Thursday, December 7, 2017

Little Red Riding Hood: Full Moon Gemini

Little Red Riding Hood: Full Moon Gemini: I remember the Gypsy girl reading our cards and telling us that "Acceptance and Surrender" were the only things that she saw. We ...

Full Moon Gemini

I remember the Gypsy girl reading our cards and telling us that "Acceptance and Surrender" were the only things that she saw.
We both looked at each other, "Acceptance and Surrender?" We said in unison. "What does that mean?"
Then at a Sweat Lodge hosted by Brother White Bear, I asked for both, "Acceptance and Surrender". He was horrified, as he told me "Oh, no Sister, you do not know what you ask for. Nor how it will come. It is not an easy road. I know, I have done this."
Well, we had to ask, didn't we, and as always, "The Spirit does deliver."
The journey began that day. It has not been an easy one, sometimes, it has been excruciatingly painful. A real life roller coaster ride on all levels. Trying to hold on, always is, especially, when there is no real way to avoid change. I got exactly what I asked for.
I saw mirrored images the other day, left, right, front, back, the left ruled by the feminine, nurturing self, the right side, ruled by the masculine, aggressive self. Inside, outside. I had to think about all of the twists and turns, it was like a puzzle to me. Astrologically, and Metaphorically, of course. It is how I see things.
Air: ruler of Gemini,Libra, Aquarius. The thought. What you think you become. The breath.
Fire: ruler of Aries, Leo, Sagittarius. The act of creation. The Activator.
Water: The Intuitive feeling of Nature. What you feel, you.
Earth: The Physical Builder. Manifestation.

In combinations: A+W=Detached Feeling. A+E=Detached Builder. A+F=Detached Creator. And so forth. 
What do you think about? How do you think about it? Why are you building? What are you building?
What steps are left out? Planning, Building, creative, feeling, visionary?

What is the plan? Too much of a good thing is destructive. 
Example: Water and Earth create together with Air and Fire, making up the whole of the world in harmony, and beauty.
When it is all working out, the Sun shines and warms the Earth, and the Waters, the Air blows giving the breath of life, and cooling energies where needed, the Water flows lending its moisture, hydration, and promoting growth, bringing the cleansing rain.
When there is too much of any one of  these elements, there is chaos, which entails extreme conditions, bringing mandatory changes that must happen to either bring back and restore the balance, or eliminate the situation that is causing the trauma to the natural system.

Sometimes it is the inevitability of being the silent observer that is the only thing we are supposed to be experiencing.
The quiet listener. The witness to some obscure need to vent.
These require no input, no answer, no understanding shoulder to cry on. These simply need to be seen, heard, felt, acknowledged, by proximity alone.
Much like a confessional, without the need of being officially blessed, or the requirement of saying "Hail Mary's"  sets the person free, to simply be.
Cleansed of all turmoil, at last there is peace in the Soul, validation in the Spirit, a quieting of the Mind, relaxation of the physical Body. The vision clear, at last free flowing.
 Something so seemingly simple, shared, is forgiveness, in ones own mind, for the unbiased clarity, or the realization of "I am not alone" there is someone out there who "knows" me.
The importance of this connection is priceless.
"You are not alone. We are all One. What you have shared, I have heard. I accept you as you are. We are "ALL" connected. Believe It!


Friday, November 24, 2017

Little Red Riding Hood: Astrologically Yours

Little Red Riding Hood: Astrologically Yours: Aries:  Actions speak louder than non-participation. Make the effort, be surprised at how much you enjoy being "out there". Reme...

Astrologically Yours

Aries:  Actions speak louder than non-participation. Make the effort, be surprised at how much you enjoy being "out there". Remember to listen, as well as to express your own opinions. Try and keep a balance between the two. It is time that you started to practice what you preach, and teach, on a daily basis. Your services are not free.
Taurus: All work and no play, makes Jack, or Jill, dull companions, and friends. Take it easy on yourself. Pay attention to your health, get professional help when you need to. Do not think that things will " just go away" specifically, when they are insistent upon being aggravating, or painful.
Gemini: Love, passion, creation, work, service, health, business, partnerships. Wow! You've sure got a lot of juggling to do. Draining your resources, in all areas is not progress. Slow down. Take a moment to engage that fine mind, priorities first, right?
Cancer: Secure your home base, all else will follow. Family first. Smooth out the groundwork, and reprioritize your original momentum. Your creations are at their best when you get personally involved in their "care and feeding". Seriously transform, your field of vision, open up the most minute possibilities, allow these to speak to you on a personal level. Amazing isn't it?
Leo: You are not a disposable, instamatic, power tool, that operates all on its own computerized, Android. You are a human being, and you do need people to perform at you optimum capacity, efficiently, it is a group "thang". Breathing fire and taking names is a little bit harsh, when you play the age old "martyr" game. What "Is" the real reason for this? Who are you really angry with? Surprise!
Virgo: Anger about the past is holding you back from stepping gracefully into the future. It is what it is. You cannot change the past. You can decide to make better choices in the now. Catering to selfish, fragile, egos of family members who are a part of the old problems, is self defeating, kind of like trying to make a "silk purse out of a Sow's ears". Impossible.
Libra: Personal business, thoughts about past ventures, investments that didn't pay off, things that should of, would of, been, if only, makes you realize just how very important taking care of the details is. Sometimes, all it takes is being willing to pay attention and listen. Nothing is one sided. Ask questions if you need to. Get profession opinions. It is important that you gather all of the facts, before you make any sort of decision.
Scorpio: It is time that you got your finances in order, procrastination is over. Yes, it will be ruthless. Hire yourself a good attorney to help you through the process, and allow them to do their job, by handling the details. Being a Martyr does not become you. There are no victims here, only your choices.
Sagittarius: Memories of the past, friends already gone, do not allow yourself to follow this train of thought. Get out of the house, make some new friends, get involved in your neighborhood. "You don't always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you get what you need." Sometimes that means going hunting for it.
Capricorn: Friendship is very important to you, as is business, if there is some mix up or misunderstanding on either end, cut to the chase and ask specifically what is going on of whomever is obviously responsible for creating this situation, and you do know who it is. Gossip, is one of the ugliest, and most ruthless tools that there has ever been. Nip it in the bud, by shining the light of truth.
Aquarius: If there are legalities, or problems, within your business sector, seek counsel, so right to the top, if need be, don't mess around, get the goods on whatever is not Kosher, and take care of it, right away. Love rarely mixes well with business. Neither does trusting someone to have your best interests at heart, if you are not involved with it yourself. Scrutinize these two factors carefully.
Pisces: Taking actions to level the playing field on jointly held resources so that they are more balanced, maybe taking a trip together, that you both enjoy planning out, and orchestrating, can smooth out the rough edges, bringing you more together as a couple. Romance is in the air. Seize the moment. Balance can be restored.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Little Red Riding Hood: People of the Crack

Little Red Riding Hood: People of the Crack: Past the lines of civilization, to the murky waters of lost control...we find ourselves in situations where we do not understand our roles. ...

People of the Crack

Past the lines of civilization, to the murky waters of lost control...we find ourselves in situations where we do not understand our roles.
What are they? Where are they? Why are they? How are they? So important seemingly, to the status quo, they are little more than made up boundaries that keep us hostile, stranded without any kind of natural flow.
Loss of conscious obligations, rigid, moral, patrols, we look around and see the fabric of our lives take on the look of wasps nests, hives, and we, little more than moles.
Myself, I have watched this "shock factor" gaged the ether, and the fear, known without realizing, or even "knowing" just how threatening it can be to people who must maintain a certain fa├žade to exist, even if it is this extreme.
Why is this? I wonder. I have never had the luxury of choice. I have "lived" in complete and total chaos, without a thought of the should of, could of, would of been's, although, I have been told often that these options surrounded me, while I lived in a bubble of non-conformity.
Perfectly oblivious, I only did the next best thing logically for me, never knowing about the options I have not been disappointed in the outcome, or annoyed by what I have heard other's call a certain intangible impasse or void. Overtones of Freud? I wonder. Could he be the one that has done so much damage, seeking always to analyze, label, and control this very human elemental?
Acceptance and surrender have long been my most sustainable keys. I have known no other way to live, or how else to be. I now see it in the eyes of the people around me.
Lovely, normal, people, pillars of the community. No, really. They are.
Their reasons for being, their constant obsessions; folded towels, just so, laundry on certain days, the grocery list, always stocking the same items in triplicate. Never, ever, without clean underwear, always saying and doing the "right" things, whether they felt like it or not. Cooking, cleaning, grooming, feeding, crying, pleading, going that so called "extra mile" in someone else's shoes, (how so?) All the while worried to absolute sickness that all of their many well laid plans will somehow fail.
Their house of cards will fall apart, an interloper will intrude, someone not a part of the original "pride" "brood" or plan, one who does not "know" instinctively or practice all of the "known" official "golden rules" of polite society, proper mannerisms, responsibilities, and techniques.
It is an amazing thing to wake up one day and realize beyond a shadow of a doubt that one is surrounded and drowning slowly, the breath being squeezed out and you never even knew it. You were just trying to live. When did it become a prison, a jail, a maximum security of living, dying, hell?
How did this happen? You solemnly ask yourself. I do not know. I must have been given a shot, or slipped a mickey in my coffee. I could have sworn that I was just looking in the mirror and there I was. Now I ask myself; Who is this stranger that is standing in the space that used to be my reflection? The eyes look kind of like mine used to look only they are no longer alive, animated, there is no sparkle, no life there at all.
What happened to that person with the banana boat shoes, that great big, bright, grin, that welcomed everybody in to share the dreams with? Where did they go? Does anyone know? Because, I want her back again. She has my life's blood.

Friday, September 29, 2017

Little Red Riding Hood: Metaphor

Little Red Riding Hood: Metaphor: Alembic or Retort  "Glass vessels rounded at the bottom to rest in a metal rack, and with a long neck, sometimes curved, and corked....