Sunday, February 21, 2016

Little Red Riding Hood: Full Moon in Virgo

Little Red Riding Hood: Full Moon in Virgo: What's burning inside you? "The Secret of life...It's all a matter of one's own personal invention." What do yo...

Full Moon in Virgo

What's burning inside you?

"The Secret of life...It's all a matter of one's own personal invention."
What do you have in mind? How brave are you? The only way that dreams really come true, is if you follow through with the rest of the story, by doing something constructive, and take action that is  oriented to seeing them fulfilled. Through this directed focus we make them a real  reality. Go for the burn. When you feel that response inside you, grab onto it and don't let go, let it take you with it follow it over the falls of inspiration, let your creation be your guide. Have fun with it. This is who you really are.

     Passion imbued by Spirit can save our lives. Passion directed by Ego can ruin it. The fear driven mind will tell you that you must have what you want, and that you must have it now. Ask yourself this question; What does this thing, this person, this place, this job, mean to me, personally. How does it make me feel. Does it open up my mind and inspire me with energy? Can I see myself being there and creating, moving forward and growing outwardly? Does it satisfy that empty feeling, or does it drain me to think about everything that I must do in order to "make" it happen.
     What's the rush? What are you running to or from? What ghosts are chasing you that keep the whites of your eyes rolled back in fear, the cold sweat dripping down between your shoulder blades? Sometimes just looking in the mirror is a revelation. Reflection just might reveal your very own "Headless Horseman" on your trail, and show you literally that you are running in circles around your own fears. Exactly what or whom are you afraid of? What do you have to prove? It is your life after all. Don't you think that you should give yourself the same consideration that you would give anyone else about that "have it your way" speech? After all isn't that what it is all about? Getting what you want. Creating what you love. Doing what you want to do. Going to places you have never been before simply because you can?

     I have always thought of FEAR as meaning; "Failure to engage available resources." My own definition, as I have observed a lot of people run circles around their dreams, quiet literally wasting their entire lives in the service of someone else, while fully believing that for what ever reason that person, or persons, that they serve is more deserving of success than they are. We fear success more than we ever do failure, for the simple reason that it takes commitment to succeed at anything. Then after the commitment to the project or directed focus, comes it's intimate family members and friends; Responsibility, accountability, attention to details, organization, research, and oh, yes, that little first cousin called determination, with it's sister named reliability; All under a blanket coverage called "Life's Work." Can you see here why it is that many people give up their whole lives for someone else's dreams instead of following their own glowing star, that by the way gets dimmer every year that it is ignored, not to say that at any time you can't acknowledge it and get "back in the saddle again" all it takes is deciding that YOU are worth it. Basically, what I am saying is that a dream is just the beginning of any plan, and raw talent is the first ingredient. Like most prime ingredients it needs a little support from other main ingredients, or basics to hold together, sweeten it, allow it to mature, change, become creative, grow, served up any way you like it, demonstrated, marketed, enjoyed.
     We are not here to be a one stand-up act. We came here to share our knowledge. Yes, we did come here to serve in some capacity, but not alone, and not always. Nothing just happens without a whole lot of joining factors involved. "It takes a village to grow a child." Adults are no different. Look around you, we have a front row seat to the best "proof in the pudding" of this theory everyday, in any city, in our streets, gutters, dry goods stores, restaurants, drawing rooms, playgrounds, places of entertainment, aerobic dance floors, yoga studios, water sports, you name the theme, you see the team. Some of the most talented people in the world, all once shiny and new, with so much promise they vibrated with it, they really did believe that all they had to do was show up in order to be discovered or have the curtain lifted, the door opened, the spot light on them, and for a time it was true. Then sadly, as one after the other of less talented, less so called "beautiful people" made it "big" and the "special ones" got older and perhaps wiser, it became apparent to them, that just maybe, something else was involved in the "firming of the deal" or "pushing of the rock" up the mountain. Hmmm...the thought occurred, perhaps, some kind of training, advertising, marketing, cultivate some social skills, or legal representation, life teaches us a series of lessons in "the school of hard knocks" if we refuse to acknowledge the fact that we are here to not only join with others but to also engage, create, share, and become one with them, toward certain goals and aspirations, we can be like a ship without a rudder, a compass, or an anchor, becoming lost in the fog forever. Take a singer or a musician, a performer, or an artist of any kind, now make a simple listing of just what you personally connect them with as their arsenal of "standard working tools." Wow! That is impressive, when you take something as far as you can on your own imagination and skill, and there is absolutely nothing else you can think of to do with it, it is time to find out what your real objective is, and more importantly what steps you have to take to get there. Make a commitment to your own goals, dreams, and aspirations, make like a turtle, and don't let go until it thunders. Have faith enough in yourself to not only ask for help when you need it, but to stubbornly demand it of others, especially those who seem to think that you are there to serve them. Fair-trade is in vogue. Isn't it?

"All good things come to us in their own good time, with the right directive in consciousness. We do not have to fight, sweat, or rush around in order to receive our own good." -Alan Cohen- 

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

New Moon in Aquarius

     The serpent sheds its skin cyclically creating once again it's own self, renewed, or having it your way through focus, determination, will, and ultimate knowledge of exactly what it is that you personally want to have or create. It is after all, all about you. Isn't it? If not, what is the point? I get so bloody tired of hearing people talk about "the ego" well, I have news for some of you (the rest are already well aware of it) if we did not have an ego we would not be on this planet. We are here to learn humility, it is not an inborn thing by a long shot, nor is it an overall necessity, it is just a part of what we came here to learn, and anyone who is constantly telling you that you have an over blown ego, and it does not fit the way you see yourself, must want something from you. Ask them what it is and save both of you a lot of time and effort in the long run.
     If we were living up to our own set of standards instead of borrowed opinions from others we would all be where we are supposed to be, and extremely happy and fulfilled, simply because we would know who we are, and we would be with them, and they with us because we liked being together, and for no other reason. Sounds simple, huh? It is not. Having it your way rarely ever is. In order to have it your way, first you must know exactly who, what, where, and the how, of it all. How do you get that? Through focused meditation. First let's determine exactly what Webster's says about that verbatim; To engage, contemplate, plan, mentally. Wow! How about that? Not one bit of "Fluff Bunny" mysticism about that meaning is there? What does that remind me of? Oh, yeah! I know! That old ESP stuff that they told us about way back in the 60's and 70's (along with the rock 'n' roll prophets back ground music) that we are constantly transmitting and receiving, like a radio, and that our brains are the original computers.
     We are electro-magnetic and our inner parts are comparative to a mini atom bomb. We are sound sensors, with thermal nuclear heat, real power conductors that are continually vibrating, even when we sleep. We are surrounded by motion molecules or spirals of pure energy, that come and go as they please. How much of this power do we really consciously utilize? How much gets sucked up through a big black hole? Now, that's the real question to contemplate. I challenge you to be aware of you. How much do you really know about you, and what you are capable of doing? It's all out there just waiting to be recognized and utilized. It is as close as the palms of your hands, or a light bulb. If you are interested in finding out.
     We are encouraged not to meditate for what reason? The majority do not even know what it means to do it. What if I told you that it is as individual as you are and just as effective? It starts with your Sun and Moon sign, that is the physical body and how you feel, this is where you ground. In the body, by feeling it, you know settling on your sitting bones and getting comfortable with your feet flat on the ground and your hands, palms up in your lap, then you must know how you think, that is your Mercury. There are four elements and you think in one of them. Air-Mental, Fire-Action, Water-Feeling, Earth-Physical, you can think about that a bit. It is a logical outcome, I promise you, or you can go research it, or hey, just ask me. The first one to start; What do you like to do? In this, I mean can you sit still like a yogi and do the om thing? If you can that's fine, just do that. If you are like a three quarters of the population you can't do that, and your form of meditation is not of the Watery kind. You are one of the others, Air-Fire-Earth, this means that you must engage your mind or Air, take action with your creative ability or Fire, or do something with your body physically or Earth. These are your hints for how you individually meditate. To practice it, or try it out, (pretend it's a game, most things are to start out with anyway) try this; On a clean sheet of paper write down a question that you have been mulling over for a good length of time and can't seem to answer, only one please. Put it on the table, the desk, the dresser, the dashboard now go walking with a friend, or play racket ball, dance, do aerobics, or run, build or paint, or work out, pump iron, or box, chop wood, or hunt. Make sure that you are ready to walk out the door before you write that question down, and then just go. When you come back, possibly hours later, relaxed hopefully, and happy, read your question with your pen in hand. Bet the answer is there for you. Let me know how this works out for you and good luck. Stay in touch. If you have questions email me. Love and Lightening.