Thursday, July 21, 2016

Little Red Riding Hood: Transforming or Destroying with Pluto in Capricorn...

Little Red Riding Hood: Transforming or Destroying with Pluto in Capricorn...: Imagination is everything. It is a preview of things to come. -Albert Einstein- Being responsible for turning your dreams into realit...

Transforming or Destroying with Pluto in Capricorn conjunct the Full Moon

Imagination is everything. It is a preview of things to come.
-Albert Einstein-

Being responsible for turning your dreams into realities is a process of focusing, and directing your energies, by taking certain well thought out steps. Knowing what it is that you want precisely, and being committed to following through on your plans, with full confidence, that the universe contrives to be a co-creator, in full partnership with you by giving you exactly what it is that you ask for, or even think that you want. As in; "Ask and it shall be given. Seek and ye shall find. Knock and the door shall open unto you." There are no coincidences, intuition leads you, but will you have the courage to follow its lead?

Do not say that you cannot do something because of what ever reason or another. Words are the most powerful things in the world. Everything starts with how, what, and why, you think of something. Try this exercise every time you start to spit out the word 'can't' instead say this: "I am triggered, NOT, you make me mad."  Think of the differences in the wording. Something that is triggered is alive and ready to 'DO' something. Yes, even if it is wrong. When you think of someone making you do something, it is rebellion that goads you at every level, and it is a cop out, it also stops the flow of energy, dead in your own tracks. What you think is magnetized to you. It becomes your reality of the moment, and you get exactly what you are asking for. What are you asking for here? When you focus on what you do not want, that is exactly what you do get. Focus on what you do want as your reality instead. You are the creator of your own life plan. Thoughts become things. How much energy do you waste on blaming someone else for your anger? Why are you mad? How could you be utilizing that 'MAD' energy by doing something constructively, that actually moves the chain of events toward your own happily ever after tomorrow? For this to happen you must change your expectations. Invite what you consider the impossible, to come into your life. Image it in full color, see yourself being and doing exactly what you wish to do, and being totally successful at it.

I like the old Metaphysical concept of getting out the Crayola crayons, and a big sheet of construction paper, and then taking my time drawing out exactly what it is that I would like to have. When you do this you engage all of the senses. You are physically doing something constructive by creating a blueprint of your future in the now. You are dreaming it without censor by bringing the Spirit child, self into play, and having fun with it. You are emotionally allowing yourself to enter into a world where you feel that everything is possible, and that you really can have it all, the sky really is the limit. Fall in love with your self, appreciate all of your potential, fill in the blanks, be creative in this. If you won't allow yourself to dream it, and actually see yourself living it, how on earth, or beyond, do you expect to ever create it in your reality?

Life is a transmitter and receiver, while we are constantly transmitting signals, we rarely ever are consistently aware of exactly what those transmissions are putting out there. Here's a clue as to their content; Look around you, what are you surrounded by? Do you recognize your mind set? You receive what ever you bait your hook with, right? If you are fishing for shark, do you use minnows? Nothing can come in until you are fully ready for it, and invite it to come into your life, consciously preparing for it like you would any well loved, and  expected child, or lover. I usually tell my clients to get a full length mirror and use it. When you are happy with what you see in it, you will be amazed at how successful you can be, and are being. The other side of the spectrum, is that as you welcome your own growth, appreciate your ability to learn and grow from your experiences, and let go of the negativity  of stinking thinking. You will slowly but surely begin to filter out the things, places and people, that are no longer good for you, or are even any kind of valid part of your life. It will just happen, but first you must be willing to allow the good to come in. Believe that you deserve the life that you dream of. You do. Love yourself as you would love to be loved. Realize that until you have it within you, you can never have it from any other quarter. Like really does attract like. Build your world upon a firm foundation of Clarity, Strength, Protection, and Guidance. All of this comes from within, all you have to do is Listen, Feel, Intuit, and Follow through. I love you. Blessed Be. 

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Little Red Riding Hood: "If Your Heart is in Your Dreams, No request is to...

Little Red Riding Hood: "If Your Heart is in Your Dreams, No request is to...: Nature is balance. There is always equal quantities in everything, positive to negative. When one thing goes another must follow in order to...

"If Your Heart is in Your Dreams, No request is too Extreme."

Nature is balance. There is always equal quantities in everything, positive to negative. When one thing goes another must follow in order to restore the balance. What is your solar opposite? Your lunar opposite? What is your natural enemy? Your natural food supply? Their opposite poison? If you are an Aries your solar opposite would be Libra. Aries is the wake up caller, or Rooster of the zodiac. The child, or seeker. They are the Lion King, or Queen. They need no permission to do anything. The Libra sign on the other hand, is laid back, breakfast in bed, slowly enjoying the morning, waiting to see what it will bring, wanting company, someone to talk to, or share with. The Hummingbird would be a good example. These two are extremes of their elements, and they are mirrors of the interiors of each other, or what they are each lacking in strengths, and, or, weaknesses.
When you look into someone else's eyes, in reality, you 'see' yourself. That is, 'if' you are paying attention. Details are the most important thing in this world and beyond. What ever encourages un-natural destruction is a malicious force, and there is no good that can ever come out of it. "No Martyr died for a good cause." Consider the complications as well as the domino effect that follows a well positioned void. I say this because if you are looking in someone's eyes, and you don't 'see' yourself, that means that there is no one at home in there to reflect back at you, and this is exactly what a void is. An empty vessel, or a "Goddess of Discordia, or Lord of Chaos".
It is not rocket science, consider nature, it is the perfect meditation in beauty, peace, and serenity. What is her flip side? The underbelly of survival of the fittest. Mother Nature weeds out the weakest strain naturally. Are you holding up your end of the spectrum? If not, why not?
Escapism of any kind is a massive hemorrhage, of a cop out mind set. Who are you really kidding here? What do you need to do in order to be where you wish to be? What is stopping the natural flow of energy around you? You are. Why you are doing this is the problem. What are you afraid of?
Procrastination is the most dominant force in the world for massive destruction, on all levels. It is the number one killer of the dream machine. If you want something, all you have to do is start.

Friday, July 8, 2016

Little Red Riding Hood: New Moon in Cancer; Digging In and Healing from Wi...

Little Red Riding Hood: New Moon in Cancer; Digging In and Healing from Wi...: Have you ever thought about why it was that in the middle ages the physicians used leeches to purge and 'cleanse' the blood for almo...

New Moon in Cancer; Digging In and Healing from Within

Have you ever thought about why it was that in the middle ages the physicians used leeches to purge and 'cleanse' the blood for almost any kind of ailment? Have you ever thought about the fact that the first thing that is done after any major cataclysmic, catastrophic, disaster is the cleaning out of the excess garbage. These two things are related, as is the old cliché "When you are crying, you are healing." Tears tear one open and allow the pain to flow out. Do not be ashamed to cry. It is the cleansing of the Soul, and the means of allowing yourself to actually let go. You are free to be.

Women have long been thought of as the most prominent healers, and realistically they are the fore-runners in this field, after all it does start in the home, usually with the Mother. Now, it is the feminine aspect that rules, and not the sex of the person. I believe that this has always been so. A simple hug goes a long way to reinforce this process. I send you all a great big hug, right here, right now. Take a minute, do you feel the love? It is there for you, if you will accept it, just as simply and easily as I have sent it. It is tangible. It is real. Everything begins and ends with the thought. If you act upon it, accept it as your own, build upon it, pass it on, it becomes stronger, creating a connected chain of events that are constantly growing and building upon the beginning thought into the creation of the group mind combined as one entity.

There is major strength in the three fates: The Measurer, The Cutter, and The Sewer, all Creators and Healers of the Dream, which is of course who and what we all are. The Measurer is the thought, or Air as we all know it. The Cutter takes the project to the next level by beginning to bring the thought to life through determined and focused Action, or the Fire element as we know it. The Sewer, holds the product and feels the fabric of its worth, thus holding it together cementing the glue with Love and Will, or the Water element as we know it. The Creation is then placed out into the world and manifested physically to be enjoyed by all, this is the Earth element as we know it. To be and do is why we are here. In days gone by, absolutely nothing was ever thrown away unless it was absolutely beyond some kind of use. The details are as important as the finished product and the process.

There are stories about not staying in the past because there is no future in it, and how we must stay in the now of the moment in order to create the future, and not re-create the past. I can understand this analogy to a certain extent. It is like reading a recipe, and then adding your own take on it. We become what we know for sure. The problem that I see more than anything else is that we do not seem to have any real foundation that we consider to be a firm and solid base upon which to build. Perhaps this is so in the outside world as we know it. The inside world is our own to design according to our own specifications, we decide who is privy to this domain, and we can say "No admittance." at any time. This is the real foundation of our lives. The Spirit or Life Force lives within us, not outside of us. We have control over this landscape. We can build from here. We can change our 'blueprint' at will. The thing that we must do is relearn how to imagine and play with our creations until we love them completely and unconditionally, before we allow anyone else to see them. In this way we 'own' our Measurer-Cutter-Sewer-Creation, and best of all it is an integrated part of us that no one, and nothing can ever take from us, ever.  We know the REALITY of LOVE and it LIVES within us. Like a child or a pet that we have raised from a baby, they belong to us forever. No matter where they go or what they do. They will always live in us, and they will always be at home there and welcomed.