Thursday, June 9, 2016

Little Red Riding Hood: Dark of the Moon/New Moon

Little Red Riding Hood: Dark of the Moon/New Moon:      It is an amazing thing the miracles that can be accomplished with this wonderful piece of artistic creation that is the human body-mind...

Dark of the Moon/New Moon

     It is an amazing thing the miracles that can be accomplished with this wonderful piece of artistic creation that is the human body-mind-spirit-soul when it is determined, focused, and directed. We all think or feel that we know what we want, the physical body has its attractions, and the spirit does its best to give us a way to get what we ask for. We are offered exactly what we ask for, a whole smorgasbord of selections are in the collective in actuality. It is up to us what we decide to take on as our own. We are flawed in many ways (so 'they' say) we are governed by our desires and impulses of the random moment, which of course we most definitely are. We wander through life like a glutton out of control at times, biting this, chomping on that, touching and feeling without any kind of intentional discernment. We are greedy when we have no set boundaries, plans, or inspirations. In this instance we become totally and irreversibly, self indulgent and delusional. We pretend that tomorrow will never come, the bill will never have to be paid (in any element) and we don't have to be responsible. Our entire infrastructure is falling apart because of this total lack of accountability. People actually get offended, even mad, when one expects them to actually know their place in the world, their job, their responsibility, and just do it without direction, exception, or indulgence. We are putting massive amounts of energy and resources into the outside world and it's needs, making ourselves into martyrs, petty tyrants, and victims, while we totally ignore those who really are trying to help us by doing their own personal parts, carrying out the commitments that we have mutually agreed upon. This is a stupid system, all denial is, and it is guaranteed to fail, so it does. No surprise. When someone gives someone else all that they have to give, keeping no resources for themselves, they put themselves in a precarious position, literally teetering on the brink of disaster, on all levels, this is completely, undeniably, and totally self destructive. What is wrong with this picture, and how can we change the direction or outcome? When we make promises, or agreements, sign contracts, or start something, we need to honor ourselves and others by keeping them. Follow through is the most important element in anyone's life plan. When we leave things undone they don't just go away, they hang there in the hemisphere to be experienced again and again with different situations and different people generally, this unfortunately allows us to delude ourselves into believing that we are the victim. Clean up the past residual of things you did not finish, reneged upon or invalidated. These "ghosts" of the past are haunting you. Until you take care of these people, places, or things,you cannot move forward in your life. You will experience the same types of people, places, and situations, this is where you have placed yourself, and who you have become, doing to you the same types of things that you have done to others. It is no mystery that as long as you hold onto the past, it has control of not only your present life, but your future as you cannot move forward until you have passed this test. Finish what you started. Pay the debts you owe to the ones you made promises to. In this world you do not get away with anything, even if you hide it from others it will always be made self evident to you through the things that you experience in the now. Blessed Be.