Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Little Red Riding Hood: Astrology - Alchemy - Metaphysics

Little Red Riding Hood: Astrology - Alchemy - Metaphysics: Jung had a picture of the cosmos in one of his books that depicted outer space filled with floating and propelling big rocks, asteroids, sta...

Astrology - Alchemy - Metaphysics

Jung had a picture of the cosmos in one of his books that depicted outer space filled with floating and propelling big rocks, asteroids, star constellations, planets, and their planetary symbolic ruler-ship symbols, in the Zodiac; The Ram, Bull, Twins, Crab, Lion, Virgin, Scales, Scorpion, Centaur, Goat, Water Bearer, and the Fishes going in opposite directions. All were fighting with their solar opposites in the midst of all of this "Final Frontier" back ground.
Ram was kicking the Scales, instead of trying to balance them out, and find a middle ground of compromise and compassion, or learn something about charm. The Scales were totally unmoved by any of it, perfectly happy to ignore anything that did not concern them and their interests of the moment, instead of actually noticing that the lessons of taking action and doing something, instead of waiting for it to happen to them, was passing them by, (or kicking them out for failure to engage, which ever the case may or may not be)
Bull was busy fighting the Scorpion, much like Michael and the Bull, in that movie with John Travolta "Michael" with no thought at all except to destroy and prove to the whole world just how powerful and strong he is, while Scorpion was trying to find a way into the soft tissues in order to sting Bull where it would hurt the most, both oblivious to the "knowing" of their own personal powers to build, transform, create, and do it with love, and will, transforming any negative into a positive.
The Twins were trying to "break" the Centaur by playing games with him instead of honoring his wisdom to teach and heal, and the Centaur, was trying to throw the Twins off his back in total frustration, aggravation, and basic humiliation, instead of utilizing his fine mind in order to negotiate with them, and bring it all together for the good of all mankind.
Crab was busy doing her one step forward, one step sideways, one step back, kind of dance, while digging and planning the down-fall of Goat, while Goat stomped around butting, biting, chewing, and trashing, just about anything that moved, trying to destroy Crab before she could do it to Goat. Instead of the two of them acknowledging one's capacity to lead only if it's base was secure, and doing the PR work needed to insure success for both of them, neither being anything at all without their solar opposite.
The Lion was roaring, and pawing, having a fit, at the Water Bearer, in anger and frustration, wanting to be watered with wisdom, and treated as a friend, while physically demanding to be served as a King. The Water Bearer calmly pouring the water on the Lion's head, instead of acknowledging that in each of them was the keys to heal whole groups of people with their combined power to lead, entertain, educate, soothe, invent ways of making changes, and getting others interested and involved, that were so desperately needed to survive, and flourish on this planet and beyond.
The Virgin was tangled up, way over her head, in the watery abbess of the Fishes domain, trying to figurer out the details, while everything kept changing, in a kaleidoscope of hypnotic colors, so very confusing and luring, as the Fishes swam in opposite directions all around her, and in parallel  to each other, while leading the Virgin deeper into a wild goose chase, as the Virgin became more and more agitated with the feeling that she was all alone in a strange world, where no one spoke, or even thought, in her language, and the Fishes became depressed, with something that started out as a game, and then they both got lost in the illusionary factors, so much so, that they could not find their way out of the very tangle, that was self created, by both sides, this because of their refusal to communicate, be considerate with each other, try a little understanding, and share the wealth of knowledge, and resources they had between them, to heal and illuminate others, as well as each other, instead, in pride and confusion, they were making an Island in the sea, and of the land, by staying stagnant and limited, and it was going to be the death of them yet.
These of course are my take on the picture in Jung's book, and they are extreme, as they are meant to be. Only extreme explanation's can get people's whole attention sometimes, however, this is exactly the kind's of effects I have been seeing on a daily basis with the people around me. Mars is prominent, and it rules the adrenal glands, and in the psyche aggressive, instinctual natures, fire arms, knives, hand to hand combat, without thought, think "Rambo" in the body, it is iron. A deficiency of this vitamin in people who are predominantly "Arian" in nature can cause exactly these kinds of frustrated actions in people.
Saturn within the body rules the skeleton, bones, and any kind of disruption here can cause a catalyst of pain and aggravation as well as a whole lot of pain, sometimes you might check out exactly what you are surrounding yourself with, in your mouth for instance, metal can do all sorts of things to the nervous system that is literally wrapped around those bones, and this logically causes "short outs" resulting in things like Osteoarthritis in the system, and of course, along with this goes our patience.
Without the Sun in our lives we are not getting the nourishment we need for the heart and soul to survive, much less thrive, without this vitamin D in our system we can feel as if there is no love or creativity in the world, and exactly what is the point in doing anything at all. In other words we are what we think, feel, create, build, and believe we are. The work we are being called to do at this time, and within the range of these two Eclipses is to deal with the deficit's in our lives, not ignore them, or point our finger outwardly by blaming others, or a system on the choices we ourselves have made and supported up until now. The work or "Opus" as Jung so appropriately calls it, is the defensive, dark, depressive, barren regions, of the Nature within ourselves, in order to release that "Solar Gold" that is a joyful vision of life and love.
We are here to balance, to deal with things as they come, to transmute ourselves, and to learn, that not one of us is an Island. It is not in the best of times that we learn and grow the most, but in the worst of times, when we are forced to go just one step further, in order to make the grade. The choice is ours, and it always has been. Why we would ever point our fingers outwardly and blame anything, or anyone, on the state of our lives, and the responsibility of our choices, is a real eye opener, and a supremely personal acknowledgement of imminent defeat. Remember that when you point that finger out, there are three pointing back at you. Take care of your own business first and foremost. Leave what does not need doing alone. Conserve your energy when and where you can, you will need it sooner than late. Why waste it on conjecture, or violent oppositions?
Love and Light.
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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Little Red Riding Hood: Full Moon Eclipse August 2017

Little Red Riding Hood: Full Moon Eclipse August 2017: Its All About Cause and Effect  You are only able to get as much out of something as you are willing to put into it personally. This  ...

Full Moon Eclipse August 2017

Its All About Cause and Effect

 You are only able to get as much out of something as you are willing to put into it personally. This 

includes love, it is just as important to take into consideration with anything else, that you decide to 

put your time and effort into. How much expectation do you have riding on the energies you are 

putting out there? Effort=Returns/Energy/Exerted.

Everything is cause and effect, literally. Ask yourself; What is the cause? Name it. Why? Remember

words empower things with their meaning, which is in its essence pure pregnant energy. What are 

you going to do with this power? What does your choice of a goal mean to you?

In other words; What is it worth to you, in time, effort, and on every level; Mentally, Spiritually,

Actively, Emotionally, and Physically?

Remember that every one of these words are Flag-Ships, and they have a whole load of connected

meanings that go with them, that are, "Inclusive".

For example: Mental; You will have to go the distance in learning how to do something new in order

to reach your goal. Like take a computer programing course, or you may have to go back to school.

You might have to learn how to communicate in a different way in order to "sell" your idea, your 

product, "your self" and to get your point across, or the respect you need, and deserve.

Ask yourself this; Is it that important to me? If not, why waste your time pretending that it is? If you

are not serious enough about your choice to go the distance, that's o.k. just don't lie to yourself about 

it by pretending to commit to something and not getting the training you need to finish it. 

This is self defeating behavior. It usually winds up in the same puddle; crying in your beer, or coffee,

to some other loser, with the same mind set, who wanted it all, without the personal investment of 

the total self's time and effort.

If you want something be prepared to give it all you've got, or forget about it. There are billions of

people out there just like you living mediocre lives, and the sitcoms that go with their misery, for


If you do decide to take that jump, this sense of commitment brings in the Spiritual/Active self at

it's best of the best, moving into how you Feel about yourself with every hurdle you cross and 

succeed at Physically Manifesting, moving ever closer to the culmination point of building, and 

living the actual Dream. It is, "All About the Journey" What is your choice going to be?

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1. One question that is of the utmost importance, about (250 words) $25

2. Two questions that you desperately need answered about (500) words $50

3. Three to five questions, getting right down into it, about (1000 words) $100

I will need your birthdate/time; if you have it/and place to answer these.

I look forward to working with you.

Blessed Be.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Little Red Riding Hood: Inclusiveness

Little Red Riding Hood: Inclusiveness: I don't even like this word. Whew! After generations of fighting for our individual right to be Independent Entities, somebody or some t...


I don't even like this word. Whew! After generations of fighting for our individual right to be Independent Entities, somebody or some thing brings in this dirty "HUGE" over encompassing word. Inclusive.
Right back into the "peanut cluster" mentality we go, you betcha! Although, I actually have a better name for it, use your imagination here, ..it. It isn't nice and it isn't pretty. What rhymes with that?
Again, with the first thought that comes to mind.
Inclusive makes us dependent upon the masses, long term. We are not, nor were we ever meant to be that, not unless we wish to be owned, and manipulated by them, and not by ourselves.
We are not robots, and this terminology is full circle circuitry, that is meant to be just that, its very real goal, is slavery.
It is mind boggling. Shocking to me, that people actually see it as a necessity, scary even. Check out your history, maybe figure out why this should be.
Corruption? Oh, Yes. Lulled into a sense of what? Safety? Really? In what way?
I get really pissed off when I hear people blathering. Blathering meaning; Sheer constipation of the mind, and diarrhea of the mouth, with not one logical, independent inclination about it.
They tell me that they feel "safe" doing things by rote, or being "told" what to do, so that they don't have to make decisions of their own.
Their reasoning? If I can defile that word with their "canned" responses; They don't want to be responsible for making mistakes, therefore, if they do exactly, what they are told to do then they won't be. Programmed impotence? Maybe.
"It's not my fault!" This is the biggest cop out statement of this generation and beyond. It results in absolutely no accountability anywhere, anyhow, or by anyone.
The walls are crumbling, and we're being buried alive, in the rubble of this "Spirit" of helpless "victim" syndrome that is the disease of "Inclusiveness".
There are no victims, only choices.
Giving up your right to make a choice, is a choice.
So, who would be responsible for this negligence? Denial won't get it with me, ever. I will keep on asking questions until I get to the real source of this insanity, and that IS who and what we all are.
We are Individuals, NOT Inclusive.
Stand up and BE who you were meant to be, unapologetically, unconditionally, and spontaneously, free.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

July Cancer Sun Capricorn Full Moon

The goal of life is to Master the fear of it, and not "jump the tracks" out of the body, into the Astral too frequently, or waste precious energy bouncing around on our whim of the moment, producing "Grandioso Magickal Children" in the process, that are manifested physically in body misalignments, or dis-eases.
This is a very normal human defense mechanism to try and "save" ourselves from too much intuited pain. We somehow think that if we can just deny the reality of our discomfort, that it will  just go away. It doesn't. There is a buildup on all levels, and when the capacity for denial has been reached there is always a reckoning of some kind.
To stay in the body consciously focused and grounded in the moment and master these feeling and frequencies, is to find balance and maintain it through the use and containment, alternately, of the electro-magnetics that are what we are made up of, and is, in all reality our very real reason for being here on this planet. We are the Messengers.
To bring "ourselves" totally into centeredness with the physical body is the ultimate goal. It is our space ship, and it is equipped with all of the "tools" we will ever need, to do what we came here to do, and to be. If we can calm down long enough, to remember who we are, and to recognize ourselves.
What happens when we are totally whole, and completely aware? The vibrational body will begin to vibrate at a higher frequency, it will transmit, and receive, messages more clearly, it will be directly focused, and initiate active connections.
We will then move out of the outer composition, slowly detaching from our emotional karma, and giving up the unresolved trauma, for clarity and functionality, on this level.
We will move decisively forward at last. The frequency is receptive and directive, it is a voluntary mandate.
Ideally there is balance, on all levels. This is a learning process and it demands acknowledgement, clear judgement, and insight in order to be successful. We can be in and out at different times. Total awareness is crucial for the art of moving forward.
See yourself at the controls. You are. Things do not just happen. They evolve. There is a process.
Note; All experiences where you feel weak or abandoned. Being weak kneed, kind of empty, or dizzy, means that something has been broken down, and that you are on automatic reflex. It is a 911 red alert mechanism!
To live powerfully takes your full commitment and attention to all of the details, all of the time. If you try to move beyond this "red alert" message without understanding precisely what the reasoning is for it, or why it is happening to you, by totally accepting, that it is your responsibility to figure this out and "do" something about it, surrendering to your ability to flow into, and through this vibration, to the source of the trauma. It is after all, your life experience and questing, that has brought you to this point.
What do you need to know in order to move forward? Only you will know the answer, only you can make the choice to be here now.
Procrastination will get you a "Repeater Knee" series of events, like Bill Murray in "Ground Hog Day" These situations will return again and again and again, not always with the same people in your life, but most definitely, with the same resulting energies. You will not progress. You will regress. Better to deal with it, and digest it now, go for the gold, the timing does not get any better than this. Simply put, apply your phenomenal reasoning ability; O.K. apply it after you have taken a few deep breath's, done some Yoga mudra's, or whatever you need to do in order to calm down.
Then really "Look" at what you need to do or learn, in order to apply it to the situation at hand, then move forward with confidence.
Utilizing consciously directed and focused energies, and ultimately understanding that this "Is" what true power is all about.
You are the center of your Universe, and if you are not the pilot of this "Macoba" unit, exactly who is, and why should you expect anyone else to take the controls. (AKA) responsibility, for directing and living your life?
That is the most powerless copout, that anyone can ever buy into, or make. You are bound to crash and burn, sooner than later. Take up the challenge now. Live your life to the fullest and best that you are capable of being with no apologies or regrets.
Attachment is the greatest fabricator of illusion; Reality can be attained only by someone who is detached."
Love and Light sylviabogart@gmail.com