Tuesday, February 9, 2016

New Moon in Aquarius

     The serpent sheds its skin cyclically creating once again it's own self, renewed, or having it your way through focus, determination, will, and ultimate knowledge of exactly what it is that you personally want to have or create. It is after all, all about you. Isn't it? If not, what is the point? I get so bloody tired of hearing people talk about "the ego" well, I have news for some of you (the rest are already well aware of it) if we did not have an ego we would not be on this planet. We are here to learn humility, it is not an inborn thing by a long shot, nor is it an overall necessity, it is just a part of what we came here to learn, and anyone who is constantly telling you that you have an over blown ego, and it does not fit the way you see yourself, must want something from you. Ask them what it is and save both of you a lot of time and effort in the long run.
     If we were living up to our own set of standards instead of borrowed opinions from others we would all be where we are supposed to be, and extremely happy and fulfilled, simply because we would know who we are, and we would be with them, and they with us because we liked being together, and for no other reason. Sounds simple, huh? It is not. Having it your way rarely ever is. In order to have it your way, first you must know exactly who, what, where, and the how, of it all. How do you get that? Through focused meditation. First let's determine exactly what Webster's says about that verbatim; To engage, contemplate, plan, mentally. Wow! How about that? Not one bit of "Fluff Bunny" mysticism about that meaning is there? What does that remind me of? Oh, yeah! I know! That old ESP stuff that they told us about way back in the 60's and 70's (along with the rock 'n' roll prophets back ground music) that we are constantly transmitting and receiving, like a radio, and that our brains are the original computers.
     We are electro-magnetic and our inner parts are comparative to a mini atom bomb. We are sound sensors, with thermal nuclear heat, real power conductors that are continually vibrating, even when we sleep. We are surrounded by motion molecules or spirals of pure energy, that come and go as they please. How much of this power do we really consciously utilize? How much gets sucked up through a big black hole? Now, that's the real question to contemplate. I challenge you to be aware of you. How much do you really know about you, and what you are capable of doing? It's all out there just waiting to be recognized and utilized. It is as close as the palms of your hands, or a light bulb. If you are interested in finding out.
     We are encouraged not to meditate for what reason? The majority do not even know what it means to do it. What if I told you that it is as individual as you are and just as effective? It starts with your Sun and Moon sign, that is the physical body and how you feel, this is where you ground. In the body, by feeling it, you know settling on your sitting bones and getting comfortable with your feet flat on the ground and your hands, palms up in your lap, then you must know how you think, that is your Mercury. There are four elements and you think in one of them. Air-Mental, Fire-Action, Water-Feeling, Earth-Physical, you can think about that a bit. It is a logical outcome, I promise you, or you can go research it, or hey, just ask me. The first one to start; What do you like to do? In this, I mean can you sit still like a yogi and do the om thing? If you can that's fine, just do that. If you are like a three quarters of the population you can't do that, and your form of meditation is not of the Watery kind. You are one of the others, Air-Fire-Earth, this means that you must engage your mind or Air, take action with your creative ability or Fire, or do something with your body physically or Earth. These are your hints for how you individually meditate. To practice it, or try it out, (pretend it's a game, most things are to start out with anyway) try this; On a clean sheet of paper write down a question that you have been mulling over for a good length of time and can't seem to answer, only one please. Put it on the table, the desk, the dresser, the dashboard now go walking with a friend, or play racket ball, dance, do aerobics, or run, build or paint, or work out, pump iron, or box, chop wood, or hunt. Make sure that you are ready to walk out the door before you write that question down, and then just go. When you come back, possibly hours later, relaxed hopefully, and happy, read your question with your pen in hand. Bet the answer is there for you. Let me know how this works out for you and good luck. Stay in touch. If you have questions email me. sylviabogart@gmail.com Love and Lightening.

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