Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Astologically Yours

Astrologically Yours


This is a test...I know you have heard that phrase before and not had any kind of feeling of impending doom, nor should you or will you now. I just wanted your attention and now that I have it, I shall plunge right in. For approximately the next seven years you will be taking what you have learned and bringing it out into the light of the public eye. What will this series of tests demand of you? First let's see how you have studied for this debut; For approximately the last fourteen years you have been defining yourself in your own terms, building a format personally, learning exactly who and what you are and what you want personally to achieve, the gospel according to you and you really have focused on that purpose sometimes at the demise of existing relationships, friendships, lovers, and situations. It has been an actual shifting of energies in all their totality.
You have only kept the things that were a true expression of who you are now. A Butterfly now emerges from its self-made cocoon to grace and possibly embrace the world...No... not quite yet, although, I must admit that was a very nice fantasy, don't worry about it, we all have them and they are important to have, otherwise, how on earth could we possibly think that we could create the reality of our dreams? How will this be accomplished? Why, by one to one interaction with others, competition, contradictory debates, contractual negotiations, plenty of compromise on all sides, all geared to implement and utilize the things you know that you know beyond a shadow of a doubt, unfortunately, the world-view as we know it does not yet "know" this about you. It will demand that you prove yourself on every single one of these levels, over and over and over again. It is not a conspiracy, no matter what you may think, they are not really out to get you, understand one thing, they want the same things that you do. If you can "see" and "digest" this very real reality of the situation, you will begin to realize that you just might intimidate and scare them and just maybe back off just a little bit, understanding that this is just a process of life. If you have done the work, which I am very sure that you have, then you really do know your "stuff" so you can afford to be kind. You will begin to get the recognition that you so sincerely do deserve when you take this into consideration. Surrender to the flow. Oh, I know, I know! Those are blasphemous words to you, but come on think about it, you can achieve nothing alone. For one thing there would be no one for you to talk to or share it with and just how glorious would that be? The best way to handle the situation at hand in any area of life is to know exactly what it is that you have agreed to do or be a part of and then to do exactly that, then set boundaries, three of them to start with and to be exact, the first one is not negotiable and there will be no settling with that one,it is personal, the second is by permission only and the third is a swinging door. Remember that the only thing personal about contracts is what your actual part in them is, so all you have to do is make sure that you understand perfectly what is expected of you before you sign on the dotted line. The rest is a cakewalk, unless of course you get bogged down in the drama of the situation, and there is always the potential for that, I would highly recommend that you do not do that. Instead, find an outlet for your excess energy by developing a vast and interchangeable social life outside of work and home, by seeking entertainment in areas where you can relax and shine with your peers, leaving your work at work, otherwise, you will find yourself in a situation where there is a never ending obligation hoovering over your shoulders to prove yourself. To whom, if you don't mind my asking, and why? Get out, go play, make friends, get involved in groups, charities, laugh loudly and lots, talk incessantly about nothing at all. Learn something new, try something new or a whole lot of things new. The world is waiting for you. Come on in the waters fine and all that obligation and trivial BS will be waiting for you when you come back refreshed and ready to take on the world once again. Compartmentalize your world and prioritize and do not make "soup" of your life, instead serve up a continuing palate of ever changing hors d'oeuvre with all kinds of sauces and open up, invite the people in to share it with and guess what? One day you will wake up smiling and you won't be able to stop because you will know that in your own way, you've got it all. Go on now, throw the ball, it's your call. We're waiting for you!

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