Thursday, February 26, 2015

Astrologically Yours

"Careful of your words, make them nice and sweet, for someday your words, you may have to eat." My Mother used to say that to me all of the time, although, I do not know who the original writer was it is a very great truth that I whisper to myself almost every single day while concentrating on the image of Mercury the messenger of the Gods and willing myself to try and be a good little Hawk. This saying is a very good one for you my dear Capricorn at this time as it is a very powerful indicator of just how important your words are and the effect that they have as well as the way that you express them and to whom, not just verbally but in all ways, notably in your actions, your gut feelings, as well as what you physically create or manifest, for it is all seemingly on public display, if not immediately, then very soon after. It is because you are being called upon to "prove" what you know to the world and yes, you are right, it is all a test. A good rule of thumb is to know exactly what your ethics and values are and that you also practice what you preach, making sure that every phase of your life is presented in the very best possible way, and following all of these guide lines methodically and precisely to the finish line by not over looking even the smallest of details. Media has the power to make or break you and remember "mouse" medicine and the very real consequences of underestimating the power of "small things" or people, in tight places. Example: What happens in a major enterprise when all engines are set to go and the red light for production is blinking and all of a sudden all of the power shuts down? This window of opportunity has just lost its time, perhaps, forever. Going over everything with a fine tooth comb and some very expensive, time consuming, teams of experts, what is the bottom line? A mouse is found electrocuted, after having been trapped in a tiny little place and desperately chewing a power line in two, trying to escape. Why did this happen? Because the basics were ignored as too small to be acknowledged because after all, everyone had much more important things to do than to make sure that things like proper maintenance on the facilities, (Orkin for instance) were being taken care of. If you are in a position of power, that is great, but you must never forget to take care of the details or the people that support you and your position , if you do, the price of these over sights will be paid and always at an unfortunate time and  place when you least expect it to happen. You have worked very hard to get to where you are now, I know this as do you, it would be a great loss if you were to allow yourself to become an over bearing tyrant now. No one is an Island. If you cannot handle the one to one, everyday details of your position then you must learn how to delegate authority to a trusted other who can. Stop playing Scourge. You know what happened to him. Simplify your life. Take a break, get out into the world, have some fun, study people for a change instead of power, who knows, you might make some new friends, find some new interests, take up a new hobby, all of the fore-going. It is just as important to allow the things that you have created the chance to grow as it is to create them and keeping a continual grip on them strangles and retards
all positive growth orientation and limits feedback. Perhaps it is time to sell the company, expand the company, take a vacation. At any rate, I feel that there is a great need for some sort of new sensory input because all around you there seems to be control mechanisms of one kind or another. Maybe take some time off and go somewhere to gain a clearer perspective of exactly what it is that you are trying to do now and then decide on the next best direction.

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