Saturday, February 14, 2015

Libra: Well, hello there my Lady and my Lord, how you have changed over the last year or so. You have learned so much and grown so much it is a fascinating thing to see and almost impossible for some to believe. You want to be free at the same time that you want desperately for someone to hold onto to you, take care of you, cherish you, even argue with you and you are not about to settle for a luke warm relationship without that physical blending, yes passion is definitely one of your "must have's" for relationship even if it is in the ether. Your imagination runs wild with you and your fantasy life is magnificent! You have never felt more alive or been able to express the way you think and feel more. Could it be that you are really in love? Yes, I believe that this is so, only dear one, it is not exactly with your latest flame, although, that partnership is probably hot enough to warm an entire castle and perhaps even the village, no this relationship is truly and honestly with yourself and as long as you can continue to have your ego be your amigo, everything should smolder along just fine keeping both you and your intimate relationships tender and passionate as well.
There is a lot of communication going on with groups and business is booming, contracts should be easier to negotiate as you really do care that everyone involved is relatively happy and you are willing to go that extra mile to make sure that this does happen. Some of the people in your life who have known you a long time may be quite sceptical as to whether or not you are for real. You are most assuredly out of character. Not to worry, love can do that to you, although, you may be inclined to tempt the wrath of the masses with your escapades at times this is not one of those times and it does bother you to some extent that some of these people do their best to put you back in a place where they are more comfortable with you being in.Again you must understand that to detach is graceful and in so doing those people and situations that no longer belong in your life will just drift away and out which is where they belong, your time together is obviously over even if they were not willing to leave and you could not forcibly give the boot, Mother Nature will have her way and away they go. Bless them right out of your life. You must talk and give lectures and opinions of course and you must be free to do this and whatever else it is that pleases you and anyone who cannot seem to accept this as a very real part of you does not know you at all. A butterfly or a bird of paradise is to be seen and enjoyed by all as love is shared in many ways and in your case it is never heavy handed or controlled, so wish these well as you show them to the door or not as the situation calls for. Enjoy your freedom and do try to understand that for this time your world must remain open for pleasure and that commitment to any one thing or person will severely limit you. The best thing to think of when thinking of you and any type of relationship and there are all kinds, lovers, friends, clients, employers, teachers, children, parents, pets, the list is as endless as we are, is that we must dance together and move together in insync rhythm in order to flow and grow. If you have this who could ask for anything more? It is appropriate that I write about you on this your favorite day. Happy Valentine's day darling. Blessed Be.

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