Saturday, February 28, 2015

Astrologically Yours
Remember to take some time for yourself. Taking time to take care of yourself not only keeps the love in your heart it banks it so that it keeps you and the one's you love safe and warm with the full knowledge that this security is real and is never in any danger of becoming "brewed" resentment. Resentment issues come from over committing one's self and it is due to the tension that this causes as well as the stress of doing more than you need to. When there is enough love deposited for everyone there is plenty to go around plus lots to share with others in reserve and an ease of living and contentment that is obvious even to outsiders, this comes from equal involvement of all parties concerned and is never, ever one sided, it is balanced. I have always found it strange that the majority seem to have more consideration for inanimate objects such as, homes, or means of transportation, than they do for their own physical well being and maintenance. This is ironic, for where would anything in our lives be without us to support their base framework or needs? Shouldn't the care and feeding of you, yourself, on all levels, mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically, be the most important things on your lists of things to do and a mandatory requirement, just like an oil change or a brake job, gas, groceries, house payments, rent or taxes are? I believe that they should be on the top of your list and I know that in your case they rarely, if ever, are. If you stop and really think about it from this perspective doesn't it make sense? How about making yourself the first priority and see how easily and pleasantly everything else falls into place for you? Of course you will have to retrain some of those people in your life so that they stop taking undue advantage of your unfailing "good nature" or availability, after all you weren't really doing anything else before they asked you for your help on a daily basis now were you? And, there may be a few well needed taps or slaps and new directions negotiated and enforced in the mode of respect, (both theirs and yours for you) but believe me, it is do able and quite necessary realistically. If you must think of it in long term, look at it this way; You are doing your "friends" "loved ones" and, significant others a real dis-service when you do not fill in this part of their education, and yourself as well, after all who is going to do it if you don't? You must take some time for yourself before you are forced to, physically your body needs some real rest, sleep, down time, vacation, and serious pampering, because your personal meter is pretty much depleted and on empty of any thing which is extra that is left to give. You need to realize this now. You are on the edge of break down in several different areas and if you do not consciously take this time and refocus your world Mother Nature will do it for you. It can come in accidents, break downs of personal resources that you do not have the resources to either fix or replace and coming to the knowledge that everyone has their hand out and it is not to help you to do anything either. It is also not your responsibility. If this doesn't get your attention it will get worse. You might not physically be able to do your job and then who is going to take care of things? You are stretched to the limit of your endurance on all levels and perhaps what you really do need to do is simply just "CLEAR THE HOUSE" especially if you have people living there or just hanging out that not only do not carry their own weight and have no business being there but who also expect you to do it all for them. Where does their sense of entitlement come from? You may well ask yourself this question or them for that matter. I have the answer. You taught them to expect it and you also taught them that you deserved no respect or consideration simply by serving them with no thought for yourself or your needs. My suggestion is if you cannot resolve this issue, you must end these associations with these human garbage disposals now. They are not victims. If they do not change or leave upon request and you are forced to give them the boot it is no great loss, now is it? Or is it that you really do feel that way about yourself? If you do then perhaps it is time to seek some real professional help in order to deal with your very real abandonment issues and also some help in managing the issues that you need to get you and yours back on your feet and healthy again. Do not hesitate to ask for it. The time is now. Take control of your own life and move on.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Astrologically Yours

"Careful of your words, make them nice and sweet, for someday your words, you may have to eat." My Mother used to say that to me all of the time, although, I do not know who the original writer was it is a very great truth that I whisper to myself almost every single day while concentrating on the image of Mercury the messenger of the Gods and willing myself to try and be a good little Hawk. This saying is a very good one for you my dear Capricorn at this time as it is a very powerful indicator of just how important your words are and the effect that they have as well as the way that you express them and to whom, not just verbally but in all ways, notably in your actions, your gut feelings, as well as what you physically create or manifest, for it is all seemingly on public display, if not immediately, then very soon after. It is because you are being called upon to "prove" what you know to the world and yes, you are right, it is all a test. A good rule of thumb is to know exactly what your ethics and values are and that you also practice what you preach, making sure that every phase of your life is presented in the very best possible way, and following all of these guide lines methodically and precisely to the finish line by not over looking even the smallest of details. Media has the power to make or break you and remember "mouse" medicine and the very real consequences of underestimating the power of "small things" or people, in tight places. Example: What happens in a major enterprise when all engines are set to go and the red light for production is blinking and all of a sudden all of the power shuts down? This window of opportunity has just lost its time, perhaps, forever. Going over everything with a fine tooth comb and some very expensive, time consuming, teams of experts, what is the bottom line? A mouse is found electrocuted, after having been trapped in a tiny little place and desperately chewing a power line in two, trying to escape. Why did this happen? Because the basics were ignored as too small to be acknowledged because after all, everyone had much more important things to do than to make sure that things like proper maintenance on the facilities, (Orkin for instance) were being taken care of. If you are in a position of power, that is great, but you must never forget to take care of the details or the people that support you and your position , if you do, the price of these over sights will be paid and always at an unfortunate time and  place when you least expect it to happen. You have worked very hard to get to where you are now, I know this as do you, it would be a great loss if you were to allow yourself to become an over bearing tyrant now. No one is an Island. If you cannot handle the one to one, everyday details of your position then you must learn how to delegate authority to a trusted other who can. Stop playing Scourge. You know what happened to him. Simplify your life. Take a break, get out into the world, have some fun, study people for a change instead of power, who knows, you might make some new friends, find some new interests, take up a new hobby, all of the fore-going. It is just as important to allow the things that you have created the chance to grow as it is to create them and keeping a continual grip on them strangles and retards
all positive growth orientation and limits feedback. Perhaps it is time to sell the company, expand the company, take a vacation. At any rate, I feel that there is a great need for some sort of new sensory input because all around you there seems to be control mechanisms of one kind or another. Maybe take some time off and go somewhere to gain a clearer perspective of exactly what it is that you are trying to do now and then decide on the next best direction.
Astrologically Yours

There is a considerable amount of power-plays directly surrounding you at this time, this is no great surprise, due to the multitude of projects you have up in the air at the moment. and combined with the amount of people who are, or seem to think they are involved in making decisions about these projects, whether or not they are is your judgement call. You have a considerable amount of self-confidence, knowledge, and courage to carry through on any and all of these objectives, however, allowing others to be involved in situations where it is in all actuality none of their affair is a big NO-NO period, and this is where I would suggest you draw the no crossing this line under any circumstances imperative ultimatum. You are in total alignment with your objectives and in such a way that you do not alienate others simply because you have the entire situation set up so that everybody benefits and you know this. Do not waste your time and energy trying to explain this to anyone, believe me when I say that it is better to do the deed and let them see the consequences of your actions and move on than it is to try and explain anything that you are trying to do. It is a good time to combine your personal interests with those of others and get them to work with you toward a common goal, although, you must maintain control and understand that you are in no way dependent upon their help. You are a totally self reliant independent who is willing to participate and "help" others to realize their full potential. You do this as a service to the greater whole of society, as a result you can obtain material backing as well as moral support for your projects. It is your confidence in yourself that makes people and organizations have confidence in you. In general, the clarity with which you "see" your long-term objectives enables you to plan a course of action very thoroughly, get the right people to do the work, set up the terms for all concerned and see that the project is followed through to completion. Direct and forthright action is demanded to do this and this means that you really do not have the time or the energy to allow drama to enter into your life in any area. You do not seek out confrontations but when necessary you must handle them immediately. This can cause some misunderstanding within the area of adolescent children as well as adults who consider themselves to be victimized in some way and who are really looking for some kind of savior or parent figure. The sooner you deal with these situations the better off you will be. It is one of those situations where you have taught them how to take advantage of you and now you must show them how to respect you and your authority and stand on their own two feet. There are way too many irons in the fire for you to allow things to continue on in the way that they have in the past and realistically it is not good for the people concerned either, because quite simply it is not growth oriented for any of these parties.You must detach from the situation and really ask yourself what it is that you should be learning from all of this. Try not to over-think the obvious. "Thank the Goddess for the petty tyrant for they force us to be our very best." They also force us to give up our very real "self importance" with full knowledge that if we have nothing to defend then there is really no problem at all. Then you are able to ask yourself some very direct questions like; What is it that these people are really after? What do they want from me personally? Once you remove all of the outer chatter and finger pointing you will know exactly how to handle all of the points involved and it may just be as simple as removing these people from your life for good, especially if you can accept the fact that they have very little to offer anyone including themselves and that all you can compare them to is a burr under the saddle that is not only irritating the horse but that is causing you problems in maintaining your position in the saddle and thereby delaying your arriving at your preordained destination and in all actuality this may be the only real objective of these people anyway. Walk away and stop trying to understand the fact that idiots sometimes stand on the outside rattling their tin cups and shouting at any one who will listen, that two and two is five and do the math.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Astrologically Yours
Hello, my other Venus ruled people, this the Venus of the physical world. Have you hugged a tree today, painted a painting or a wall or created some wonderfully put together gourmet dish and presented it gorgeously to friends, clients or partners, gone dancing, played music or sang your heart out passionately? Well, if not, then by all means get to it, time is a wasting and the world is waiting for your beautiful clarity in whatever way you decide or need to present it and I as your Astrologer friend know that you desperately need to do this for all of our benefits, including your own. Bringing beauty to the world is, after all, what you are here to do whether it is in the field of design, food, clothing, art, pleasure or negotiations, which by the way is high on your list of priorities at the moment, so, let us address this problem now. First off, "don't get mad, get satisfaction." The only way to get this is with proper research and delegation and not by throwing a fit, although, to be quite honest, it should not have gone this far and the very fact that it has is a major feather in your cap of discipline and stick-to-it attendance, that said, let me also say this, that same stubborn, dig in your heals type of mentality has led you to this position over and over again for the last fourteen years or so, isn't it time you tried a different tactic? I think so, don't you? I am going to endeavor to help you with this so please pull in that lip and get rid of the furrowed brow will ya'? If it is not a part of the answer then you are free to disregard. Now then, I know that you are feeling very confused at some level with "friends" and quite possibly with business arrangements with a friend and or group, perhaps a corporation, and I also know that you have gone to great lengths to try and rectify this situation on your own and that at this point you are ready to express yourself, and find new arrangements on all levels. In other words basically just throw in the towel, after venting all of the above said, of course. I do understand the need to do this and in any other circumstances I might be prepared to agree with this consensus whole heartedly, however, under the circumstances, I believe that you stand to learn more and gain more by follow through than you do by just walking away. I think that underneath it all you feel that way too. This entire situation is like immediate deja- vu and it needs to be handled indiscriminately by you this time, instead of walking away angry and frustrated as well as quite possibly empty handed. I know you have made phone calls and quite possibly emails and letters to try and rectify what you can only see as a misunderstanding and now you are making all kinds of mental inventory, and grasping at straws. Stop! Detach from the situation and be the observer and not the victim. You are by no means a victim and no one has any power over you or your life's priorities unless you allow it, except you. Communication in a clear, concise, logical and informative way is your best recourse and ticket to success in either personal or business dealings. Yes, you must write your letters and make your phone calls, but first you must do some research and get all of your facts and formulations in order, your wording must be strictly disciplined and structured, stick to the problem at hand if you hope to have anyone take you seriously, much less consider your ability to handle a job that specifically deals with people on the one hand or authority figures of any kind on the other. If you would be thought of as a professional you must actively project yourself in this position, not only in what you say but in your actions and presentation. Your words have the power to influence whole groups of people if they are well thought out and have any base in reality.  Reference and cite; names, addresses, dates, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, positions that the people in question hold and any other valid information that you have or that has been given or sent to you dealing with the issues involved. Hopefully you have been keeping track and this will merely be a matter of you looking up your notes, if not by all means do the work and do not in any way try to "fudge" this opportunity to be taken seriously and to get what you have worked so hard for and deserve. You must know by now that all is not as it has seemed and that someone has been taking advantage of your "good nature" and taken credit for your work. File that information away and stick to the facts, it will do you little or no good to point fingers, etc. Remember this; Your work is a reflection of you and what you value and you must enjoy it, if your "joy" barometer is at an all time low and your energy level is depleted it may just be time to get out of this situation altogether, but first, get satisfaction and then you can walk away with your head held high and your heart singing a song of victory, because you have not only had your say but you have brought certain things to light that will clean the slate for a lot of others that you leave behind and who knows it just may change the flow. Whatever you decide to do get it in writing and be firm on this, whether it is a contract or a job description or a referral letter, it does matter and if it is an issue, well, then it is an issue, and those who object just may not be on the level. Take this into consideration overall and seek legal counsel where needed. As far as the personal end of things go all I can do is refer you to my good friend Tanya Tucker and her song, "If it don't come easy better let it go, 'cause if it don't come easy there's no natural flow." In other words you do not have to prove anything to anyone if it's real it is, and if it's not, well, it's not, move on and get a guitar or something else to play with...Love and Chaos...You have all the luck in the world if you believe in you and I know that you do.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Astrologically Yours

What is to be gained from being sacrificial and even more specifically, exactly what or who are you sacrificing yourself and or your hopes, dreams, wishes, and joy to, and for what reason? Has anyone asked you to do this for them or is fear the major over riding factor and if so, fear of what, yourself? Really?
The need to be free and to just be and the guilty feelings associated with giving up a lifetimes inbred tradition of expectations that you associate with some sort of debt you owe about following guide lines that you personally connect with some other individuals deepest dreams of putting down roots and not your own is the root cause of all of this confusion and frustration. While at the same time you ignore your own deepest desires and in fact refuse to even think about what is in fact best for you; You are not a martyr and playing the shadow is not your gig my friend and in allowing yourself to do this you destroy not only your very real opportunities to make a new start but you also invite in the grim reaper who will show you what is truth and what has been fantasy or lies, hopefully you will not allow it to go that far. There is an old alchemist tale about how gold and lead are made out of the same alloy, one processed and one raw. The seed and the harvest is how I look at it and it is time that you reap what you have sown. What is the harvest to be, plentiful or barren. These are the two primary extremes and for you there can be no in between that will not destroy all the potential that all have worked for but that now you have denied. What are you trying to hold onto? Is it really your dream? You cannot build or rebuild something until you clear out the space for something new. The thing that I have found to be true is that focus is the key and in order to have this you must decide exactly what you are going to focus on and not allow yourself to be distracted by any outside source. Out side sources are any and all things that have nothing to do with your predetermined objective. You have spent the last few years living in the past quite literally and even though it was in all probability necessary to do this you have lost complete contact with what your own wants and even your needs are and it is now time for you to find out what these things are. In your state of mind the only way that you can figure that out is if you decide what it is that you do not wish to keep in your life or what no longer works for you.This includes people, places, and things. It is a process and you do not have to rush it. You are in fact rebuilding your life out of the chaos and the destruction and yes the despair and the pain and rubble. Life is equally made up of all of the elements and each one of them will have their particular homage paid to them in their time. It is important that you recognize this and also that you acknowledge exactly which one of these you are in now so that you can respond and take responsibility accordingly. This you must do and get it over with if nothing else so that you can move on, this rolling around in it is the pits to say the very least and it serves absolutely no one and no purpose. Cry if you must and you will and then wipe away your tears and get on with it. The thing that you must understand about distractions is this, they are pivotal points that give you an excuse to go in another direction other than the positive one that you started out upon. I would suggest turning off all of your telephones and outside stimuli other than music of course while you work on your projects. Also, limit all outside communications to ones that you enjoy or love and do not allow guilt, shame, or blame to enter in as it defeats the purpose completely and besides you already have enough of that all on your own. You need light, get outside and breathe from time to time even if it is when the stars come out. Above all be gentle with yourself. Love and Lightning.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Astrologically Yours


Well, if not for change exactly where would we be? This is a very good question for you to ask yourself at this time, for one thing it brings everything into perspective and gives you something to hang onto in the midst of your internal storm, of course parts of you cut your teeth on the glory of the contest or...ahem...should I say conquest...oh, of course I should, because if I don't who will ask you this very important question? Stop and think for a moment exactly what you are fighting for and why you are so intent upon keeping something or someone against all the seemingly brutal odds. Does it not seem that at times if it is really a good situation there should be some degree of peace and tranquility as well as growth and mutual support or do you really enjoy all of the drama that keeps you distracted from what the real issues at hand are all about?Be very honest with yourself here. If you have been putting up with something or someone for any reason at the demise of your own construction of life goals, you really must stop and make some decisions about your very personal future here, it is not all about them. What do you stand to gain in the long term by taking this course of action, does it really make any sense realistically or are you just procrastinating about your own foundations and the building of them. You may need to restructure your priorities and take stock of where you are financially. Are you pouring time, effort, energy, not to mention money into something that is a never ending void that does not give anything back in the end, nor does it benefit anyone either, and have you been here before with this situation and or person. Sometimes you really must "see" that all you want is to be needed and that people come to know this about you and can and will use all of your resources and invest none of their own in the process. Does this really help the situations in which you find yourself involved, in any way? This is a good time to seek counsel from an outside source especially if you cannot see the forest for the trees as so often happens when you focus your attention outwardly onto others instead of maintaining your own center and thereby allowing them to develop their own so that you all form a sustainable unit that is supportive on all levels. You must firm your own base now and move forward, however hard this may be for you to do, it is time that you stood in your own power and claimed your success, achieving the ambitions that you only dreamed of and the only way that you are going to do this is if you pay attention to your own "inner houses" letting others come to attend their own and stand on their own two feet, this is especially true if you are putting this person or persons into the position of being your partners for life. Realistically if they cannot hold their own at this time how on earth will they be able to be of any benefit to you or themselves later on? Whatever you do not make clear or clear up now will be the source of all your personal problems in the next fourteen year cycle that has just begun. Opposite positions are of two distinct polarities ones that can compliment you and ones that can also destroy everything that you have worked so hard to build. This is a time of new beginnings so please consider all of your options on every level and get the right help in all situations as you need them. No type of secure building has ever been made strong or stable without the right tools or knowledge of how to utilize them to the best possible completion of the project at hand, whether it is in life, love, or the pursuit of happiness, good planning means that good times are almost a guarantee.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Astologically Yours

Astrologically Yours


This is a test...I know you have heard that phrase before and not had any kind of feeling of impending doom, nor should you or will you now. I just wanted your attention and now that I have it, I shall plunge right in. For approximately the next seven years you will be taking what you have learned and bringing it out into the light of the public eye. What will this series of tests demand of you? First let's see how you have studied for this debut; For approximately the last fourteen years you have been defining yourself in your own terms, building a format personally, learning exactly who and what you are and what you want personally to achieve, the gospel according to you and you really have focused on that purpose sometimes at the demise of existing relationships, friendships, lovers, and situations. It has been an actual shifting of energies in all their totality.
You have only kept the things that were a true expression of who you are now. A Butterfly now emerges from its self-made cocoon to grace and possibly embrace the world...No... not quite yet, although, I must admit that was a very nice fantasy, don't worry about it, we all have them and they are important to have, otherwise, how on earth could we possibly think that we could create the reality of our dreams? How will this be accomplished? Why, by one to one interaction with others, competition, contradictory debates, contractual negotiations, plenty of compromise on all sides, all geared to implement and utilize the things you know that you know beyond a shadow of a doubt, unfortunately, the world-view as we know it does not yet "know" this about you. It will demand that you prove yourself on every single one of these levels, over and over and over again. It is not a conspiracy, no matter what you may think, they are not really out to get you, understand one thing, they want the same things that you do. If you can "see" and "digest" this very real reality of the situation, you will begin to realize that you just might intimidate and scare them and just maybe back off just a little bit, understanding that this is just a process of life. If you have done the work, which I am very sure that you have, then you really do know your "stuff" so you can afford to be kind. You will begin to get the recognition that you so sincerely do deserve when you take this into consideration. Surrender to the flow. Oh, I know, I know! Those are blasphemous words to you, but come on think about it, you can achieve nothing alone. For one thing there would be no one for you to talk to or share it with and just how glorious would that be? The best way to handle the situation at hand in any area of life is to know exactly what it is that you have agreed to do or be a part of and then to do exactly that, then set boundaries, three of them to start with and to be exact, the first one is not negotiable and there will be no settling with that one,it is personal, the second is by permission only and the third is a swinging door. Remember that the only thing personal about contracts is what your actual part in them is, so all you have to do is make sure that you understand perfectly what is expected of you before you sign on the dotted line. The rest is a cakewalk, unless of course you get bogged down in the drama of the situation, and there is always the potential for that, I would highly recommend that you do not do that. Instead, find an outlet for your excess energy by developing a vast and interchangeable social life outside of work and home, by seeking entertainment in areas where you can relax and shine with your peers, leaving your work at work, otherwise, you will find yourself in a situation where there is a never ending obligation hoovering over your shoulders to prove yourself. To whom, if you don't mind my asking, and why? Get out, go play, make friends, get involved in groups, charities, laugh loudly and lots, talk incessantly about nothing at all. Learn something new, try something new or a whole lot of things new. The world is waiting for you. Come on in the waters fine and all that obligation and trivial BS will be waiting for you when you come back refreshed and ready to take on the world once again. Compartmentalize your world and prioritize and do not make "soup" of your life, instead serve up a continuing palate of ever changing hors d'oeuvre with all kinds of sauces and open up, invite the people in to share it with and guess what? One day you will wake up smiling and you won't be able to stop because you will know that in your own way, you've got it all. Go on now, throw the ball, it's your call. We're waiting for you!

Monday, February 16, 2015

Aquarius: There is a distinct desire to interact and relate to others of your group, neighborhood, and community, at this time. You have a general feeling that if you do not express yourself in some way positive that you will surely burst and realistically, you just might if you don't. When I say that, I mean that most accidents occur when energy is banked and not allowed to be expressed. Let's use a little example here for reference as I know that your mental processes are working overtime and you need visuals to be inspired. There is a dam and that means that the water is backed up so that it can be used efficiently, like for making the windmill turn to grind the flour, or to make electricity, or a gazillion other different things in this cost effective world. All goes well until the water is not allowed to vent out of its dam every now and again in order to create and expand its horizons in its multitude of directions. With enough force this can flood an entire continent and destroy everything in its wake. Human beings are no different than this controlled power in nature. What is different is that the dam has reliable indicators that it does not question to let its care givers or keepers know when it is time to open the gates and let the forces of nature play, no one ever questions this necessity. In human beings it is the questioning of your natural bio-rhythms that get you in trouble. In other words you need to put your energy into some really mind/body absorbing activity that allows you to express your natural talents and ideas with others in some sort of group effort. Your out pouring of energy is more likely to be positive if it is focused on some project where you and others can see the results immediately. You must identify with this project in some way and become one with the group mind. Try to get that dormant chip off your shoulder and not take everything personally, in other words, allow others to have their own opinions even if they differ from your own and don't be so argumentative and aggressive, instead, concentrate on exactly what you are trying to do. If you can avoid this you should be able to convince almost anyone of the base validity of your project and in so doing "sell" the idea and in the process impress people with the power of your convictions.
Show the world what you are made of but don't shove your ideas down their throat, make a great contribution and realize some of your dreams. There is a desire to relate to others underneath all of this insecurity and in order to get rid of the inferiority complex you must get in there and do some real physical/mental work clearing the air so to speak. Remember to compromise where necessary, alright, alright, do it even if you have to grit your teeth, and avoid the controversy that could be linked to it if you say directly to them what you really think. You can be warm and you do draw people to you when you want to. So, why not make peace instead of war and in so doing really give something good to the neighborhood. It will bring balance to all concerned. Trust me.Bring back the faith in yourself and what you know to be true.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Libra: Well, hello there my Lady and my Lord, how you have changed over the last year or so. You have learned so much and grown so much it is a fascinating thing to see and almost impossible for some to believe. You want to be free at the same time that you want desperately for someone to hold onto to you, take care of you, cherish you, even argue with you and you are not about to settle for a luke warm relationship without that physical blending, yes passion is definitely one of your "must have's" for relationship even if it is in the ether. Your imagination runs wild with you and your fantasy life is magnificent! You have never felt more alive or been able to express the way you think and feel more. Could it be that you are really in love? Yes, I believe that this is so, only dear one, it is not exactly with your latest flame, although, that partnership is probably hot enough to warm an entire castle and perhaps even the village, no this relationship is truly and honestly with yourself and as long as you can continue to have your ego be your amigo, everything should smolder along just fine keeping both you and your intimate relationships tender and passionate as well.
There is a lot of communication going on with groups and business is booming, contracts should be easier to negotiate as you really do care that everyone involved is relatively happy and you are willing to go that extra mile to make sure that this does happen. Some of the people in your life who have known you a long time may be quite sceptical as to whether or not you are for real. You are most assuredly out of character. Not to worry, love can do that to you, although, you may be inclined to tempt the wrath of the masses with your escapades at times this is not one of those times and it does bother you to some extent that some of these people do their best to put you back in a place where they are more comfortable with you being in.Again you must understand that to detach is graceful and in so doing those people and situations that no longer belong in your life will just drift away and out which is where they belong, your time together is obviously over even if they were not willing to leave and you could not forcibly give the boot, Mother Nature will have her way and away they go. Bless them right out of your life. You must talk and give lectures and opinions of course and you must be free to do this and whatever else it is that pleases you and anyone who cannot seem to accept this as a very real part of you does not know you at all. A butterfly or a bird of paradise is to be seen and enjoyed by all as love is shared in many ways and in your case it is never heavy handed or controlled, so wish these well as you show them to the door or not as the situation calls for. Enjoy your freedom and do try to understand that for this time your world must remain open for pleasure and that commitment to any one thing or person will severely limit you. The best thing to think of when thinking of you and any type of relationship and there are all kinds, lovers, friends, clients, employers, teachers, children, parents, pets, the list is as endless as we are, is that we must dance together and move together in insync rhythm in order to flow and grow. If you have this who could ask for anything more? It is appropriate that I write about you on this your favorite day. Happy Valentine's day darling. Blessed Be.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Aries: Why not start where it all begins...especially since this sign is experiencing itself in all its power and glory right now. You probably want to know the why's and how's and where-fore's so, please allow me to explain. The planetary alignment is direct in all of it's hits. In the first quadrant of a natural chart or natal chart, this being highly personal just like the ram likes it, there is our good friend and solar Lord of Chaos or Lady of Discordia, as the case may be, revving up the vibrations of the physical body making it almost impossible to be still or not be at least doing something online or on the phone, this planet is the planet that rules the "new age" of high-tech computers, Iphones, Nasa, Metaphysics as well as anything else that is new and innovative, it normally rules Aquarius, so it is all about working with groups and not alone, this may take some work and adjustment for the Aries person as normally this is a sign that is always leading the pack and cares not one whit about whether or not anyone else follows as long as they are free to be. The planet Pluto in the house of career and business as well as the way  the general public sees and experiences the personality is at this moment (and has been for some time back and forth over its exact configuration) exactly square Uranus in Aries with Aries ruler in the 12th house of the hidden just getting ready to go over the top and into the 1st house or Aries, so the tension is fierce to say the least. Please do not go backward dear Ram as it will do you no good to try and fix something that is already over and done with when everything inside you is desperately screaming to move forward and be FREE! Remember that you have made a very strong commitment to many groups of people and they are all waiting for you to lead them to the promised land. It is up to you to make your own stand and while you do this, remember to listen and not lord it over lesser souls as they will at some point in the near future be a real test for you if you do. Pluto is giving you unlimited power to do what ever it is that you are passionate about, the thing about this planet Pluto is that it is very subtle in its teaching and very, very deep. Pluto will give you everything that you ever dreamed of but it is up to you to support, direct, and focus the energy in a positive way and that means that you need to work within some sort of structure that will give you room to grow so that you do not stagnate. Stagnation is not at all accepted in any of these situations and if you try to stay in some situation that does not give you unlimited growth and also affirmation and validation you will be forced out of the situation by events or accidents that seem to be out of your control. Not so, as you well know. What you must ask yourself is exactly what is it that you are afraid of that keeps you so tied up and what are you hiding from? One thing is certain you can never go back to where you were with anyone or anything and the sooner you accept this as a reality the sooner your load will lighten so that you can do the work you were intended to do and draw in the people and opportunities that you are praying or asking for. If it seems that you are moving through sluggish water it quite possibly is so, try letting go of what no longer works for you and see what happens. Saturn is joining the line-up giving validity and depth to the structures that you are building and making your creative brainchildren a physical reality. It is all about how you deal with jointly held resources and just how disciplined you are in your quest. Jupiter is giving you the ability to expand on any and all things and it can have the touch of Santa Claus or of course you can just twiddle your thumbs and fingers and flush it all away by thinking that you can have it any and all ways. I am here to tell you that you must chose this day whom you will serve and the direction of your life either into the darkness or into the light. It is better to combine the energies and find the balance so that it does not have to be either or.