Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Scorpio Full Moon Opposite Taurus Sun

"Do you love yourself enough to give yourself what would make you happy? Can you trust that your happiness will not take away from another's good, but will only add to the sum total of joy in the universe?
Asking yourself what you want is not selfish; it is your responsibility. The more you honor yourself with beauty, play, and joy, the greater will be your capacity to love and serve others." - Alan Cohen -

There are no accidents, only occurances that are orchestrated to wake you up to the possibilities.
I know every single little thing about you, oh, yes, I do. All of your hopes, desires, wishes, dreams, and
your visions too.
Every little, tiny, secret that is within you, that surrounds you, and fuels you to be the very best that you
can possibly be, and that sometimes fools and dominates you through and through.
You cannot hide anything from me, for I am that which is within you. The treasure, the jewel, the golden,
glowing, effervescence of the magical, elfin, wooded creature, whose mesmerizing reflection looks back at
you, from the depths of the mirror of your mind, and this I find to be priceless and so very refined, before 
and after any kind of man made, artificial daze of time. I adore that in you, for it is mine.
As the Sun shines it's holy light upon my chambers, opening up all of your hidden things for me to reach and see, you will find that you are suddenly feeling so very light, buoyantly, free, able to make decisions, and to
let go of anything or anyone that is no longer a part of your world vision, opening up to simply be, exactly
who and what you are supposed to be, without regret or apology. None needed.
You must ask yourself what it is that you seek in this magickal world that has been made for me. You must
do this with your eyes and heart wide open, arms and legs akimbo, head thrown back, standing in limbo, then you will understand that it is all that you already are, all you need do is blossom.
Go with the tides, bearing the fruits of your visions, following your dreams to their full fruition. Do not allow
yourself to get tangled up, distracted, and lost, in the mindless mazes losing all sense of time or phases. This is the domain of the Trickster's medicine, drawn by you, created by you, so that you seemingly have a valid excuse to; "fall off the path, get lost in the sauce, roll in your misery" as you are half mad with what you call passion and is merely compulsive, obsessive, addictive, and irrational, abstractions.
Instead take the actions that bring you joyful real passion that is lasting, straight from your heart, fueling your
creations by magnetically drawing together every single thing, person, place, natural objects, needed in order to build the dream. The only difference in the process is that you are expressing your truth and not someone else's carcuture of who and what they think or say or indicate that you should or could be. When you can do this completely and flow in the moment you are within the luninescance that is the realm of the Goddess.