Thursday, April 25, 2013

B. Serious and Court Strange decided one day to make  a change. Most of their old friends thought them deranged. Fate had stepped in to rearrange the future.
Nothing was planned, nothing decided, when they came together it was undivided.
The unity, the passion, the total merger of twin souls, mirrored images, do not oppose.
The thorn and the blossom become the rose.
Drink of it's sweetness, touch its velvety softness, allow the fragrance to super impose, remember that the Mother is beneath the toes.
Wide open or tightly closed the cycles of life contained in the prose.
Color it red, pink, antique, peach every spectrum within reach.
Delicate flower that never dies. Dormancy in winter in the spring it will rise.
Children of the universal one. How can it be wrong? Somewhere in a lullaby's song.
Give up your shackles and follow me. Living life to the fullest means you've got to be free.
You prayed with your body, prayed with your thoughts, felt the inevitable straight from the heart.
Come play with me.When the answer to your prayer came you were surprised.
Why? Wasn't your dream in every sunrise? Yet you hesitate, try and make plans.
Spiritual gifts are not from the domain of man.
Like a fish out of water you struggle to breathe.
Birth is like that.
Your safe, warm, womb is closed to you now. Live.
Don't ask how. The first stroke propelled you forward into the stream.
Keep the flow going, move toward the dream.