Sunday, December 6, 2015

Little Red Riding Hood: Own Your Saturn and Take Control of your Future

Little Red Riding Hood: Own Your Saturn and Take Control of your Future: When you decide to "own your own Saturn" you really are deciding to take responsibility for your own life. You become free for the...

Own Your Saturn and Take Control of your Future

When you decide to "own your own Saturn" you really are deciding to take responsibility for your own life. You become free for the very first time in your life. The opinions of the world view with all of its differences, control mechanisms, and judgements, no longer holds any power over you, finally without censor you can march, or dance, if you will, to the beat of your very own drummer, which is of course, your heart.
Death must come to the old way of thinking and being before the rebirth of the new through conscious decisions can take place. This is where it can get a little tricky. You must ask yourself some very serious questions about what "you" really want to have in your life, as well as whom. You must be very clear about these answers. Pay close attention to the details. You may be surprised by some of what you find, perhaps all of what you find may come as an epiphany. If it does, be happy about that, let go of what you don't need, in this I mean all of that superficial "fluff stuff" that is someone else's idea of who and what you are, and therefore has absolutely nothing to do with you.Their expectations are none of your business. It is a brutal clearing away, and you must be ruthless, after all it is your life that you are living, isn't it?
There must be a transformation in the way that you deal with intimate relationships, emphasis is on the metamorphose of your own personal inner most thoughts, actions, feelings, motivations, creations, and how they not only effect you and the world around you, but also, and this is probably the most important thing, how they are actually working with and for you in the physical world. You will find that there are some that it is just time to give up on, letting go allows you to move forward in ways that you cannot even imagine. A previously cherished structure or structures having to do with the way you relate to authority figures (or the Father/Mother image in general) may have to be challenged as to its authenticity, or its basic reasoning for being a part of the world that you live in now. Sometimes we carry things from the past that have outlived their time, letting them go brings an amazing surge of energy and power. This will give you the stability that you need in a new way to take charge of you own life with no regrets, and no looking back, closing the door firmly on things that are no longer working for you.
You will also be more in tune with the vibrational flow of others, their thought processes, (through the basic details that once were missed) will now become transparent to you. This should give you the gift of empathy. Please, do not allow yourself to buy into that ego trip of "savior/victim" it is a huge pit of quick sand that can and will drain you of all of your most valuable resources almost immediately. Yes, it can seem as if you are energized, momentary, think about it, you know this trip, recognize it for what it really is, a distraction, and move on, say thank you, but "NO", if you really must. It is better to just smile benignly and move on without losing a step in the action that you are trying to create. Compassion is a great gift it gives an "opening of the ways" which allows the good feelings to flow in.
This is a good time to plan for the future, and re-evaluate your life's goals, with full faith in their ultimate success because you now have the determination, and the energy to focus and follow through on your plans making your dreams a reality by balancing equally all of your resources toward your goals. Opportunity knocks and contacts need to be followed through on. Do not procrastinate, remember all of the stories with the basic "pray and get a shovel" theme. You must do the work in order to be successful.