Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Little Red Riding Hood: New Moon in Sagittarius

Little Red Riding Hood: New Moon in Sagittarius: The Centaur; Four Feet On The Ground, Head In The Clouds      When I look at you, when you gaze back longingly at me, I see my whole worl...

New Moon in Sagittarius

The Centaur; Four Feet On The Ground, Head In The Clouds

     When I look at you, when you gaze back longingly at me, I see my whole world in your eyes as they plead. No surprise, I believe.

       I know all of your dreams. I see them as they glimmer and shine, just out of reach, to this place and time.

       The music drifts over you as you float away, following the tune to some special place. We go there together, you and I. You as the messenger, I as the spy.

You are my Muse, giving wing's to my fingers as they fly over the strings, always so limber, a relative memory, reminding us always that we are always free to be.

I don't write the tunes, they write me. I open myself up to the tender that is always a willing ember of forgotten fantasy.

       She said, " I was desperate for shelter and you opened your door."

      He said, "You were everything I ever wanted. How could I ever ask for more?"

        Across the room the music bound them forever with its mesmerizing score. They smiled and fell into the well of each others eyes.

There was no need for words...their hearts spoke as one, as note after note filled them to the brim with each others essence.

They "knew" each other at a depth that the physical world could not, or would not, ever understand. Twin Souls collided and merged on that day. Twin Spirits ran through the forest as they laughed and played.

Then the physical opened, reared its 'reality check' head, and they could not stay.

       Too much time, too much distance, too many years of built up resistance, one tiny buds taste of perfection, whole worlds have ended this way.

"Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare."
-Japanese Proverb-

       Dreams are like that. Reality is a really hard task maker at times. It takes focus, direction,  determination, and will power to actually "live" the dream. It does not just happen. In the beginning, yes, the reality of long term infinity, never.

       Diligence to the day to day details, commitment to the work, concentration means everything, so much so that at times we can get lost in it.

       What do you love? What matters the most to you? What are you trying to create? What would you be doing somewhere, somehow, no matter what the circumstances, naturally, even at a super unconscious level?

       That "thing" that you are compelled against all of the odds to do, Is your dream. It is what you really want to do and be. It is what sets you free, makes you different and unique. It is as easy as 1-2-3. I wanted it. I got it. I love it!

       Now it is time to share that love with the world.

       Singers sing, Musicians play music, Writers write, Artist's create, Mother's mother, Father's father. Painter's paint, Director's direct, Actor's act, Lawyer's debate, Doctor's doctor, and if they are not doing it as an actual craft as their life's work, they are each and every one doing it anyway, only now their ability to put their all into it is limited. How sad is that. What a real loss to the world.

       There is a place for everything and "A time for every purpose under heaven." What are you waiting for? Acceptance of who and what you are is of the essence, however, it does demand a commitment of your personal presence, and almost all of your focused attention to be all that it was intended to be.

"A house divided cannot stand."

Sc    Scattering your energies to the four winds will rip you apart, literally. It must be in accord from within yourself to be productive. What you think. What you do. How you feel. When you build, and to what purpose? What is your dream?

       If you are a Singer, or a Writer, or even a Lawyer, you think in the language of words. You express these words (act on them) you feel the song, the lyrics, the power, as your voice expresses it's vibration from the heart, you breath in the energy throughout your entire body as you build the melody, framework, case and share it with the world. This is pure energy. It has power. It is uplifting. It has a message of faith, love, and hope, for those moments in time it builds this bridge between your world and mine, and we are all ONE.

      The Musician follows the note with the mind as it comes from the physical contact with the instrument, the vibrational tone lifts the spirits and builds a symphony of dreams in the minds and spirits of all who hear it, as well as giving an overall sense of peace and well being.

      The Writer is compelled to write not knowing what will come from the heart and the Soul into the mind, and through the fingers onto the paper. They allow it to build its own unique message that is beyond the mere words that were used to express it, and make that connection with the world called Hope.

      All of these unique and personal things (and there are as many different ones as there are people to do them) that we do come naturally to us. We are called and compelled passionately to express them joyously as we share these gifts of the Spirit as the Light that animates and gives us the Life that we are here to live, as well as the breath that connects us all to each other in completion.

      Whenever we are not living the dream, a piece is sadly missing from the puzzle, not only from our own personal lives, but the light of the world is dimmer for the lack of the missing piece, YOU.

      We are not mistakes. We are valid pieces that make up the tapestry of perfection. We can see our world and how it is dying, just how little of our love or thought is going into our living. What would happen if we all decided to live unconditionally in our own joy and bliss? Not irresponsibly, but tangibly, thoughtfully, and creatively? One baby step at a time find your way back to yourself.

"Who are you really?"
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Happy Holidays!!!

Monday, October 31, 2016

New Moon in Scorpio

New Moon Dreams

"If something walks out of the refrigerator, let it go"

     I absolutely love this saying. It is so appropriate for what we are now experiencing, which is the very real need to let go of the things that are no longer working for us in our lives. Sometimes we are just afraid of being alone, and sometimes it is just easier to allow than to contest, because if we change something then we have to grow in order to fill the void we have just created.

     Before this last Moon I was upstairs working away on my creations when I got this peculiar feeling that I needed to go downstairs. The voice inside my head would not leave me alone? I tried to argue about it, but that little green meanie was adamant about my having to go. Having had years of experience with trying to negotiate with this stubborn, definitely Irish Deity, and never, ever, winning, I finally sighed that long suffering sigh, got up and went down the stairs shaking my head the whole way down. Imagine my surprise when I got almost to the bottom stair, and there sitting with his head cocked at me in a very relaxed Sssss shape sat a half grown Water Moccasin. He was not sticking his tongue out at me, he actually reminded me of a puppy, I felt that if his tale could have been wagging it would have been, and I could feel his smile. Interesting...hmmm... I said to him out loud, "What are 'you' doing here? How did you get in?" He just wagged his subconscious tail some more, and grinned broadly within my own mind. "I know, I continued, I'll just close my eyes now, and when I open them, you will be gone. Ready?" I swear he nodded. I closed my eyes tight, and then opened them hopefully. "Nope, not gone. Well, I guess I have to deal with it. What is your message?" I went and got the broom and dustpan, he didn't move, he just sat there and allowed me to sweep him out the door.

     I went upstairs and checked out some reading material, meditated and wrote some, I am now going to share with you what I got out of this little interlude, to me it was and is a real ongoing gift that I am still receiving from, hopefully you will get something out of it to, that can be used constructively in your day to day living world, after all, it is all just so Natural. Isn't it?

     "Are you ready to seize the moment and follow your good fortune and dreams? Saturn evolves for some of us reflecting our lives from 1988-1989 and our decisions at that time, being re-evaluated in 1998-1999. Letting go is important. "Any virtue that is carried to extreme measures becomes a vice." Where there is no challenge, there is ultimately no growth.

      When you give and give and give, and never want to control anything, this is the same as not caring about anything, one way or another. Your lack of control can imprison you, just as surely as the bars incarcerate people in prison. You fall prey to and at the mercy of the very people that you give the most to, and guess what? No matter how much of the unearned, uncontrolled, that you give away, unconditionally, the more they will begin to demand of you.

     "What we resist persists."

     You are confused. You don't understand. You gave them everything. How can they say that you don't care about them? What did you not give them the most of? The river the Sea... always the smallest and the greatest are in the end the same drop of water. A tear drop falls and encompasses all.

     It is possible to squeeze the very life force out of what you profess to love the most, if you try to possess and own it. Catch twenty-two. The more open and flexible you can be to learning and living in new ways, the better off you will be long term, changes come to you and your world and they are geared to open you up in ways, possibilities, and opportunities, that you could at one time only have imagined. Opportunity is everywhere, but you must acknowledge it, and most of all, you must be aware to the openings that come, in order to follow through on them. Change is inevitable, it is better to embrace it than it is to fight it.

"Be as gentle as doves and as wise as serpents."

     Consider the base of operations; the home, your most personal, private, relationships, and the closest ones. How are they working for you, or not? What needs to be changed as far as your own interaction therein, expectations, energies given or with held, support of any of these, mentally, actively, spiritually, emotionally? Your professional life is being held up for evaluation in this light as well. Take your time. It is your future we are talking about. It is better that you think about it, digest it gradually, come up with a solid plan, before you act. Above all, do not go off half cocked.

     This is a learning process, as all things in life are. It is also an opportunity to grow and expand, this is a time of harvesting. If you are aware you will see the opposition clearly. Make no mistake about this, life is filled with these confrontational lessons, "what does not destroy you makes you stronger" this is no less than a merger of positives and negatives to make a whole that flows accordingly, and correctly in the direction it is focused upon. It is a matter of compromises, negotiations, and honest consideration of all the odds. A balancing of accounts and measures taken.

     Challenges, and how they make one have to do their very best, teach us the most, force us to go beyond our comfort zones, expand, test the mettle, and ultimately push our selves to do the impossible, going that extra mile by demanding perfection, and once we have cleared the air and taken that first look at our final brain child, laughing with the pure joy of accomplishment. Because when we do our very best, it is when we care the most, and not when we are just getting by on cruise control, allowing our lives to ferment and rot by settling, without thought of the outcome. Where there is no challenge, there is no growth. Someone or something that does not demand that you give your very best does not care about you, and you are expendable, so are they. There is no commitment. There is no future. "you have become comfortably numb" your life, your choice. You decide. Whew! What a message that serpent brought, huh? Have a wonderful All Saints Day! Blessed Be. Consultations by appointment only. Phone reading available. or 305-731-6280

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Little Red Riding Hood: Jupiter's Twelve Year Cycle Comes To An End...

Little Red Riding Hood: Jupiter's Twelve Year Cycle Comes To An End...:      "I can do it. I can do it. I can do it. I can do it!"                Remember the 'Little Engine that Could'? No...

Jupiter's Twelve Year Cycle Comes To An End...

     "I can do it. I can do it. I can do it. I can do it!"
     Remember the 'Little Engine that Could'? No matter how many twists, turns, delays, detours, mishaps, hills, or mountains to climb, tunnels to go through, or rough terrain, he sang his little song with a great big Santa Claus smile on his face, until the turning of the wheels and the chugging of the engine vibrated with the will and music, and they moved as one toward their ultimate goal, happily complete and satisfied.

     "The desire to be the best that you can be, the very need to be, can succeed over any talent."
     Luck comes to people who are open to the possibilities. Even more than that, recognizing the opportunities when they come knocking and not hesitating upon taking the actions needed to make them a very real reality by systematically following through on these intuitions to their fulfillment is the major difference in success and failure. This process is fueled by burning desire. I can do it! I will do it! I am doing it! Wishes are great. Everything begins in the mind, but it takes follow up and action to firm the base, an active knowledge of very real working skill and abilities, as well as the capacity to learn what ever it is one needs to know by maintaining an open mind.

     At this time we are all experiencing an end of a twelve year cycle of Jupiter, and the beginning of a new cycle of Jupiter. These twelve year cycles are amazing revelations. It gives us the opportunity to re-evaluate our lives, our goals, our ambitions, and ask some really mind expanding questions. We must take the time to do the work in order to actually 'see' what progress or regress we have made. It is well worth the time and observation, or as many would call it, meditation. It should be easier to do for you as it IS all about you. Here is the frame work that gives you the process that you need to be able to do this.

     First start by giving your personal life a overview. Really look at where you are and what you are doing in these areas. This will be based upon your date of birth chart if you do not know your active natal chart. Don't worry it is just as important to 'see' this part of your life as it is the other as it will give you some major insight on exactly why things are happening around you, or to you, at this time.

Aries Sun or Ascendant: Look at your partnerships. These are not your so called LUV relationships that I am talking about, these are your committed, contractual, marriage, business partnerships, and management positions go here as a contractual partnership as well. If it is your own business then you will be looking at your customers and what is going on with them, if it is your marriage, then it is your spouse, if it is a management position, you are looking at your possibilities for advancement or not, as the case may or may not be, if it is a roommate situation, (not a personal relationship but a business/contractual situation, in other words, if you are sleeping with them this does not count, unless it started out as business partnership and then the lines got foggy, if this happened you are indeed in trouble and it needs re-evaluation, the two should never mix, and if they do, well take a look for yourself.)

Taurus Sun or Ascendant: Look at your work and service to others area, also your health, if you have small pets these figure into the equation as well. How is your physical body? How does your commitments effect this. Are you under too much stress? Why?

Gemini Sun or Ascendant: Look at your art, the things you do for fun, your children, the people that you LUV, not committed relationships like marriage. If you are a musician then you will need to take a hard look at where you are with that. What needs to change?

Cancer Sun or Ascendant: Look at your home life. Is it in chaos? What steps do you need to secure your base? You may have problems with one or both parents, perhaps there has been a death, or one parent has regressed into being the child now. Perhaps it is a mourning period. What are you learning about yourself from the things around you that are being taken away or wearing out?

Leo Sun or Ascendant: Look at your community, your extended family members, your skills in communicating with them or it. Are you involved, or are you ready for some massive change. Maybe you just need to get out more and see what is going on. All work and no play can make Leo no longer feel loved or enable you to shine. If you can't find it where you are maybe you need to go where you can.

Virgo Sun or Ascendant: Look at your finances, are you really building from a foundation that is right for you? Or are you just dragging yourself through a job that in reality has no promise of anything more than to atypical daily grind of going nowhere with very little acknowledgement for who you are or what you do. Being tired all the time is a standard condition of this. Try to find your own bliss and somehow follow it, even if it is a sideline distraction.

Libra Sun or Ascendant: Look at yourself, or I should say to yourself. Where are you? What are you doing? Why are you doing it? Sometimes it is good to do nothing for awhile and just allow yourself to float, but not at the price of your commitments. All of the good intentions in the world will not rebuild what can be destroyed if you have no consideration at all for those who are around you. At the same time, it is good to be Santa Claus but don't go overboard with the sleigh.

Scorpio Sun or Ascendant: Look at your past. It has huge 'Hungry Ghosts' memories that are there waiting for you to acknowledge them, embrace them, or let them go, and by all means MOVE ON! You are wallowing in it. Get out in the sunshine and dance under the stars, go to see people who are actually doing things, share your thoughts and creations with them. Open up. Life is for the living.

Sagittarius Sun or Ascendant: Look at your friends, your common interests, your dreams, your visions. What do you see? Isn't it time that you shared these with the rest of us. Why are you hiding in your rabbit hole. What happened to your wings? I know that you still have them. Stand tall and proud and please stop trying to be "Just like everybody else" you know that you are not. We lose as much as you do, if not more when you hide your light under a bushel and do not manifest them into the world. This pity party that you are on stinks. I want to see you shine!

Capricorn Sun or Ascendant: Business is the call of the day. Surprise, Surprise, Surprise! This is the time of the harvest for you, or as the case was for Nixon and Watergate, the flip side, this only if you compromised on the details. Take a good look now and see if you can rescue your projects by dotting the I's and crossing the T's before the judgement day of January first. Otherwise. Well, you decide.

Aquarius Sun or Ascendant: If you are not traveling, or at the very least head over heals in learning, sharing, and teaching new things, then I am disappointed. Get with the program, will you? Maybe it is time you thought about publishing that new thing or getting that patent. The world is waiting.

Pisces Sun or Ascendant: You must conserve your energies. It will do you no good to give them all that you've got. In the end it will be a deficit for you and the rest of us too. Your intuitive vibes are vibrating and your skin is so very thin. If you need help with understanding the things that go bump in the night, or even in the daytime in your case, get some professional help to guide you. Think Whoopee Goldberg in Ghost. Yes, they are all around you. It does not have to be a problem. It can be a gift.

      For all of the Signs

You will be looking at these partnerships from a completely detached point of view in this manner. Mentally, Actively, Emotionally, Physically.

     Questions for all signs are these; What was the Ideal plan that started twelve years ago? What did you hope to accomplish by doing all of the things that you have done in order to insure the success of the project? Where were you directing all of your energies to as far as accomplishments go? What needs to be changed or redirected? What needs to be let go of? What are your goals of today and where are you directing them towards? What do you need to do in order to make them successful? What new energies do you need to bring into the equation, include as many people, places, things, as you need to in this evaluation. It is your life and no one knows it better than you do.

     The years that need to be looked at are this year 2016, 2004, 1992, 1980. Some of you will not go back that far, but this is the sequence. In order to get a good idea of your progress go back at least twelve years and see where you were at then. 

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Happy Howl 'O' Ween!

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse In Pisces...Yes, There Is Quicksand Out There, Be Ready To Rise Above It...

These Times 

     "These times, these times, we hold on by a thread to the cord of our minds. Spinning and desperate, not having a clue. Like the rabbit in "Alice in Wonderland" shouting, "What to do? What to do?"

     "We the dreamers who have wondered all of our lives, searching and never finding, Paradise. Who are we? Where are we going? When will we know? What will we do when we get there?"

     "There is no destination in this wacky, crazy world, anymore. Wherever we wind up, we will never be alone, and there is always a door. Enjoy the journey, relax upon the view. It really does not matter what you say, or what you do. There really are no mandatory, formational rules. So many get caught up in the madness that modern wo/man calls success, climbing up the latter of destruction, they painfully regress."

     "So, here we sit in this millennium, between right and wrong, trying desperately to find a note to an ageless empty song. We hear the music, so sweet and clear, inside of our minds, yet we cannot seem to bring it out into the material world. It drifts in and out of our consciousness, untouchable, yet potent, in its messages, just beyond our grasp, as reality always is, when waking from a lucid dream, that we cannot quiet remember or explain."

     "Triple vision slides on the earth plane, mere seconds of ecstasy, years spent in pain. We try to ground by rooting in the Mother, only to find that our antennae is rising up instead. Crystal lightning from the head, memories of something we heard or said, we lye awake in bed, like the living dead, these subliminal messages making us more unearthly than ever before. We visualize a door, a stairwell, a key. We call in the directions and try to see, our sacred spaces. The veils are so very thin. Where do we begin and our reality as we know it, end? Like the curtains that flow and billow around us, causing chaos and confusion. What is real, we wonder, and what is illusion?"

     "Like a kaleidoscope, everything is subject to change. All situations are within range. We stand on the particles of a landscape that is never consistent, and is always strange. We thought that it was flashbacks from the drugs of the seventies, so we quit cold turkey in our fear, trying to get a grip and understand exactly why we are here. No such luck. Many surrender, just give up, lost in the land of confusion. What the fuck? They throw up their hands and curse their bad luck, get lost as consumers chasing the almighty stock brokers, bankers, candlestick makers, buck."

     "Addiction is obsession, and compulsive behavior does rule us. Rabbits being the approved role model, you know, para the almighty 'they' of the status quo? So, crawl up in your hole, pull it in after you. Safe in your self-inflicted negativity (SIN) you sleep. No one to censor the tears that you weep. At least that is what 'you' think."

     "Why are you crying "Little Fool, Little Fool" Don't you believe in Magick? Miracles do rule, and they happen every single day too. Don't you know the hat trick? YOU ARE THE MAGICK!!!"

     "One day a chunk of coal, the next day a diamond. All in the luck of the draw. The "Fifth Sacred Thing" comes to call. As long as you've got the Spirit, you've got it all."

     "The problem Is? You must 'know' that this is true. If you lay down and pray to die, it is your will that will be doing the killing. Why not make a different choice? Keep the faith and pass it around like candy, in and our of town, to every, single, person you come into contact with, and it will grow."

     "We crawl before we walk, and we take steps before we run, everything is a training ritual, and life does not come with an instruction manual. You are an original bona fide creation. This does not need an explanation. It does, however, come with free will. Are you up for it? How are you going to focus and direct yours, is the question. Always question the harnesses that claim to be the only way, and never, ever, make decisions from a place of fear, (failure to utilize available resources) only from a place of love. This is the True Power of love. "Take your passion and make it happen."


Friday, September 2, 2016

Little Red Riding Hood: What In The World Has Come Over Us?

Little Red Riding Hood: What In The World Has Come Over Us?: What happens when you lose the one thing in the world around you which your entire world up until this point has revolved around? Whether i...

What In The World Has Come Over Us?

What happens when you lose the one thing in the world around you which your entire world up until this point has revolved around?
Whether it is a dream or a reality, to the mass majority, matters very little, for in your own mind, it is your whole world.
It gave you definition, focus, a reason to get up in the morning, to be. It was something, somewhere, someplace, someone, you belonged to. In a maddening sea of probability you had a reason, you were cared about and for.

Suppose you had never known anything any different? Your life was on cruise control, you didn't have to think about what to do, or why. If you no longer had this familiar situation, or person, who were you? What were you supposed to do with yourself, when there was no longer even some familiar semblance of the dream that you had always lived your life for?

You were spinning into the bottomless pit, completely lost. You could not get your bearings, nothing made any sense, and there was no one that you could talk to about it, nothing to compare it to within reason.

What would you do? Where would you go? How could you find your own way when all so called normal was gone? You looked around you and you were in a completely strange land. You did not know anyone. You had no friends, no family members, nothing you could relate to. You belonged no where. What then?

How many times can this happen to a person until they can no longer find any reason what-so-ever to go on, in their own mind? They ask themselves "What is the point? I am so tired. I am so disillusioned. I am so very, sad. I cannot pretend anymore. I do not have the will to go on. Even if I did, what reason would there be to do it?"

What causes these symptoms? You are living in an illusion of a life. You have thrown everything away, chasing a dream that never was, nor will it ever be. Hiding from the truth of your very own self created reality. You have not allowed yourself the personal luxury of living within a state of grace, alone, comfortable and secure, in being who and what you are naturally. You have given your power away. You believe more in what the outer social media world says is true than what IS in reality the Greater You.

The reality is that there is no standard that is set into stone of how anyone is supposed to be. Every Individual is a unique and perfectly formed entity. There are no rules that are not manmade. These rules were created not only as a test, but also to control, manipulate, compartmentalize, and separate. Divide and conquer, is as good of an analogy as any. They were not designed to make anyone happy. They were designed for ultimate productivity and maintenance of a certain type of lifestyle, without any kind of consideration for feelings, understanding, or comprehensive growth.

The push has always been to the physical or mental world, addictions rule, and yet this society is the very first to point out to the masses not to lose control. What does this even mean? "Little Pink Houses, Mother's little helpers" The Rolling Stones, definitely a huge message. Were we listening? Did we get it, or were we just lost in the music? Well, we are seeing it now. We have become a nation of human garbage disposals in our universal accepted roles as children who never grow up and take responsibility for their own actions. Relationships that never evolve past the point of dreaming, fully expecting just to show up and everything just happens without our having any kind of choice in the matter.

There are three phases in a relationship of any kind, the first two are spontaneous, they just happen, and for what they are worth, that is just fine. The trouble begins when we expect to stay in this state of perpetual ambrosia forever. Tiny Tim's "Tiptoe through the Tulips" comes to mind here. In the third aspect, it is contractual. It must be planned, negotiated, organized, coordinated, and defined.

Instead we become Mules. If you have ever tried to work with a real life Mule you know exactly what I mean. For those of you who have not, you do realize that this means stubborn, set in your ways, a basic refusal to act, or do anything, and yet expecting the world to go on around them as if nothing had happened.

It does not work like that. In the beginning it was supposed to be a well respected way of being. Everyone had their own little niche. How so? It never was a reality. It was only on the silver screen, seen in black and white. Think about that one. It never was real life. It was a file away mechanism, morse code for contained, controlled, utilized, indoctrination, established. Not free by any means.

That was the projected dream, never manifested, wasn't it? In a lot of ways it still is, only now it is creative, jaded mergers, instead of romantic structures. Ironically, perhaps, this is more honest than the lies we bought into that make us miserable slaves, without any kind of lives of our own technically and realistically. It is to a system that not only does not work, but in reality never did.  

Respect yourself first and foremost or no one else will, by knowing who you really are and loving yourself completely as you are now. We have been beaten up, used, abused, robbed blind, laughed at, and thrown to the curb quiet enough, don't you think? So what can we do about it besides crawl into our caves half dead and wish it were all over? We can get the ultimate revenge, by being personally happy and successful. Take all of that energy and spend it outrageously on ourselves, our projects, our dreams, by building our own private reality. How? By never compromising on what we really want, or need. If you don't know what that is it is time to find out. Stop pointing your fingers and instead follow your own nose.

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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Little Red Riding Hood: Transforming or Destroying with Pluto in Capricorn...

Little Red Riding Hood: Transforming or Destroying with Pluto in Capricorn...: Imagination is everything. It is a preview of things to come. -Albert Einstein- Being responsible for turning your dreams into realit...

Transforming or Destroying with Pluto in Capricorn conjunct the Full Moon

Imagination is everything. It is a preview of things to come.
-Albert Einstein-

Being responsible for turning your dreams into realities is a process of focusing, and directing your energies, by taking certain well thought out steps. Knowing what it is that you want precisely, and being committed to following through on your plans, with full confidence, that the universe contrives to be a co-creator, in full partnership with you by giving you exactly what it is that you ask for, or even think that you want. As in; "Ask and it shall be given. Seek and ye shall find. Knock and the door shall open unto you." There are no coincidences, intuition leads you, but will you have the courage to follow its lead?

Do not say that you cannot do something because of what ever reason or another. Words are the most powerful things in the world. Everything starts with how, what, and why, you think of something. Try this exercise every time you start to spit out the word 'can't' instead say this: "I am triggered, NOT, you make me mad."  Think of the differences in the wording. Something that is triggered is alive and ready to 'DO' something. Yes, even if it is wrong. When you think of someone making you do something, it is rebellion that goads you at every level, and it is a cop out, it also stops the flow of energy, dead in your own tracks. What you think is magnetized to you. It becomes your reality of the moment, and you get exactly what you are asking for. What are you asking for here? When you focus on what you do not want, that is exactly what you do get. Focus on what you do want as your reality instead. You are the creator of your own life plan. Thoughts become things. How much energy do you waste on blaming someone else for your anger? Why are you mad? How could you be utilizing that 'MAD' energy by doing something constructively, that actually moves the chain of events toward your own happily ever after tomorrow? For this to happen you must change your expectations. Invite what you consider the impossible, to come into your life. Image it in full color, see yourself being and doing exactly what you wish to do, and being totally successful at it.

I like the old Metaphysical concept of getting out the Crayola crayons, and a big sheet of construction paper, and then taking my time drawing out exactly what it is that I would like to have. When you do this you engage all of the senses. You are physically doing something constructive by creating a blueprint of your future in the now. You are dreaming it without censor by bringing the Spirit child, self into play, and having fun with it. You are emotionally allowing yourself to enter into a world where you feel that everything is possible, and that you really can have it all, the sky really is the limit. Fall in love with your self, appreciate all of your potential, fill in the blanks, be creative in this. If you won't allow yourself to dream it, and actually see yourself living it, how on earth, or beyond, do you expect to ever create it in your reality?

Life is a transmitter and receiver, while we are constantly transmitting signals, we rarely ever are consistently aware of exactly what those transmissions are putting out there. Here's a clue as to their content; Look around you, what are you surrounded by? Do you recognize your mind set? You receive what ever you bait your hook with, right? If you are fishing for shark, do you use minnows? Nothing can come in until you are fully ready for it, and invite it to come into your life, consciously preparing for it like you would any well loved, and  expected child, or lover. I usually tell my clients to get a full length mirror and use it. When you are happy with what you see in it, you will be amazed at how successful you can be, and are being. The other side of the spectrum, is that as you welcome your own growth, appreciate your ability to learn and grow from your experiences, and let go of the negativity  of stinking thinking. You will slowly but surely begin to filter out the things, places and people, that are no longer good for you, or are even any kind of valid part of your life. It will just happen, but first you must be willing to allow the good to come in. Believe that you deserve the life that you dream of. You do. Love yourself as you would love to be loved. Realize that until you have it within you, you can never have it from any other quarter. Like really does attract like. Build your world upon a firm foundation of Clarity, Strength, Protection, and Guidance. All of this comes from within, all you have to do is Listen, Feel, Intuit, and Follow through. I love you. Blessed Be. 

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Little Red Riding Hood: "If Your Heart is in Your Dreams, No request is to...

Little Red Riding Hood: "If Your Heart is in Your Dreams, No request is to...: Nature is balance. There is always equal quantities in everything, positive to negative. When one thing goes another must follow in order to...

"If Your Heart is in Your Dreams, No request is too Extreme."

Nature is balance. There is always equal quantities in everything, positive to negative. When one thing goes another must follow in order to restore the balance. What is your solar opposite? Your lunar opposite? What is your natural enemy? Your natural food supply? Their opposite poison? If you are an Aries your solar opposite would be Libra. Aries is the wake up caller, or Rooster of the zodiac. The child, or seeker. They are the Lion King, or Queen. They need no permission to do anything. The Libra sign on the other hand, is laid back, breakfast in bed, slowly enjoying the morning, waiting to see what it will bring, wanting company, someone to talk to, or share with. The Hummingbird would be a good example. These two are extremes of their elements, and they are mirrors of the interiors of each other, or what they are each lacking in strengths, and, or, weaknesses.
When you look into someone else's eyes, in reality, you 'see' yourself. That is, 'if' you are paying attention. Details are the most important thing in this world and beyond. What ever encourages un-natural destruction is a malicious force, and there is no good that can ever come out of it. "No Martyr died for a good cause." Consider the complications as well as the domino effect that follows a well positioned void. I say this because if you are looking in someone's eyes, and you don't 'see' yourself, that means that there is no one at home in there to reflect back at you, and this is exactly what a void is. An empty vessel, or a "Goddess of Discordia, or Lord of Chaos".
It is not rocket science, consider nature, it is the perfect meditation in beauty, peace, and serenity. What is her flip side? The underbelly of survival of the fittest. Mother Nature weeds out the weakest strain naturally. Are you holding up your end of the spectrum? If not, why not?
Escapism of any kind is a massive hemorrhage, of a cop out mind set. Who are you really kidding here? What do you need to do in order to be where you wish to be? What is stopping the natural flow of energy around you? You are. Why you are doing this is the problem. What are you afraid of?
Procrastination is the most dominant force in the world for massive destruction, on all levels. It is the number one killer of the dream machine. If you want something, all you have to do is start.

Friday, July 8, 2016

Little Red Riding Hood: New Moon in Cancer; Digging In and Healing from Wi...

Little Red Riding Hood: New Moon in Cancer; Digging In and Healing from Wi...: Have you ever thought about why it was that in the middle ages the physicians used leeches to purge and 'cleanse' the blood for almo...

New Moon in Cancer; Digging In and Healing from Within

Have you ever thought about why it was that in the middle ages the physicians used leeches to purge and 'cleanse' the blood for almost any kind of ailment? Have you ever thought about the fact that the first thing that is done after any major cataclysmic, catastrophic, disaster is the cleaning out of the excess garbage. These two things are related, as is the old cliché "When you are crying, you are healing." Tears tear one open and allow the pain to flow out. Do not be ashamed to cry. It is the cleansing of the Soul, and the means of allowing yourself to actually let go. You are free to be.

Women have long been thought of as the most prominent healers, and realistically they are the fore-runners in this field, after all it does start in the home, usually with the Mother. Now, it is the feminine aspect that rules, and not the sex of the person. I believe that this has always been so. A simple hug goes a long way to reinforce this process. I send you all a great big hug, right here, right now. Take a minute, do you feel the love? It is there for you, if you will accept it, just as simply and easily as I have sent it. It is tangible. It is real. Everything begins and ends with the thought. If you act upon it, accept it as your own, build upon it, pass it on, it becomes stronger, creating a connected chain of events that are constantly growing and building upon the beginning thought into the creation of the group mind combined as one entity.

There is major strength in the three fates: The Measurer, The Cutter, and The Sewer, all Creators and Healers of the Dream, which is of course who and what we all are. The Measurer is the thought, or Air as we all know it. The Cutter takes the project to the next level by beginning to bring the thought to life through determined and focused Action, or the Fire element as we know it. The Sewer, holds the product and feels the fabric of its worth, thus holding it together cementing the glue with Love and Will, or the Water element as we know it. The Creation is then placed out into the world and manifested physically to be enjoyed by all, this is the Earth element as we know it. To be and do is why we are here. In days gone by, absolutely nothing was ever thrown away unless it was absolutely beyond some kind of use. The details are as important as the finished product and the process.

There are stories about not staying in the past because there is no future in it, and how we must stay in the now of the moment in order to create the future, and not re-create the past. I can understand this analogy to a certain extent. It is like reading a recipe, and then adding your own take on it. We become what we know for sure. The problem that I see more than anything else is that we do not seem to have any real foundation that we consider to be a firm and solid base upon which to build. Perhaps this is so in the outside world as we know it. The inside world is our own to design according to our own specifications, we decide who is privy to this domain, and we can say "No admittance." at any time. This is the real foundation of our lives. The Spirit or Life Force lives within us, not outside of us. We have control over this landscape. We can build from here. We can change our 'blueprint' at will. The thing that we must do is relearn how to imagine and play with our creations until we love them completely and unconditionally, before we allow anyone else to see them. In this way we 'own' our Measurer-Cutter-Sewer-Creation, and best of all it is an integrated part of us that no one, and nothing can ever take from us, ever.  We know the REALITY of LOVE and it LIVES within us. Like a child or a pet that we have raised from a baby, they belong to us forever. No matter where they go or what they do. They will always live in us, and they will always be at home there and welcomed.


Thursday, June 9, 2016

Little Red Riding Hood: Dark of the Moon/New Moon

Little Red Riding Hood: Dark of the Moon/New Moon:      It is an amazing thing the miracles that can be accomplished with this wonderful piece of artistic creation that is the human body-mind...

Dark of the Moon/New Moon

     It is an amazing thing the miracles that can be accomplished with this wonderful piece of artistic creation that is the human body-mind-spirit-soul when it is determined, focused, and directed. We all think or feel that we know what we want, the physical body has its attractions, and the spirit does its best to give us a way to get what we ask for. We are offered exactly what we ask for, a whole smorgasbord of selections are in the collective in actuality. It is up to us what we decide to take on as our own. We are flawed in many ways (so 'they' say) we are governed by our desires and impulses of the random moment, which of course we most definitely are. We wander through life like a glutton out of control at times, biting this, chomping on that, touching and feeling without any kind of intentional discernment. We are greedy when we have no set boundaries, plans, or inspirations. In this instance we become totally and irreversibly, self indulgent and delusional. We pretend that tomorrow will never come, the bill will never have to be paid (in any element) and we don't have to be responsible. Our entire infrastructure is falling apart because of this total lack of accountability. People actually get offended, even mad, when one expects them to actually know their place in the world, their job, their responsibility, and just do it without direction, exception, or indulgence. We are putting massive amounts of energy and resources into the outside world and it's needs, making ourselves into martyrs, petty tyrants, and victims, while we totally ignore those who really are trying to help us by doing their own personal parts, carrying out the commitments that we have mutually agreed upon. This is a stupid system, all denial is, and it is guaranteed to fail, so it does. No surprise. When someone gives someone else all that they have to give, keeping no resources for themselves, they put themselves in a precarious position, literally teetering on the brink of disaster, on all levels, this is completely, undeniably, and totally self destructive. What is wrong with this picture, and how can we change the direction or outcome? When we make promises, or agreements, sign contracts, or start something, we need to honor ourselves and others by keeping them. Follow through is the most important element in anyone's life plan. When we leave things undone they don't just go away, they hang there in the hemisphere to be experienced again and again with different situations and different people generally, this unfortunately allows us to delude ourselves into believing that we are the victim. Clean up the past residual of things you did not finish, reneged upon or invalidated. These "ghosts" of the past are haunting you. Until you take care of these people, places, or things,you cannot move forward in your life. You will experience the same types of people, places, and situations, this is where you have placed yourself, and who you have become, doing to you the same types of things that you have done to others. It is no mystery that as long as you hold onto the past, it has control of not only your present life, but your future as you cannot move forward until you have passed this test. Finish what you started. Pay the debts you owe to the ones you made promises to. In this world you do not get away with anything, even if you hide it from others it will always be made self evident to you through the things that you experience in the now. Blessed Be.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Little Red Riding Hood: Little Red Riding Hood: The First in the Series of...

Little Red Riding Hood: Little Red Riding Hood: The First in the Series of...: Little Red Riding Hood: The First in the Series of Planets: The Sun : The Sun The Sun in our hemisphere is a molten dying star. We once th...

Little Red Riding Hood: Telepathic Communication

Little Red Riding Hood: Telepathic Communication: Telepathic Communication I hear you now, more than that, I understand the message. I receive the love, and I send it back to you. Over th...

Telepathic Communication

Telepathic Communication

I hear you now, more than that, I understand the message. I receive the love, and I send it back to you. Over the Rainbow there is no barrier wall, when the Spirit comes to call, only Acceptance and Surrender, to the reality of it all.
Yet, here we are in this physical world, "The Land of Illusion" trying to get some kind of grip when we know beyond a shadow of a doubt that it is ill equipped for any kind of support. It is a façade. A grand Gestalt, where the optics are never still, a chessboard made forever in hell. Is this hell? What exactly is that? A labyrinth built specifically to adapt, with trap doors and magicians crap, artifacts galore, trapeze artists over score, landing lightly moving the door, hiding the key as I reach out, laughing softly from without, as the invisible world locks me out. I twist and I turn like a fish in a net. There is no way out. They whisper fiendishly, "Have you not figured that out yet?"
That's when I remember the Bumble Bee caught in the triple Spider's web. She kept twisting and turning as the Spider kept trying to jab her with its poison. As I watched in deep meditation...I had asked my question earlier..."Should I just give it up? Am I deluding myself? Is it all just some big joke?" and then I had come out to sit in the garden, as I looked up I saw the Bumble Bee immediately caught in the triple Spider's web, and the Spider that watched her.
As I watched, the Spider went up the web and over the garden wall, the Bumble Bee rested for a moment, always on guard. Then to my amazement the Spider came back over the garden wall with three new Spider recruits. I never knew that they were militarily inclined, or worked together in teams for that matter. They surrounded the Bumble Bee in the four directions positions, in fright the Bumble Bee squirmed harder, actually violently making the web sway with her mechanisms of trying to escape. The four Spiders in military like precision, one at a time, jabbed at her trying to strike her with their poison, the Bumble Bee swayed left and right, and back and forth, as I thought to myself, "It's all over now but the crying." Almost immediately as I thought this thought, the Bumble Bee broke through and out from the Spiders web she flew, leaving the four Spiders swaying in the empty, broken web, in shocked, confused, and angry, defeat. This thoroughly pleased me. I laughed out loud.
I had to applaud, gleefully cheering the Bumble Bee on, as I thought to myself, or said out loud, I do not now remember which it was, probably both. I do know that I was grinning from ear to ear. "It's never over as long as you keep on trying, and never, ever, give up!" Then, I went inside and got my "Animal Speak" book by Ted Andrews and looked up Bee. It said in a brief adaptation, that "Bee is the champion of lost causes. Ya Gotta Love it! This Is Your Message! Do You Hear Me? Your Message! What Are You Waiting For? Get Moving, NOW! "It ain't over until the fat lady sings." Blessed Be.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Little Red Riding Hood: The First in the Series of Planets: The Sun

Little Red Riding Hood: The First in the Series of Planets: The Sun: The Sun The Sun in our hemisphere is a molten dying star. We once thought of it as a God/Goddess, and were Sun worshippers, some still ar...

The First in the Series of Planets: The Sun

The Sun

The Sun in our hemisphere is a molten dying star. We once thought of it as a God/Goddess, and were Sun worshippers, some still are. At it's core it is pure Nuclear power, or intense heat, it is literally burning itself out, light years away.
We see it as light, love, nurturing Nature, warmth, and eternal. It is complete in and of itself. We could not live without it. It's projected light gives us our animated life force, for we too are "little atom bombs" burning ourselves out from our core.
The Sun is magnetic, so are we. the Sun is a Transmitter and a Receiver, so are we. One day the Sun will become a black hole; In this we have a choice.
The Sun is a purely physical, element with spiritual connotations, (it is the creative force behind our animated bodies, even in the Biblical sense, as opposed to the Scientific, Metaphysical or Astrological  forums) "From Dust to Dust" "Ashes to Ashes" "Atom to Atom" "Sign to Sign" without the combining of the elements there is no life force, and therefore, no us.
Consider the Atom and all of its components (It is a metaphor; One you will have to do a comparative study of, as well as its effect, as particles of the human body on your own, if you are indeed interested in knowing, proving, or arguing the point, I sincerely hope that you are and do.)
My reasoning here is to show you one Master/Mistress stroke of the Sun, which in Astrology is the symbol of the Spirit within the physical body, or the animating factor that gives us light and life. The Spiritual body contains everything that it needs in one physical mold in order to be complete and whole in and of itself as a single stoic entity alone and independent of anything or anyone else. In order to grow, learn, feel, experience, expand, it must transmit and receive, but the first realization must be of the Self, or the Soul within. The Atom, or heat of the animation of Spirit, and of course, can't forget those fingers and toes, or the creative expression that goes along with those. We are only complete when we are in love with ourselves enough to exchange that love in a balanced way with another, or others. One cannot acknowledge what one does not know or have access to. If you are an empty void without animation, participation, heat, light, or love, you are an empty void, and all that a void can do is drain, or take. It does not participate in life. I am not saying that this is not a part of the world, for it very definitely is, however, it is the observer, and not at all involved in anything other than collecting data. This is the position of the destroyer or detonator. It is not on the same wave length as a receiver/transmitter. It gives nothing, takes nothing, and it is cold, not unlike the stars in the sky are. We are unique in our destiny, and we are here to experience all of what this world has to offer us, in all of its forms. The Spirit never dies, it simply changes form, so our light will literally live forever, just like the stars will, whether they are up close or light years away. This time, in this body, is a gift. It was given to us to utilize to the best of our abilities. How sad it is that some people decide to put their light under the influence or "under a bushel" and to waste the opportunity by shackling themselves to an endless void instead of living it unconditionally and joyfully within the moment for themselves, becoming a beacon and an inspiration to every other life they touch, much like the Sun does for us every morning that it rises and every evening when it sets. I wonder what happened to the dream. Don't you? See you next time. Please let me hear from you. Love and Lightning!  

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Little Red Riding Hood: New Moon Pices/ Full Moon Libra/Full Eclipse

Little Red Riding Hood: New Moon Pices/ Full Moon Libra/Full Eclipse:      The New Moon heralded a six month period of letting go of anything that is no longer useful in ones life, and allowing the new attitude...

New Moon Pices/ Full Moon Libra/Full Eclipse

     The New Moon heralded a six month period of letting go of anything that is no longer useful in ones life, and allowing the new attitude, commitment, thought processes, or actions, to come into play. It is time to do that now. Holding onto the past is as simple as coining the phrase, "That's just the way I am." It is also just as destructive. In fact this thought process is ruling your ongoing life, every time you invite it in by saying it, you enforce it's reality. It does not exist! Yesterday you were someone else. It is impossible for you to actually believe that you have lived this long learning nothing. You are the Captain of your own destiny, you decide how or what you are going to believe, do, feel, or create. You must, however, also decide to make this commitment to yourself. Change is inevitable either way. It is much better to ride with the tide than it is to beaten to death as you go through the rapids and over the falls. You do see them when they are coming up, and you do have the option to make a choice about how you are going to chart your destination. Being a victim 'IS' a real solid choice, and it is very popular in the mainstream. Victims are made, they do not exist.
     The Full Moon gives you the energy to get out there and put some of your ideas to work in the world consciously. The thing is that you must interact with others in order to do this. This is a truly independent type of Spirit, sheathed in a soft designer glove (you are the designer) it plays at being a loner. It is most assuredly not one. Partnership is inevitable as every single action has a complimentary reaction, this can be for the positive or the negative. The planets have no medium of knowing one from the other, that is your job. It is hard to believe, or accept that the continuance of your own past-life selfishness, or selflessness, as the case may be, is creating all of the problems. The outside world is a construct that you have created to set yourself within. It is your own personal comfort zone. Like your living room or bed room furniture. If you look outside yourself and blame others for your circumstances, you will need to take some time to really look at your choices, and why you have made them. Evaluate carefully, and please be honest with yourself about this. Being fully aware of who-what-where-when-how-and why you do things the way you do them, without the added baggage or time consuming process of pointing the finger outwardly, by blaming others for creating the problems, really makes things much simpler. Your life, your responsibility to direct and focus. If you find yourself prone to developing some sort of reoccurring chronic impediment that is physical, mental, spiritual or emotional, (it can be any or all at any one given time) that you use as an excuse or a weapon, for sympathy, escape, understanding, or reasoning, for not making any type of commitment or decision, and thereby find yourself drowning in dead-end jobs, relationships, places or things, it just might be that you are refusing to be dependent in any way, therefore your loyalties are questionable to others. They don't trust you because they 'see' you as an outsider who is being "faithful to yourself only" and there any type of allegiance ends. They wonder what you want from them. By not joining, playing, or interacting intimately with others in any way except superficially, the problem is self evident. 
     The Karma is; When you learn to have consideration for others, you begin to love, not only them but yourself, really. You give up the desire to control people, things, places, or situations. You start to 'see' all sides of the coin by simply detaching. Detachment from the self centeredness of the self enables one to be able to laugh at the seriousness of the rules that have been created by the Ego's extreme Mystique. Comedy is anger turned inside out. It is a terrible thing to hold inside all of that fear, and that is exactly what the seeds of anger are. Frustration at it finest. Consider a baby that is left alone in a crib, at first it is all about the fingers and toes, then the outer environment comes into the scope of things, color and light for awhile intrigues and fascinates, ultimately the mind expands, the baby laughs and gurgles, the Spirit plays, that is the outside physical world. However, eventually the baby will be hungry for attention and food, so it cries, if its needs are not meet it screams, becoming more and more enraged and agitated as time passes. This is frustration. As an adult we have the option of taking care of our own needs and desires. Are we?
     In order to 'see' the reflections, one must 'see' the design. The design is the future scope based on what you want or need now, as well as what you have learned from the past experiences. Realistically what you have learned is all that should be kept from the past as you grow into the now of the future dream. Long term planning, is the blueprint for finding the balance or middle ground that is strong enough for you to build your life upon, and it is what we all came here to do. Our personal mission is like a set of dominoes, what you do now effects the entire structure of the future. It is cause and effect and you are responsible for your own actions. We are linked by the chain of humanity, our destiny is to serve. The question is found in how we devote our lives to ourselves as well as others. Life is the mission. Remember to be gentle with yourself, and kind to others. What is sewn now will be the harvest later. Astrologically Yours. Blessed Be. Happy Eostre.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Little Red Riding Hood: Full Moon in Virgo

Little Red Riding Hood: Full Moon in Virgo: What's burning inside you? "The Secret of life...It's all a matter of one's own personal invention." What do yo...

Full Moon in Virgo

What's burning inside you?

"The Secret of life...It's all a matter of one's own personal invention."
What do you have in mind? How brave are you? The only way that dreams really come true, is if you follow through with the rest of the story, by doing something constructive, and take action that is  oriented to seeing them fulfilled. Through this directed focus we make them a real  reality. Go for the burn. When you feel that response inside you, grab onto it and don't let go, let it take you with it follow it over the falls of inspiration, let your creation be your guide. Have fun with it. This is who you really are.

     Passion imbued by Spirit can save our lives. Passion directed by Ego can ruin it. The fear driven mind will tell you that you must have what you want, and that you must have it now. Ask yourself this question; What does this thing, this person, this place, this job, mean to me, personally. How does it make me feel. Does it open up my mind and inspire me with energy? Can I see myself being there and creating, moving forward and growing outwardly? Does it satisfy that empty feeling, or does it drain me to think about everything that I must do in order to "make" it happen.
     What's the rush? What are you running to or from? What ghosts are chasing you that keep the whites of your eyes rolled back in fear, the cold sweat dripping down between your shoulder blades? Sometimes just looking in the mirror is a revelation. Reflection just might reveal your very own "Headless Horseman" on your trail, and show you literally that you are running in circles around your own fears. Exactly what or whom are you afraid of? What do you have to prove? It is your life after all. Don't you think that you should give yourself the same consideration that you would give anyone else about that "have it your way" speech? After all isn't that what it is all about? Getting what you want. Creating what you love. Doing what you want to do. Going to places you have never been before simply because you can?

     I have always thought of FEAR as meaning; "Failure to engage available resources." My own definition, as I have observed a lot of people run circles around their dreams, quiet literally wasting their entire lives in the service of someone else, while fully believing that for what ever reason that person, or persons, that they serve is more deserving of success than they are. We fear success more than we ever do failure, for the simple reason that it takes commitment to succeed at anything. Then after the commitment to the project or directed focus, comes it's intimate family members and friends; Responsibility, accountability, attention to details, organization, research, and oh, yes, that little first cousin called determination, with it's sister named reliability; All under a blanket coverage called "Life's Work." Can you see here why it is that many people give up their whole lives for someone else's dreams instead of following their own glowing star, that by the way gets dimmer every year that it is ignored, not to say that at any time you can't acknowledge it and get "back in the saddle again" all it takes is deciding that YOU are worth it. Basically, what I am saying is that a dream is just the beginning of any plan, and raw talent is the first ingredient. Like most prime ingredients it needs a little support from other main ingredients, or basics to hold together, sweeten it, allow it to mature, change, become creative, grow, served up any way you like it, demonstrated, marketed, enjoyed.
     We are not here to be a one stand-up act. We came here to share our knowledge. Yes, we did come here to serve in some capacity, but not alone, and not always. Nothing just happens without a whole lot of joining factors involved. "It takes a village to grow a child." Adults are no different. Look around you, we have a front row seat to the best "proof in the pudding" of this theory everyday, in any city, in our streets, gutters, dry goods stores, restaurants, drawing rooms, playgrounds, places of entertainment, aerobic dance floors, yoga studios, water sports, you name the theme, you see the team. Some of the most talented people in the world, all once shiny and new, with so much promise they vibrated with it, they really did believe that all they had to do was show up in order to be discovered or have the curtain lifted, the door opened, the spot light on them, and for a time it was true. Then sadly, as one after the other of less talented, less so called "beautiful people" made it "big" and the "special ones" got older and perhaps wiser, it became apparent to them, that just maybe, something else was involved in the "firming of the deal" or "pushing of the rock" up the mountain. Hmmm...the thought occurred, perhaps, some kind of training, advertising, marketing, cultivate some social skills, or legal representation, life teaches us a series of lessons in "the school of hard knocks" if we refuse to acknowledge the fact that we are here to not only join with others but to also engage, create, share, and become one with them, toward certain goals and aspirations, we can be like a ship without a rudder, a compass, or an anchor, becoming lost in the fog forever. Take a singer or a musician, a performer, or an artist of any kind, now make a simple listing of just what you personally connect them with as their arsenal of "standard working tools." Wow! That is impressive, when you take something as far as you can on your own imagination and skill, and there is absolutely nothing else you can think of to do with it, it is time to find out what your real objective is, and more importantly what steps you have to take to get there. Make a commitment to your own goals, dreams, and aspirations, make like a turtle, and don't let go until it thunders. Have faith enough in yourself to not only ask for help when you need it, but to stubbornly demand it of others, especially those who seem to think that you are there to serve them. Fair-trade is in vogue. Isn't it?

"All good things come to us in their own good time, with the right directive in consciousness. We do not have to fight, sweat, or rush around in order to receive our own good." -Alan Cohen- 

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

New Moon in Aquarius

     The serpent sheds its skin cyclically creating once again it's own self, renewed, or having it your way through focus, determination, will, and ultimate knowledge of exactly what it is that you personally want to have or create. It is after all, all about you. Isn't it? If not, what is the point? I get so bloody tired of hearing people talk about "the ego" well, I have news for some of you (the rest are already well aware of it) if we did not have an ego we would not be on this planet. We are here to learn humility, it is not an inborn thing by a long shot, nor is it an overall necessity, it is just a part of what we came here to learn, and anyone who is constantly telling you that you have an over blown ego, and it does not fit the way you see yourself, must want something from you. Ask them what it is and save both of you a lot of time and effort in the long run.
     If we were living up to our own set of standards instead of borrowed opinions from others we would all be where we are supposed to be, and extremely happy and fulfilled, simply because we would know who we are, and we would be with them, and they with us because we liked being together, and for no other reason. Sounds simple, huh? It is not. Having it your way rarely ever is. In order to have it your way, first you must know exactly who, what, where, and the how, of it all. How do you get that? Through focused meditation. First let's determine exactly what Webster's says about that verbatim; To engage, contemplate, plan, mentally. Wow! How about that? Not one bit of "Fluff Bunny" mysticism about that meaning is there? What does that remind me of? Oh, yeah! I know! That old ESP stuff that they told us about way back in the 60's and 70's (along with the rock 'n' roll prophets back ground music) that we are constantly transmitting and receiving, like a radio, and that our brains are the original computers.
     We are electro-magnetic and our inner parts are comparative to a mini atom bomb. We are sound sensors, with thermal nuclear heat, real power conductors that are continually vibrating, even when we sleep. We are surrounded by motion molecules or spirals of pure energy, that come and go as they please. How much of this power do we really consciously utilize? How much gets sucked up through a big black hole? Now, that's the real question to contemplate. I challenge you to be aware of you. How much do you really know about you, and what you are capable of doing? It's all out there just waiting to be recognized and utilized. It is as close as the palms of your hands, or a light bulb. If you are interested in finding out.
     We are encouraged not to meditate for what reason? The majority do not even know what it means to do it. What if I told you that it is as individual as you are and just as effective? It starts with your Sun and Moon sign, that is the physical body and how you feel, this is where you ground. In the body, by feeling it, you know settling on your sitting bones and getting comfortable with your feet flat on the ground and your hands, palms up in your lap, then you must know how you think, that is your Mercury. There are four elements and you think in one of them. Air-Mental, Fire-Action, Water-Feeling, Earth-Physical, you can think about that a bit. It is a logical outcome, I promise you, or you can go research it, or hey, just ask me. The first one to start; What do you like to do? In this, I mean can you sit still like a yogi and do the om thing? If you can that's fine, just do that. If you are like a three quarters of the population you can't do that, and your form of meditation is not of the Watery kind. You are one of the others, Air-Fire-Earth, this means that you must engage your mind or Air, take action with your creative ability or Fire, or do something with your body physically or Earth. These are your hints for how you individually meditate. To practice it, or try it out, (pretend it's a game, most things are to start out with anyway) try this; On a clean sheet of paper write down a question that you have been mulling over for a good length of time and can't seem to answer, only one please. Put it on the table, the desk, the dresser, the dashboard now go walking with a friend, or play racket ball, dance, do aerobics, or run, build or paint, or work out, pump iron, or box, chop wood, or hunt. Make sure that you are ready to walk out the door before you write that question down, and then just go. When you come back, possibly hours later, relaxed hopefully, and happy, read your question with your pen in hand. Bet the answer is there for you. Let me know how this works out for you and good luck. Stay in touch. If you have questions email me. Love and Lightening.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Little Red Riding Hood: Full Moon Leo

Little Red Riding Hood: Full Moon Leo: "There is only one question that all of science and philosophy seek to answer: Is the universe a friendly place?" - Albert Einstei...

Full Moon Leo

"There is only one question that all of science and philosophy seek to answer: Is the universe a friendly place?" - Albert Einstein -
     Eventually we come to the point where we either trust implicitly or doubt compulsively. Trust in the "Great Turtle" that holds us all the way down. Let go of fear by short-circuiting it with faith at every level.
     I was, and am, provoking your self importance and mine. Self importance is our greatest enemy, it is what weakens us by causing us to feel offended by others or their deeds. Our self importance requires that we spend most of our lives offended by someone or something. What a waste of our time, effort, and precious energies. Expectations are like that, for they are no one else's business except the one who is doing the expecting. No one else even knows what is expected of them, nor do they feel obligated to perform, without self importance we are invulnerable.
     Realizations like this are always personal, this is the time to make them as the planets align and bring forth the promises that are in the chart of our birth. There are two category's; The first one is made up of those who are willing to exercise self-restraint in order to channel their activities toward pragmatic goals. The other category consists of those who don't care about self-restraint or any pragmatic goals.
      "A petty tyrant is a tormentor, someone who holds the power of life or death, or simply annoys us to distraction." Humor is the only way to counteract this kind of "coyote" power. The most fearsome are the buffoons, all teach us the strength found within detachment. We must learn to utilize the petty tyrant as a device of strategy, (think of the Acme kit) on the pathway to knowledge. The thing that turns humane into petty precisely is the obsessive manipulation of the already known. If you can hold your own with the known (petty tyrant) you can face the unknown without fear (roadrunner) which is the real reason for this kind of testing. It is a directive for us to pay close attention to the details. There is no longer any leeway in the abstract, the fatal flaw is in taking every thing seriously, actions and feelings become all important. Warriors with a well thought our strategy, focus, and goal, are free from self-importance, and can enjoy the playful ride, understanding that reality is our interpretation.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Little Red Riding Hood: Happy New Moon in Capricorn

Little Red Riding Hood: Happy New Moon in Capricorn: The domestic cat paces her comfortable cage, bored once again with all of her toys. She gazes longingly out the window dreaming endlessly of...

Happy New Moon in Capricorn

The domestic cat paces her comfortable cage, bored once again with all of her toys. She gazes longingly out the window dreaming endlessly of how it could "almost" be, if only, she could find the courage to run away.
She meows desperately, not really understanding what it is that she seeks. She knows that she is weak and afraid that she is meek, then suddenly a shadow glides across the window screen from which she peeks. She slumps down into her shoulders in terror of what could happen, what could be, as she hears the screech of a passing Hawk from the sea, she jumps through the air and runs down the carpeted stairs to hide in her designer closet where she thinks dark thoughts about how unfair life can be. "It could of been me. I could of been free. Only Destiny says; What will be, will be." Then she sleeps and she dreams, or does she?
A man pretending to be normal is holding a child because it is expected of him. He is completely and totally uncomfortable with this situation, every particle of his stance shows that he is, even the child feels it as it begins to cry. There is no kind of connection on any level of life, he is only trying to survive. The heart long dead emotionally still beats, it pumps the blood through the body, and the body is still activated, it goes through the motions of primary actions, the expected gestures of a life. There is no one home, the spirit is gone, it the physical body, occupied by the mind alone. When did the Spirit and Soul leave? At twenty-eight years old? A life sentence in an animated body armor, that no longer feels or experiences life. Reaction, not action. He is playing a part on a world stage, where the audience has long gone home.
"Lighten up! Life is too important to be taken so seriously."
- Oscar Wilde-

Never allow anyone to intimidate you. You do not have to defend or apologize when you are authentically being yourself. Come from a place of peace and power joyfully and always. When you are not effective it is because you are coming from a place of fear and emptiness. Ask yourself this; Why am I empty? When we tap into our own divinity it is with joy and laughter in a celebration of life and of love. The separation comes when we take things too seriously. What has taught us to be this way? Cultivate your sense of humor, it is the best cushion you will ever have against pain. If you cannot laugh, love, or cry about something, you cannot be healed by the experience of it for you have learned nothing. Joy and enthusiasm are the voice of the Spirit. The mind is a terrible thing to waste, but sometimes we must simply follow our heart in order to find the creative juices that remove boredom and fatigue naturally allowing us to bathe in the pure energy essence of delight.