpion was trying to find a way into the soft tissues in order to sting Bull where it would hurt the most, both oblivious to the "knowing" of their own personal powers to build, transform, create, and do it with love, and will, transforming any negative into a positive.
The Twins were trying to "break" the Centaur by playing games with him instead of honoring his wisdom to teach and heal, and the Centaur, was trying to throw the Twins off his back in total frustration, aggravation, and basic humiliation, instead of utilizing his fine mind in order to negotiate with them, and bring it all together for the good of all mankind.
Crab was busy doing her one step forward, one step sideways, one step back, kind of dance, while digging and planning the down-fall of Goat, while Goat stomped around butting, biting, chewing, and trashing, just about anything that moved, trying to destroy Crab before she could do it to Goat. Instead of the two of them acknowledging one's capacity to lead only if it's base was secure, and doing the PR work needed to insure success for both of them, neither being anything at all without their solar opposite.
The Lion was roaring, and pawing, having a fit, at the Water Bearer, in anger and frustration, wanting to be watered with wisdom, and treated as a friend, while physically demanding to be served as a King. The Water Bearer calmly pouring the water on the Lion's head, instead of acknowledging that in each of them was the keys to heal whole groups of people with their combined power to lead, entertain, educate, soothe, invent ways of making changes, and getting others interested and involved, that were so desperately needed to survive, and flourish on this planet and beyond.
The Virgin was tangled up, way over her head, in the watery abbess of the Fishes domain, trying to figurer out the details, while everything kept changing, in a kaleidoscope of hypnotic colors, so very confusing and luring, as the Fishes swam in opposite directions all around her, and in parallel  to each other, while leading the Virgin deeper into a wild goose chase, as the Virgin became more and more agitated with the feeling that she was all alone in a strange world, where no one spoke, or even thought, in her language, and the Fishes became depressed, with something that started out as a game, and then they both got lost in the illusionary factors, so much so, that they could not find their way out of the very tangle, that was self created, by both sides, this because of their refusal to communicate, be considerate with each other, try a little understanding, and share the wealth of knowledge, and resources they had between them, to heal and illuminate others, as well as each other, instead, in pride and confusion, they were making an Island in the sea, and of the land, by staying stagnant and limited, and it was going to be the death of them yet.
These of course are my take on the picture in Jung's book, and they are extreme, as they are meant to be. Only extreme explanation's can get people's whole attention sometimes, however, this is exactly the kind's of effects I have been seeing on a daily basis with the people around me. Mars is prominent, and it rules the adrenal glands, and in the psyche aggressive, instinctual natures, fire arms, knives, hand to hand combat, without thought, think "Rambo" in the body, it is iron. A deficiency of this vitamin in people who are predominantly "Arian" in nature can cause exactly these kinds of frustrated actions in people.
Saturn within the body rules the skeleton, bones, and any kind of disruption here can cause a catalyst of pain and aggravation as well as a whole lot of pain, sometimes you might check out exactly what you are surrounding yourself with, in your mouth for instance, metal can do all sorts of things to the nervous system that is literally wrapped around those bones, and this logically causes "short outs" resulting in things like Osteoarthritis in the system, and of course, along with this goes our patience.
Without the Sun in our lives we are not getting the nourishment we need for the heart and soul to survive, much less thrive, without this vitamin D in our system we can feel as if there is no love or creativity in the world, and exactly what is the point in doing anything at all. In other words we are what we think, feel, create, build, and believe we are. The work we are being called to do at this time, and within the range of these two Eclipses is to deal with the deficit's in our lives, not ignore them, or point our finger outwardly by blaming others, or a system on the choices we ourselves have made and supported up until now. The work or "Opus" as Jung so appropriately calls it, is the defensive, dark, depressive, barren regions, of the Nature within ourselves, in order to release that "Solar Gold" that is a joyful vision of life and love.
We are here to balance, to deal with things as they come, to transmute ourselves, and to learn, that not one of us is an Island. It is not in the best of times that we learn and grow the most, but in the worst of times, when we are forced to go just one step further, in order to make the grade. The choice is ours, and it always has been. Why we would ever point our fingers outwardly and blame anything, or anyone, on the state of our lives, and the responsibility of our choices, is a real eye opener, and a supremely personal acknowledgement of imminent defeat. Remember that when you point that finger out, there are three pointing back at you. Take care of your own business first and foremost. Leave what does not need doing alone. Conserve your energy when and where you can, you will need it sooner than late. Why waste it on conjecture, or violent oppositions?
Love and Light.
To schedule an appointment;

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Little Red Riding Hood: Full Moon Eclipse August 2017

Little Red Riding Hood: Full Moon Eclipse August 2017: Its All About Cause and Effect  You are only able to get as much out of something as you are willing to put into it personally. This  ...

Full Moon Eclipse August 2017

Its All About Cause and Effect

 You are only able to get as much out of something as you are willing to put into it personally. This 

includes love, it is just as important to take into consideration with anything else, that you decide to 

put your time and effort into. How much expectation do you have riding on the energies you are 

putting out there? Effort=Returns/Energy/Exerted.

Everything is cause and effect, literally. Ask yourself; What is the cause? Name it. Why? Remember

words empower things with their meaning, which is in its essence pure pregnant energy. What are 

you going to do with this power? What does your choice of a goal mean to you?

In other words; What is it worth to you, in time, effort, and on every level; Mentally, Spiritually,

Actively, Emotionally, and Physically?

Remember that every one of these words are Flag-Ships, and they have a whole load of connected

meanings that go with them, that are, "Inclusive".

For example: Mental; You will have to go the distance in learning how to do something new in order

to reach your goal. Like take a computer programing course, or you may have to go back to school.

You might have to learn how to communicate in a different way in order to "sell" your idea, your 

product, "your self" and to get your point across, or the respect you need, and deserve.

Ask yourself this; Is it that important to me? If not, why waste your time pretending that it is? If you

are not serious enough about your choice to go the distance, that's o.k. just don't lie to yourself about 

it by pretending to commit to something and not getting the training you need to finish it. 

This is self defeating behavior. It usually winds up in the same puddle; crying in your beer, or coffee,

to some other loser, with the same mind set, who wanted it all, without the personal investment of 

the total self's time and effort.

If you want something be prepared to give it all you've got, or forget about it. There are billions of

people out there just like you living mediocre lives, and the sitcoms that go with their misery, for


If you do decide to take that jump, this sense of commitment brings in the Spiritual/Active self at

it's best of the best, moving into how you Feel about yourself with every hurdle you cross and 

succeed at Physically Manifesting, moving ever closer to the culmination point of building, and 

living the actual Dream. It is, "All About the Journey" What is your choice going to be?

You can email me to make appointments at:

1. One question that is of the utmost importance, about (250 words) $25

2. Two questions that you desperately need answered about (500) words $50

3. Three to five questions, getting right down into it, about (1000 words) $100

I will need your birthdate/time; if you have it/and place to answer these.

I look forward to working with you.

Blessed Be.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Little Red Riding Hood: Inclusiveness

Little Red Riding Hood: Inclusiveness: I don't even like this word. Whew! After generations of fighting for our individual right to be Independent Entities, somebody or some t...


I don't even like this word. Whew! After generations of fighting for our individual right to be Independent Entities, somebody or some thing brings in this dirty "HUGE" over encompassing word. Inclusive.
Right back into the "peanut cluster" mentality we go, you betcha! Although, I actually have a better name for it, use your imagination here, It isn't nice and it isn't pretty. What rhymes with that?
Again, with the first thought that comes to mind.
Inclusive makes us dependent upon the masses, long term. We are not, nor were we ever meant to be that, not unless we wish to be owned, and manipulated by them, and not by ourselves.
We are not robots, and this terminology is full circle circuitry, that is meant to be just that, its very real goal, is slavery.
It is mind boggling. Shocking to me, that people actually see it as a necessity, scary even. Check out your history, maybe figure out why this should be.
Corruption? Oh, Yes. Lulled into a sense of what? Safety? Really? In what way?
I get really pissed off when I hear people blathering. Blathering meaning; Sheer constipation of the mind, and diarrhea of the mouth, with not one logical, independent inclination about it.
They tell me that they feel "safe" doing things by rote, or being "told" what to do, so that they don't have to make decisions of their own.
Their reasoning? If I can defile that word with their "canned" responses; They don't want to be responsible for making mistakes, therefore, if they do exactly, what they are told to do then they won't be. Programmed impotence? Maybe.
"It's not my fault!" This is the biggest cop out statement of this generation and beyond. It results in absolutely no accountability anywhere, anyhow, or by anyone.
The walls are crumbling, and we're being buried alive, in the rubble of this "Spirit" of helpless "victim" syndrome that is the disease of "Inclusiveness".
There are no victims, only choices.
Giving up your right to make a choice, is a choice.
So, who would be responsible for this negligence? Denial won't get it with me, ever. I will keep on asking questions until I get to the real source of this insanity, and that IS who and what we all are.
We are Individuals, NOT Inclusive.
Stand up and BE who you were meant to be, unapologetically, unconditionally, and spontaneously, free.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

July Cancer Sun Capricorn Full Moon

The goal of life is to Master the fear of it, and not "jump the tracks" out of the body, into the Astral too frequently, or waste precious energy bouncing around on our whim of the moment, producing "Grandioso Magickal Children" in the process, that are manifested physically in body misalignments, or dis-eases.
This is a very normal human defense mechanism to try and "save" ourselves from too much intuited pain. We somehow think that if we can just deny the reality of our discomfort, that it will  just go away. It doesn't. There is a buildup on all levels, and when the capacity for denial has been reached there is always a reckoning of some kind.
To stay in the body consciously focused and grounded in the moment and master these feeling and frequencies, is to find balance and maintain it through the use and containment, alternately, of the electro-magnetics that are what we are made up of, and is, in all reality our very real reason for being here on this planet. We are the Messengers.
To bring "ourselves" totally into centeredness with the physical body is the ultimate goal. It is our space ship, and it is equipped with all of the "tools" we will ever need, to do what we came here to do, and to be. If we can calm down long enough, to remember who we are, and to recognize ourselves.
What happens when we are totally whole, and completely aware? The vibrational body will begin to vibrate at a higher frequency, it will transmit, and receive, messages more clearly, it will be directly focused, and initiate active connections.
We will then move out of the outer composition, slowly detaching from our emotional karma, and giving up the unresolved trauma, for clarity and functionality, on this level.
We will move decisively forward at last. The frequency is receptive and directive, it is a voluntary mandate.
Ideally there is balance, on all levels. This is a learning process and it demands acknowledgement, clear judgement, and insight in order to be successful. We can be in and out at different times. Total awareness is crucial for the art of moving forward.
See yourself at the controls. You are. Things do not just happen. They evolve. There is a process.
Note; All experiences where you feel weak or abandoned. Being weak kneed, kind of empty, or dizzy, means that something has been broken down, and that you are on automatic reflex. It is a 911 red alert mechanism!
To live powerfully takes your full commitment and attention to all of the details, all of the time. If you try to move beyond this "red alert" message without understanding precisely what the reasoning is for it, or why it is happening to you, by totally accepting, that it is your responsibility to figure this out and "do" something about it, surrendering to your ability to flow into, and through this vibration, to the source of the trauma. It is after all, your life experience and questing, that has brought you to this point.
What do you need to know in order to move forward? Only you will know the answer, only you can make the choice to be here now.
Procrastination will get you a "Repeater Knee" series of events, like Bill Murray in "Ground Hog Day" These situations will return again and again and again, not always with the same people in your life, but most definitely, with the same resulting energies. You will not progress. You will regress. Better to deal with it, and digest it now, go for the gold, the timing does not get any better than this. Simply put, apply your phenomenal reasoning ability; O.K. apply it after you have taken a few deep breath's, done some Yoga mudra's, or whatever you need to do in order to calm down.
Then really "Look" at what you need to do or learn, in order to apply it to the situation at hand, then move forward with confidence.
Utilizing consciously directed and focused energies, and ultimately understanding that this "Is" what true power is all about.
You are the center of your Universe, and if you are not the pilot of this "Macoba" unit, exactly who is, and why should you expect anyone else to take the controls. (AKA) responsibility, for directing and living your life?
That is the most powerless copout, that anyone can ever buy into, or make. You are bound to crash and burn, sooner than later. Take up the challenge now. Live your life to the fullest and best that you are capable of being with no apologies or regrets.
Attachment is the greatest fabricator of illusion; Reality can be attained only by someone who is detached."
Love and Light

Sunday, April 23, 2017

New Moon in Taurus

When does the dream begin to fade...reality set in? The shiny newness of the vehicle of life begin cracking and chipping, becoming dull with over exposure to the constant borage of abusive use? It does not have to be this way! We were not created to suffer!

We were made to experience the most extreme gifts of pleasure, joy, and love. To learn from each other, how to share, build, create, brainstorm, play, and through faith, and hope to merge with one another, not to destroy each other.

We have created this manmade Monster called "Industrial Civilization" and we have voluntarily made ourselves fodder for this "Machine" named "Progress." Regress is more appropriate, if you follow his/herstory.

We fight for our own dis-ease, so we keep it. It is destroying us all, when all we need to do in order to be free is to surrender. Without desire there is no control mechanism.

What do we have to surrender to? The real fear is the one we have about allowing ourselves to realize that we created the very prisons that we hate, in order to experience life.

Real Life is not a "Picture Perfect Present" all wrapped up in a colorful box, with ribbons and bows, at least not forever, although, it does seem to start out that way. Physical beauty comes in stages, and it can only be appreciated, if we have reached the level that it takes to be able to comprehend the meaning of it's creation, at any given moment. One mind, one world, one concept. Different levels, different strokes. Each individual is unique in their concept of what beauty is. This is as it should be.

The tapestry of our lives is our own creation. Yes, we do utilize our abilities, our talents, our personal perceptions, individually. What we have learned in putting our collections together is what makes us unique, and special. It also makes us "fit" into place perfectly, and exactly the way we are, as well as where we are, now.

The beauty of this creation is in it's differences, that compliment and weave, intricate designs, amazing us all, if we will allow ourselves to be. We are "Free Will". We are all there "Is". If we could only "see" that in simply being, we are doing exactly, what we came here to do.

A flower blossoms, it lights up the place it is in, perfectly. We are not any different in our being. There are fields of flowers that from an aerial view seem to look the same "amber waves of grain" if the time is taken, to really experience, and look at each individual one of the flowers, we can "see" that each is different, each serves a specific purpose, in where and what they are, and even though they all may "look" the same to the naked eye, they are not, yet, they are related intricately, of course, but none can hold their special place, for without each "one" there is a hole, a void, a thread bare in the tapestry, a vision, never complete, an emptiness, in knowing that beauty, that spark, that ray of light, is gone forever from our lives. This Is Love.

We try to ground in each other, to fill this emptiness, this void, when all we really have to do, is focus within. The warmth of a fire, is nothing outside of itself. The energy comes from being ignited, and sharing that inspiration, not by giving it away, but in the sharing, of that warmth, that knowledge, that spirit, so that the whole can benefit, from this great gift of the power, of knowing.

It is a realization, and acceptance, of who and what we are, without censor, that brings the light of hope, joy, ultimate faith, and the connection, with all that is, was, or ever will be. Infinite-Reality.

What is it that we see, or believe, is greater than ourselves? Why do we buy into this? Why the constant search for meaning? Instead, our world's are filled with self-inflicted pain, tears, puncture wounds, invasive surgeries, drugs, sex, in the name of love, war, in the name of God. Faith and Hope destroyed, through incarceration, and indoctrination, control through desperation, hunger, needs, unfulfilled.

We are a "911" situation, and instead of addressing the actual dis-eases, by facing the situations head on, and seizing the moment that it takes, to embrace, and deal with reality, we play head games with the symptom's, wasting valuable time, and resources, on basic "bandaid" material.

No matter how self-intoxicating, demoralizing, dehumanizing, addictive, or poison, they may be, we would rather accept, and embrace, these toxins, into our systems, than to just admit the truth to ourselves. The truth is: Neglect, abandonment, abuse, denial, and (FEAR) "Failure to engage available resources" we can fix the problem, by first acknowledging that it does not begin outside of ourselves. That is the REAL LIE. That finger pointing outwardly at THE REST OF THE WORLD. Blaming some obscure "THEY" for doing whatever "TO" us, instead of taking responsibility for our own lives and decisions.

It is not some miracle cure, and yet it is a miracle that we find the truth at all, given our base ability to maneuver around it all, and lie to ourselves, blatantly. We have it all right at our fingertips, and we are the only ones who can perform the operation, or procedure. We are only here for a limited time, and we alone are the drivers and navigators of this great journey.

What we choose to experience, learn, see, do, and be, is entirely up to us. Our choice. Our directive. Our life. Everything we do that does not feel right for us specifically, is a passive manipulation for control. Control of what? What is the fear that we have that compels us to this type of self destruction is as varied as the individual. Blessed Be. LOVE AND LIGHT.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

New Moon in Aries

New Moon In Aries

When all cats are gray in the night, and when all of our so called social distinction has taken a fall, we stand alone with nothing more than what we know.

What do we know?

1. We were all created equal.

2. Each of us were given the gift of life for a specific reason.

3. There are three distinct sexes.

4. People come in all sizes and shapes.

5.We are all individuals.

6. We are all a part of the food chain.

7. We are all interconnected.

8. Nothing on this planet is self sufficient in and of itself.

9. We need each other to survive and thrive.

10. Everything is just as important in the evolutionary process as we are.

11. Nothing is more important than we are.

12. We are all ONE.

How will those who have always washed and ironed the sheets, and done those strict military corners on the beds, adhered to schedules, like babies to their feeding times, compartmentalized every single moment of their days, into neat little sections, like plastic wrapped squares of American cheese, meals up at exactly the same time every day, with all of the proper food groups represented at table, forks, spoons, knives, napkins, and water glasses, wine glasses, placed just so, be able to adjust to the fall of the status quo?

When they can no longer take a little pink pill to get up, a little green pill to calm down, a little yellow pill to sleep, a cool glass of Chardonnay to relax, when no one cares what they think or do, or even who they are with, all their dramas of excess baggage, and way too many rules to ever follow. Their weaknesses found in the very rigidness of their programmed to receive, thought processes.

They are easily manipulated and confused. They pantomime, and say things like; "We like our rituals, they make us feel safe."

We have become an institutionalized society for the most part, simply going through the motions of a life without really experiencing anything of any lasting value, terrified of being out of control, being passionate, or thought of as stupid, or alone.

These things are completely insupportable, unreasonable assumptions, for without changes in our thought patterns, there is no room for growth. We are filled with distractions, frustrated, stuck, and unproductive, "Zombies in the Mall" type of stagnant.

What is really important to you? Are you living it?

If you are not, this New Moon in Aries is going to be a huge catalyst for change. Things that you have been doing by rote, or "just because" you know all of those "little things" that you do that take up the majority of your day, and mean absolutely nothing? If you are nodding your head now, get ready for the roller coaster ride of your life, as you are tested at almost every level of your world as to what is real and worthy of your "life's blood, sweat, and energy" and what is really ready for the garbage bin.

This may include lots of things, situations, places, and yes, even relationships, also people that you have either out grown, or are no longer on the same page with. Somethings must go. You can do this consciously or not. It will be easier and more productive if you are aware of the process. I wish you luck. I hope that you recognize this as an opportunity to expand your horizons, and take complete and total responsibility for your own life, by living your dreams to their fullest. The time is now. 

Love and Light!

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Little Red Riding Hood: Friday the 13th Full Moon in Cancer

Little Red Riding Hood: Friday the 13th Full Moon in Cancer: "It's better to learn how to fall gracefully on your butt, than it is to fall full on your face forward." -billy barr- ...

Friday the 13th Full Moon in Cancer

"It's better to learn how to fall gracefully on your butt, than it is to fall full on your face forward."
-billy barr-

This full Moon comes with a confrontational grand cross in all of the Cardinal-Aggressive-No-Nonsense signs. It signifies that it is time to get down to the real business of living life with no excuses, and no apologies. The business end has no patience for the hopeful expectations of what may, or might have been, if only. It looks only at the projected results.

It demands that reality be clearly met head-on in a factual, and determined, focused way. This is done by making tough decisions, drawing up business plans, appointing the people you need to help make the impossible, possible. You will know them by their base knowledge and follow through, being actively precise in what they want or need, showing what they can really do for you.

Again, with no excuses, and no apologies. Certain things are needed to make anything a reality. "Money talks and bullshit walks." What exactly is it that you think you are going to continue to get for free? Bullying and acidity in your techniques or mannerisms, will get you the door, or the "buffer people" like the secretary, or the answering service. Or, no answer at all, if you have pushed them that far against the wall. Time for a reality check.

"No one is really an Island."

It will not get you the results you think that you deserve. So, forget the bluffing. What do you really need? Ask for it honestly. Give the proper people the reasoning for the request, see what happens.  If they do not believe in you, why should you believe in them? Go somewhere else for your future, leave them behind, know that if they can't see the potential, they are blind.

Stop looking for answers outside of your own mind, body, skill, unless you need it specifically for what you, yourself are trying to manifest, build, create, or do. Stop it!  Make a list of your priorities. Follow through. Stop the wool gathering. It can make you crazy. It also accomplishes nothing, except to waste your valuable time.

Silver linings are only found when you get rid of the "dirt" that is blocking your "flow" of energies, so that you can actually "see" what you have accomplished, or not. People can be a part of the process or an absolute dead weight. Be willing to do the work that it takes to make these "Aha" moments shine by standing behind your own dreams and creations, proudly offering them to the world with a smile of confidence on your face. Open and inviting with no apologies.

You will have then arrived at the doorway of your destiny. Hand over your VIP pass to the doorman at the gate with dignity, knowing that you have earned this privilege.

"Smile pretty for the camera Baby."
It is your life, live it to the best of your ability.
Blessed Be.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Little Red Riding Hood: Happy New Year!

Little Red Riding Hood: Happy New Year!: The Desire is to Be...Inventive, Creative, Original, and Free..      This year is ruled by the number 10 which is symbolized by the &qu...

Happy New Year!

The Desire is to Be...Inventive, Creative, Original, and Free..

     This year is ruled by the number 10 which is symbolized by the "Wheel of Fortune" you know how it spins. Anything can happen, and it will. The key is to have some sort of vision of how you would like the outcome to be before you start. That way whatever happens, you are prepared to initiate the next best form of action.
     There are a sequence of other years that have this same vibration, and since I am a firm believer in the sequence of events, as well as the basic building process of learning and growing throughout the life of a person or entity, I would like to recommend that you check out how these years unfolded for you, if you are of an age to do so. These years are: 1990-1999-2008-and now-2017. Major happenings should be evident in these time frames, and if you come forward with your analysis of them, you just might see common denominators that have pivoted you to where you are in moment of the now. These can be used to see what worked for you, as well as the things that you want to avoid re-inventing in your life.
     The 10 is also symbolized by Isis and Osiris, notice how these two names are interchangeable, Osiris is pronounced; O-si-ris. It is a classic number of ultimate rise to glory, and possible fall from grace, according to the individuals personal desires, and actions. The name will be known for good or evil, there is no in-between, honor or dishonor.
     10 is capable of arousing the extreme responses of love and hate - respect and fear. There is the "know it all" tendency of wanting to control everything and everyone around you. The tendency to do things on impulse alone, because of course you know better than anyone else does what is right for the whole. There is also what I call the pure "Angel" vibration, where everything is given for the loved one. Appreciation is everything, and everything can or may be given up for this reasoning. Every event or situation is self-determined. 10 is the symbol of LOve - LIght, (no misprint here, think about it) which creates ALL that can be imagined, and it also contains the code of the "Wheel of Fortune" symbol. Meaning...
     "To Ordain: Order it, appoint it, establish it, invent it, with authority, officially Image it, imagine it in its full completion, and it shall become real. It will materialize one way or another, again no in-between."
     The power for manifesting into reality creative concepts, dreams, intentions, is inherent. But it must be used with wisdom, and a totally disciplined and directed focus. Since the power for absolute creation, contains the polarity power point for absolute destruction.
     Self discipline and infinite compassion, must accompany the gift of the former, in order to avoid the tragedy of the latter. This is why anything that is done on impulse alone can and most probably will cause a domino type of chain reaction, and the scales can tip to either extreme.
     It is better to plan before executing anything that could have these sort of long term consequences. Discipline must precede Dominion. The process must be taken into consideration. I cannot stipulate this enough. IT IS THAT IMPORTANT!
     "What is the worst that can happen?" "What is the best that can happen?" These questions while valid in most prior day to day situations, will not work now. Why? Because we no longer have the luxury of the middle ground in most cases. We are working without a net. There is no insurance policy to take care of the damages. If you fall you are pretty much on your own. Can you pick up the pieces and start over? I don't know. Can you? It is better not to entertain this as an option, don't you think? Seeking the Balance is the best for all concerned, if at all possible.
     Unfortunately, some people fail to realize their potential for power, and consequently they harbor deep-seated feelings of frustration, causing them to feel unfulfilled. This indulgence breeds anger, and occasionally causes re-actions that are primarily based on pride and arrogance alone. These are used in order to cover up feelings of inferiority? It is a catch 22; going round in circles and winding up absolutely NO WHERE. Why waste your precious energy on no win situations?
     It is better to take no action at all in this kind of mental fog. Hostility or any kind of deep seated feeling breeds only its twin chain reaction. Chaos.
     Coming to terms with the exact situation one is in is far better for all concerned. You can do this by clearing away all types of judgements; all of the he said, she said, they said, should of, would of, could of, been.
     Close these types of exit doors and windows. They are not beneficial to what is best for you or anyone else in any situation, and not only that, they use up a whole lot of positive energy that could be being directed towards getting the things that you really want to happen done. Exits include any kind of Escape mechanisms, Guilt,Shame, Blame, Denial, Procrastination, Over-Indulgence. When attention is directed at what has gone wrong, and not how things are, we lose our power to act effectively in the world.
     "Closing the exits means staying with the feelings, whatever they may be. It means letting them run their course. Feelings are like muscles - the more intensively you stay with the exercise, closing the door on escape, the more heavy emotional lifting you can do, and the clearer your mind becomes, your body is able to act." Big corporations learned this long ago, that is why they have board meetings.
     "Nature makes no judgment. Humans do."

     The Balance of the elements of the mind, or thought processes, the ability to take affirmative actions, utilizing the base intuitions in a positive, creative way, and the physical manifestation into the world of these finely tuned, and focused mechanisms, allows you to be co-director of all you seek to be.
       Recommended books:
- The Art of Possibility - by Rosamund and Benjamin Zander

- Star Signs - by Linda Goodman

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