Sunday, July 19, 2015

Little Red Riding Hood: The Giver of Form MoonAries: To be really alive is...

Little Red Riding Hood: The Giver of Form MoonAries: To be really alive is...: The Giver of Form Moon Aries: To be really alive is to be burning up inside with passion and the desire to create, so much so that it is ...

The Giver of Form Moon

Aries: To be really alive is to be burning up inside with passion and the desire to create, so much so that it is impossible not to have the need to share what you are excited about with the whole world. When you are in this place you are living your purpose, the fruit of that abundance is ripe, and ready for the ultimate harvest. This is a time of being extremely intent upon your goals and aspirations, productivity is high. You are alive with the prospect of the "Ideal" and your brain children are the gold that the alchemists speak of as being pure, this energy fuels your creations with power, making them priceless, as well as timeless. You must not scatter these energies, instead maintain your focus by making well thought out choices. Commit to these constructive plans, consider their purposes, eliminate all obsessive thoughts that do not have anything to do with your project at hand, so that the energy is well directed toward its goal, and not boiled away drying up in the subconscious without the proper outlet it needs to be successfully released.

Taurus: The energies of the planets come from a grander scheme of things within us as their co-pilot and guide, not outside of us, although, sometimes we do project our reasoning feelings outside of ourselves, as we take on the offensive, defensive, or obsessive compulsiveness of others, instead of being the progressive, productive, individualistic power houses that we are supposed to be, we make our selves out to be small and weak. You are responsible for your own choices, make no mistake about this. If you are a victim, it is because you have chosen to be one, whatever the reasoning for the lesson, it is one. Yes, there are a lot of poor lost souls out there who could really use your help, however, the real trick is knowing who is willing to take responsibility for themselves enough to do the work, and with your helping hand, guidance or support in the moment, to help themselves to become strong once again, as opposed to expecting you to "save" them. Transformation only occurs when one is willing to be an active participant in your own life.

Gemini: Power becomes rancid if it is left (or hidden) in a drawer (or under a bushel) instead of being utilized and shared (or marketed) with others in mind. There are many opportunities available for you to do this now, in fact this may be one of the biggest problems you have, too much of a good thing made available too fast, and going in too many different directions cause not only chaos of the mind, but also massive indecision over all. This can sometimes be so overwhelming that one stands still, doing nothing and going nowhere. That is where you are now. No matter what you may thing about the situation at hand, it is imperative that you understand that it is a real gift. All of those many questions that you have been asking (and they are legions) are being answered, just like you asked them. It is important that you get clear, and by all means write this all down. You must accept the truth when it comes to you, once you "know" beyond a shadow of a doubt, you must act upon these answers doing exactly what is best for you. If you go into denial you will be going on another dramatic voyage to nowhere, if that is where you want to stay, good luck on that instant replay. The choice is yours, have it your way.

Cancer: Yes, it is personal, and there is a very full house around you. Dark Mother to light Mother, must become a friend, transform a partnership area or it must end, put the proper pieces back together again, or worst case scenario, throw them out and move on. Don't look back, even if it is all a mental thing, reinforce the walls that you are building to protect yourself. Do it with love and do not allow obsessive "stinking thinking" to enter into the equation, make a commitment to love yourself, a foundation is built from values, commitment, deliberation, good materials, and solid work ethics. It does not "just happen" ever! Make a better choice and allow yourself to enjoy the ride, smile with the perks that this "attitude of gratitude" brings you, as well as those around you. Teaching (helping) comes through osmosis, you cannot live someones life for them, that is their job, and their choice. You are not meant to be a martyr, no one is really, instead allow the gentle waves to take you  to a place you've never really been before, the dream can become the reality, if you allow it to flow. Let go of your fears, they are choking you to death, breathe.

Leo: "We cannot avoid using power. So let us love powerfully." -Martin Buber- This is an inside job. You will not find it outside of yourself. You must love you first. The energy that you have now can feel like the proverbial "alchemists heat" if you do not channel it properly, internalizing it instead, it can eat you up, literally causing pain, frustration, and bitterness. This happens when you refuse to recognize the necessity for change. You must let go of the past, and create a new future
upon its ashes, you are not a victim, you are a volunteer. You must accept this, taking full responsibility for not only your choices, but the reasoning behind your making them. What are you building, and for whom are you building it? What is the foundation laid upon? If you find joy and fulfilment in what you are doing, that is one thing, if you truly love what you are doing, that is another, but if you are doing what you are doing in the Spirit of "I'll show them a thing or two" power play kind of thing, your projects foundations are all built on sand, and the monument to nothing and no one is destined to fall in. Why not take a "reality inventory' here and decide exactly where, what, and how, you really want your life to be, personally moving in that direction.

 Virgo: "One thing I know: The only ones among you who will be really happy are those who will have sought and found how to serve." -Albert Schweizer- The opposite of this is the traditional "Gray Lizard" type, these are the ones who never experience their own freedom of attitude or action because of their obsessions, consciously always focused outside of themselves, and only through this experience of projection onto others do they feel fully energized, in contact with themselves, and alive. They are in denial of themselves as the center of their own worlds and without this center there is no creation, no release, no truth, and there is a complete dependency upon others as a reason for being or doing. This enables them to not take full responsibilty for their own life or their decisions. This is not life. It is an existence. There comes a time when it is impossible to "pretend" to be alive by living vicariously through others, this usually becomes apparent through some kind of implosion, ephiphany, or violent opposition by someone who you really care for to your controlling or manipulating their life. It can be a rude, although, imperative awakening. They do this not because they seek to hurt you, but so that you will wake up, and also so that they can live their own lives, as they are forcing you to live your own.

Libra: Should I stay or should I go? So many opportunities, alternatives, directions, choices, enough to boggle the mind, churn the senses, shake up your world. Oh, yes, you are in your element, so why aren't you enjoying the sensation? Because you are listening to way too many differnt drummers (opinions) pipers (so called leaders) and not paying attention to your own music of the Soul. You are obsessed about how to maintain a lifestyle that is no longer a happy place for you to be in, and you are refusing to let go of the past, although, it has definitely let go of you, to the point that all that is left of it are the dreams you once had, and a handful of memories. In order for you to shake off the clouds (dregs) so that you can "see" that your future is literally beating down your door, pleading and shouting, trying to get your attention and make you "wake up" to the possibilites that are now available to you, which will set you free, you must be willing to let go and allow yourself to surrender to the flow of change. Instability, oh, yeah, exciting, uhuh, are you ready for the future? If not you could die here, if not literally, then figuratively. Is that really what you want to do with your time? What's in it for you?

Scorpio: It is time to make a full commitment to something that you love to do and get on with the journey. Stop procrastinating! What exactly is it that you are so afraid of that you have put yourself in chains and hidden in your chosen "dungeon" from the light of the world for so very long? The work is waiting for you and it is not going anywhere. Why? Because nobody else can do it. That file has your name on it in "blood" if you will, and darling, it is your blood that signed up for this stint on this earth plane, so please, for your own sake, (and sanity) get on with it. Yes, even if you have to come out of the "closet" whether it is "broom" or otherwise, just do it! You will be amazed at what happen next. Dreams can and will become a reality when you make that decision to be "real" back it up with sincerity, will, creatively expressing your work, you will gain the freedom that you have always wanted, broadening and stretching your horizons unconditionally. You are the Captain, navigator, the journey "IS" the destination, so stop making plans, searching for that "perfect time" that time is now, so jump right in, the water is FINE!

Saggitarius: Time to take a leap of faith, let go of your tenacious hold on the so called "Status Quo" it is over rated, plus the fact that it has never worked for you before, and as you already know, it is all an illusion anyway. You can and will create your own as you go along, but not if you do not have the courage to let go. Your words have the power to change the lives of those around you, this can transform their worlds and through osmosis "The World" but only if they are heard. Sometimes it is hard to "see" the forest for the trees, but this is only when you allow yourself to ground in the Earth, feel the inspiration of the breeze as it whispers to you all of the answers that you will ever really need. First you must forgive yourself, for you cannot move forward until you do. You cannot find redemption in anyone elses eyes. The forgiveness you are seeking has already been supplied for you and you alone to live a better life. Follow your dream. What are you waiting for? Here's your sign.

Capricorn: Total power corrupts completely, ever heard that one? The explanation is this; A team of horses struggling to move forward, desperately pulling on their reins, muscles bulging, eyes wide with fear, nostrils flaring, mouths bleeding, as the Tidal wave behind the chariot approaches wrecking havoc behind them. The chariot driver (controller) is a big and powerfully built being,very determined, and stubbornly holding back the horses by pulling on the reins, refusing to allow them to move forward. What can the outcome be? An unstoppable force hits an immovable object. Some Miracle? Well, of course this could happen, but realistically, what are the odds? This entire stance "IS" self destructive, calculated, total denial of reality. Contained power destroys not only the one who tries to contain it, but in every instance everything around it. Power is supposed to be utilized, shared, and turned into something that serves a focused and directed purpose, like electricity from dams. My question to you is this. What are you so angry about that you are being stubborn and not allowing yourself to make wise choices, cutting off your nose to spite your face kind of thing?

Aquarius: Well, now that you have done all that research, calculated all the risks, put out feelers here, there, everywhere, planned your strategy, made your first few moves, blown all those far flung dreams (smoke) out of your eyes, dusted away the cobwebs in your mind, and followed your own kind of drummer for awhile, (alone). What is the outcome of it all, the final concensus? What will you commit to? Which will you expand upon? Or, is your mind still racing at break neck speed, bouncing off all those self confining walls, and dissatisfied with it all, not quite what you expected?
Why not just relaz and allow everything to evolve at its own pace, (a watched pot never boils) and all that jazz? Let go of the past, really, as "they" say, there is no future in it, and unless I miss the mark, ( which I do not for a moment believe that I do) you are all but consumed with the boredom and the pretense of it all anyway. Look in the mirror, grab your real self with both hands, (if you can recognize, and accept the reality of that self) be honest with you for a change, (no one is watching, I promise) What do you really see? I thought so. The sky is the limit, go for it, we do have the technology. Be the you, that you really want to be. Where are you now?

Pisces: Confused, dreamy, misdirected, romantic fantasy, busy dreamer, compelled, expanding, deranged, demanding. These are just a few of your daily dose of "normal" don't worry about it. I know, I know! You don't have time to do that, plus the fact that you have some really super, duper, "helpers" who  take care of all of those "little details" now don't you? Well, if you don't, you should have, especially, if you are really getting serious about doing certain "things" and "people" which of course you think that you are. Remember this; You are an "Idea" person, and if you really want/need to be at your best in the here, and now, you need an assistant, an accountant, a manager, but most of all (and above and beyond all) you need someone to be your "buffer" (you know, like the bouncers that they have at clubs to keep the peace and mellow situations out) one that has power, and grace, a surface veneer that can at the same time say "hands off" creating freezing boundaries without making physical contact. You are fragile, and in this state, there is great power to create, for this you need to have your own "sacred space" place and time to dream.

Love and Lightning! 


Sunday, July 5, 2015

Venus conjunct Jupiter

Summer of Love

"We attract to us what we are. What does this say about us."

The power that resonated through his veins, spoke to me. I felt the call of nature as it pounded through my
veins, his presence drawing nearer, every step he took toward this culmination point a force that vibrated
the memory of another time, another place, another life, another race.
I knew him, who and what he was, or had been, before I ever saw his face. I stood still in the back of the
place, as the walls pounded around me, I he got closer and closer to where I stood. He too,
had that expectant look upon his face as he looked into my eyes, we were mesmerized. 
The whole world around us disappeared  in the moment. Life times of memories converged, flooding
in between us. We were in unity as the world stood still, we did not speak with words. Could we have
understood or heard, each other if we had? Our directions changed in the moment of that connection, two
equals connecting and passing in the night, we acknowledged each other, yet physically we never merged,
instead silently slipping away into the darkness, ever sensed, never heard.
What would have happened if we could have touched each other, followed our instinctual nature, on
that attraction, what clinical people call a whim, to me it is destiny, and to him?
We will never know, the joy, the pain, the happiness, that we lost or gained, in that significant moment that
we made that choice, never even giving a voice to the magnetic attraction that boiled just below the
surface of the skin we were in, but logic did win that day, cautioned control, our base of operations so
perfectly orchestrated by a power beyond the mundane world's domain, was cancelled out.
I have no claim to the how or why's, of the reasoning or the lies, that we formulated on our very own
personal levels, all I know is that in the passing, our meeting of the souls, both destroyed and created
our lives in the now. This is destiny, and she smiles.
Sometimes we are not ready to embrace the dream, both fear and passion, are the energy, of the same
kind of theme.It is all in the expectations, what either will be, or even mean.
The physical is a confusing thing. Why do we fight the way that we feel? Why do we try to make some
sort of sense out of emotions? They are not logical, they are hormonal, interior mechanisms, beyond our
control, biological. We have been told that it is not right to trust these transmitters and receivers, because
they lie to us. Really? What should we trust then? Research, comparisons, inflection, spreadsheets, the
group mind?
We wonder why we are so unfulfilled. When is the last time that we did anything spontaneous just because
it was what the senses willed? We want to own, control, manipulate, impress, dominate. What is wrong 
with this scenario? Where is the love? What happened to trust? Why can't we just reach out and touch?
A hug says so much, more than words can ever express. Hold my hand, look into my eyes, pat my knee,
bring me a surprise, know me. Not what you think, or see, but how we feel together, physically. If you
want to know love, you must be open to believe, "I believe in miracles. Where you from? You sexy thing?"
Remember that song? How did we get so lost, so wound up in what we think? 
They have retreats now where it is therapy for a couple to go to a place in nature with a cabin where they
won't be disturbed, they take blind folds with them. At first they practice not talking, instead they feel.
Sitting with each other holding hands, running their finger tips over the texture of the skin, the hair, one
finger tip at a time tracing and memorizing, feeding each other energy. It is all sensory projection, and
it is intense. We have lost touch with what is really important to us. "Darkness defines the light, as the light
deepens the dark, one does not exist without the other, depth and substance, no longer a void unfulfilled, but
instead passionate movement, graceful yield." Whose permission do you need to be happy?