Sunday, December 6, 2015

Little Red Riding Hood: Own Your Saturn and Take Control of your Future

Little Red Riding Hood: Own Your Saturn and Take Control of your Future: When you decide to "own your own Saturn" you really are deciding to take responsibility for your own life. You become free for the...

Own Your Saturn and Take Control of your Future

When you decide to "own your own Saturn" you really are deciding to take responsibility for your own life. You become free for the very first time in your life. The opinions of the world view with all of its differences, control mechanisms, and judgements, no longer holds any power over you, finally without censor you can march, or dance, if you will, to the beat of your very own drummer, which is of course, your heart.
Death must come to the old way of thinking and being before the rebirth of the new through conscious decisions can take place. This is where it can get a little tricky. You must ask yourself some very serious questions about what "you" really want to have in your life, as well as whom. You must be very clear about these answers. Pay close attention to the details. You may be surprised by some of what you find, perhaps all of what you find may come as an epiphany. If it does, be happy about that, let go of what you don't need, in this I mean all of that superficial "fluff stuff" that is someone else's idea of who and what you are, and therefore has absolutely nothing to do with you.Their expectations are none of your business. It is a brutal clearing away, and you must be ruthless, after all it is your life that you are living, isn't it?
There must be a transformation in the way that you deal with intimate relationships, emphasis is on the metamorphose of your own personal inner most thoughts, actions, feelings, motivations, creations, and how they not only effect you and the world around you, but also, and this is probably the most important thing, how they are actually working with and for you in the physical world. You will find that there are some that it is just time to give up on, letting go allows you to move forward in ways that you cannot even imagine. A previously cherished structure or structures having to do with the way you relate to authority figures (or the Father/Mother image in general) may have to be challenged as to its authenticity, or its basic reasoning for being a part of the world that you live in now. Sometimes we carry things from the past that have outlived their time, letting them go brings an amazing surge of energy and power. This will give you the stability that you need in a new way to take charge of you own life with no regrets, and no looking back, closing the door firmly on things that are no longer working for you.
You will also be more in tune with the vibrational flow of others, their thought processes, (through the basic details that once were missed) will now become transparent to you. This should give you the gift of empathy. Please, do not allow yourself to buy into that ego trip of "savior/victim" it is a huge pit of quick sand that can and will drain you of all of your most valuable resources almost immediately. Yes, it can seem as if you are energized, momentary, think about it, you know this trip, recognize it for what it really is, a distraction, and move on, say thank you, but "NO", if you really must. It is better to just smile benignly and move on without losing a step in the action that you are trying to create. Compassion is a great gift it gives an "opening of the ways" which allows the good feelings to flow in.
This is a good time to plan for the future, and re-evaluate your life's goals, with full faith in their ultimate success because you now have the determination, and the energy to focus and follow through on your plans making your dreams a reality by balancing equally all of your resources toward your goals. Opportunity knocks and contacts need to be followed through on. Do not procrastinate, remember all of the stories with the basic "pray and get a shovel" theme. You must do the work in order to be successful.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

New Moon/ Partial Eclipse/Virgo

"The thorn trees have no grief or fear. The constellations don't fight or hold
themselves back, nor does the orbiting Moon in it's magnetized state, moving
around it's twin soul. the Earth, worry about the separating factor.
Everything is momentary, and endless, time, a man-made concept anyway,
fades away, and yet its memory lasts forever.
Dissolving mountains, made from the explosions that have made flat land
and craters, out of the evolving world, creating dust that over "time"
turns into sand, and then into rich loam, that causes the growth of forests, and
then magnificent plant life, all in its own sequence of nature.
Yet, we the so called "Care takers" of this "Turtle Island" create dramas to
avoid the changes that are meant to be, delaying the inevitability, of our own
as well as others processes within the natural world, that knows so much more
than we do. 
Would it not be so much easier to follow our own nature, with its ebb and flow,
and stop worrying about the direction a thought will go in, or an inclination. 
Who has the privilege of knowing what is possible or the burden of it all, for that
We never really "leave" anything behind, not really, it just finishes with us, and
then it seeps away so slowly that its movement is imperceptible. 
Going without pain or recognition of leaving us, or our abandoning it, simply
because it is neither, so much as it is all just simply done, as the karmic
link that may or may not be a part of its presence.
Our lives changed forever because of our very acceptance and surrender.
Perhaps, that is our greatest fear? 
That of vanishing, without ever having been recognized or acknowledged.
While we instead, become a merger, re-inventing who or what we are,
because of the experience, drawing from it, keeping what is needed for the
next part of the journey, while discarding the rest.
We do not disappear, we evolve, our lives turning in constant motion of
their orbital, tidal wave evolution, around the molten lava that is our true and
Natural Spirit, the one that animates this physical "spaceship" body that
carries it all, allowing us to function and interact within the realm of what is 
called reality.
We are the dream. 
You stand at the threshold of another great adventure, possibly the most
important segment of your life.
Soaring is an option. It will not just happen. You must act upon your own
"gut" feelings and intuitions. Not ruthlessly or egotistically, even when it
hurts to do so, or especially when we are asked to give all that we have to
"Freedom and unimaginable grace come in powerful ways, that demand
great acts of courage and unstoppable, insupportable faith.
Give it your best, and the tapestry that is woven from these ingredients
cannot help being your real life's work.
Love what you do with all of your heart and soul. Give it all that you've got,
giving your life over to it completely, becoming the essence of the dream
that you have only just imagined.
All you have to do is deliver.
There are things that we find only at the very depths of our lowest lows, these
things give us the courage to go on.
We owe it to ourselves and those who we come into contact with to learn
and know the why's and where fore's of what and why the reasoning is for our
being with them. 
The more questionable, brutal, unpredictable, the link is, the greater the lessons,
for it is through this very real abrasive quality that the greatest epiphanies of
our lives come to the light opening us up to the greatest void of darkness and
light that we will ever know.
We learn through direct contact with others, our nemesis' teach us the most,
for they are the mirror through which our darkest truths about ourselves
are revealed.
What are we hiding from? What is it that they are acting out, living out, in
blatantly, unappologetically, bold, living color, that we are not?
While we may not take that brazen venue, it is these 'in our face" kinds of
visuals that are our "saviors" if we are aware and open to it.
What are we holding back, holding in, in denial, about ourselves?
Look at the people around you that are your greatest frustrations, irritants,
aggravations, for the answers, for they are the "Lunar" side of ourselves,
speaking to us through the power of osmosis.
If we continue to be in denial about the power of these contacts to ultimately,
open us up, and change our worlds, we ignore the very real fact of our own
refusal to surrender to the "wild child" that is a necessary part of all of our
development, and in so doing we trap ourselves on "Groundhog" day with a 
series of "like" factors and experiences that try desperately to "wake us up"
forcing us to accept the changes necessary for our graduation to the next 
What we love or hate the most, speaks volumes about the needs that we have
that are not being met, that would propel us into the future, and show us the
lessons of our reason for being.
Consider at the same time the theory of "polar solar" opposites. These attract
or repel according to where we are in our evolution. 
Compelling forces in the areas of movement and action. Power pin points of
behaviors concerning our real life objectives.
An example is necessary here: We will take an Aries person, the ram for an
instance, Aries is ruled by Mars, the red planet, the planet of direct action.
Movement is their middle name, followed by passionate interaction. Aries does
not give very much thought to what anyone else is doing, much less feeling or
thinking, they act first, ask questions later, (if at all) on the other hand in
the opposite direction there is Libra, ruled by Venus, the planet of love,
Libra is also action oriented, but how is that action different from Aries?
Libra's action is one of sharing and compromise, equal amounts of thoughtful
partnership and interaction with others. 
What can these two learn from each other? What is the balance?
Sometimes brute force and affirmative action, without question is a necessity,
of course.
Sometimes compromise and thoughtful consideration, careful planning are the
plan of the day, of course, however, in our day to day living world, more and more
frequently, it is the merger of these two energies that are the most dominant
force and not the division of them.
This is true of every sign and its polar/solar opposite. These are the partnership
houses, and we are here to learn from them.
What color is your rainbow?
I can help you with that, when ever you are ready to learn how, let me know.
Love and Lightning!

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Little Red Riding Hood: The Nature of the TruthFull Moon in Pisces"You don...

Little Red Riding Hood: The Nature of the TruthFull Moon in Pisces"You don...: The Nature of the Truth Full Moon in Pisces "You don't have to be right all of the time, it's perfectly o.k. to be a littl...

The Nature of the Truth

Full Moon in Pisces

"You don't have to be right all of the time, it's perfectly o.k. to be a little off kilter, dreamy, and to follow your 

heart to where ever it may lead you, just because it feels good to do it. This is how we discover the dream,

how to create it, and then manifest it into physical reality. I like to think of it as a colossal collage, set up on a 

huge drawing board dream scape with all of the tools and art work fully at my disposal, any thing is possible.

Of course that is is exactly what it is, the thing that amazes me is the fear that most people have of having 

dreams, yes, there are really people out there who limit themselves, even in their dream time, a lot of them,

yes, really.  I wonder why that is? Did you know that if you can't dream it you can't have it? How does that

make you feel? Competitive, I hope. Believe me, when I say that better alternatives are always available to

you that will allow all kinds of long term rewards that are most satisfying, short term, long term, momentary,

you are in control of how, when, what, where, and why. Is that what the problem is, are you afraid of being

in control of your own world or destination? Mind my asking exactly why that is, as well as when that type

of mind set came into being? Get rid of it, now. It is time to believe in you, because realistically, you are all

that you have unlimited access to, and that is way more than enough, you are limitless. There is a little catch

though, I can hear you now, saying; "Here we go, what's the catch? I knew this was coming!" You have to

believe that you are limitless in order to be limitless. You are the only one who can open those doors that

you have closed off, submerged, or petitioned for. Instant gratification; "We want what we want when we

want it!" Art, creativity, social functions, dancing, any of these are perfect vehicles to open up those doors

and windows of the Soul, as they all fulfill the senses, heighten the energy awareness factor, taking the 

thought and feeling nature to the next level of Spirit, which is action manifested in the physical world.

Playing hard, physically working the body, coordinating it with the mind-spirit-feeling nature, alleviates 

impatience, frustration, anger, the kind that causes 3-6 year old's to stamp their little feet or throw temper

tantrums, pouting, and sometimes fighting physically, or breaking things when they don't get their way. This

is self-evident in the now of today in the very adult world. "At any given moment we can all play the fool or

the genius." If we revert to madness in the moment instead of being the director, and producer of our own

life's focus and direction, we stop the flow of energy by this kind of reaction, we can divert it by being gentle 

with ourselves, and remembering that we all make mistakes, this is how we learn, grow, and ultimately come

to know who we are through our interaction with both ourselves and others, responsibly and intimately. This

does not "just happen" it has to be orchestrated, planned, and acted upon consciously moment by moment,

until it becomes as familiar to us as getting up in the morning and brushing our teeth or combing our hair. We

must get over the fear of the almost overwhelming desire to be perfect, (where does that  thought come from 

anyway?)  and acknowledge the fact that this particular situation does not actually exist. We can then relax 

into the moment, learning from what we once considered to be our ultimate humiliations or failings by 

turning them into strongly well built success stories. It all starts in the mind. The thoughts we have are always

the doorways into the future, without them or the dreams that we have because we allow them to run wild

at times, how on earth or otherwise, would we know where, what, when, or why, we were doing, going, or

wanting anything? It is always easier if we enter the center with an open mind, the possibilities are endless,

if we are ready and willing to act upon our gut feelings, instinctual nature, instead of trying to control them or

beat them into submission, because of obscure so called rationale that has absolutely no kind of value to us

long term or short term other than as basic control and manipulation tactics. Remember the dog in the cage?

Another good one by Alan Cohen is this story: A man comes home from work tired, all he wants to do is

sit in his chair, take his shoes off, and read the paper, when he comes in the door his five year old son meets

him at the door, smiling and excited to see his Daddy at home, the child asks; "Daddy, will you play with 

me?" The man is disheartened because he loves his son and does not want to disappoint him, hanging his

head he spies a picture of the world in the paper and has a brainstorm. Picking up the paper he tears out

the picture and tears it into pieces like a puzzle, he hands them to his son, smiling and making a game out

of it he tells him; "Take this in your room son, and put all the pieces back together again, come see me when

you're done." Enthusiastically the child takes the puzzle and goes to his room, the father settles down to read

his paper fully satisfied that he has served both of them well. In a short time the child comes back with the

page all in tact and glued together. The man is surprised by this and asks the child how he did it, to which 

the child responds, "Well, at first I just couldn't do it, it was too confusing, but then one of the papers fell

down and I saw a hand on the other side, so I turned all the papers over and saw a foot and then a head,

so I put those together and it made up a man."  The moral of this story is this, if you concentrate on the

person and not the whole world miracles happen. Remove the toxins, don't take yourself or others too

seriously, refuse to buy into the drama, keep it light, thereby allowing no misunderstandings to gather moss

so that they grow into anger or resentment. Stay focused on your dreams and aspirations, it is not necessary

to open your whole world up to anyone or anything that is not a part of your very intimate private world, 

keep it that way. You will be glad you did, dirty laundry belongs in the washing machine, not on the table.

Consider your priorities and make a plan to focus on them and not the outer world in general, realistically

beyond calm reason, "they" have very little to do with you. If you must/needs get involved do this only after

you have all of your own affairs in strict order, and then only if you feel like it. Do not allow yourself to be

guilt tripped or coerced, remember, those who try to do this, need you much more than you need them, ask

yourself why this is true, and exactly why that is. Consider the options, as well as the alternatives from a

detached, logical perspective, follow the pathway of the dream. Don't allow yourself to get distracted from

your own purpose, by establishing your priorities in your own mind, you are free to concentrate your mind,

and your energies on your creations in a timely fashion without feeling the pressure or burden of someone

else's demands or assumptions. "Be gentle with yourself, you are a child of the universe, no less than the 

birds and the trees, you have the right to be here" compromise or make adjustments only when you feel the

need to do so. Know yourself, then everything else will fall into place. You are the missing piece of the 

puzzle, there in is the established framework of your life, you can add accessories at will. Blueprints were

only designed as a guideline, they are not engraved in stone, it is you who must adjust them or deny their

validity or even toss them aside and get new ones, never, ever settle for less than the very best for you, find

that perfect fit that is unique and especially custom made for the now of you. Life is after all a creative work

in progress, the colors and characters constantly changing to compliment the "Spirit of the now" that is

what animation is all about, you should love it or leave it alone. Blessed Be.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Little Red Riding Hood: New Moon in Leo"It is not important what you do. I...

Little Red Riding Hood: New Moon in Leo"It is not important what you do. I...: New Moon in Leo "It is not important what you do. It is, however, very important that you do it." Robert Pattinson, the act...

New Moon in Leo

"It is not important what you do. It is, however, very important that you do it."

Robert Pattinson, the actor is always in some of the most amazing movies that I have ever had the pleasure of seeing, all of them are deep, seductive, magnetically compelling, powerfully played, and they carry huge, unexpected, straight to the heart messages.
Those eyes, that shy, sly, smile, combined with these roles, are so very thought provoking in their essence, so accurately right on target in their subtle presentations, that they literally leave one breathless. The mind goes into overdrive in its meditative state, as the personal files of information are opened within by these seemingly innocent observations, the pieces fall together gently and precisely, the mind curls up like a feline that has had their fill of good cream, and the spirit sighs with gratitude, peace is restored to the soul, and for the moment all is clear in the world.
When I want to show someone something without having to go into a lot of explanation or detail, I recommend or hand them a movie, (thanks to Shamanarts for that insight years ago) "A picture is worth a thousand words." Please watch the movie "Remember Me" it is well worth watching all the way to the end. It is a "weaving tale" the ending like all great stories is the realization of the message within the spell. I promise it will leave you spellbound and amazed. It is about all of us in the now of today in some aspect. It shows us how and why it is  important that we do what we need to do, as every little piece of the puzzle does matter. 
If you feel that you need to break free of some situation, and yet you are afraid of the change, and what it will do to your world or those around you, it is even more important that you pay attention to the details of the situation that is around you. Compromise is difficult, surrender almost impossible to do. There may seem to be no way out, quite possibly this is true, so what can you do? First and foremost you must understand and remember the fact that you are not alone in this. If you feel that you are playing the part of a martyr you are seeing yourself in a victims role. There are no victims, really, only choices. You can decide to be a victim if you wish to, that is a choice. It is not your only option. Dark Venus has come into view, and this is but the ending of a season, and the beginning of another one. There must be depth for the light to shine in its purity. There must be dormancy for the plant to grow and flower in the spring. It is not an ending that you feel, it is simply a lesson or a challenge, if you decide to see it that way, or must/need to. It may seem as if there are
problems and adversaries with both open and hidden agendas, very real confrontations, intimate one to ones, inescapable problems that must be handled. You must accept the fact that these things are coming to a head because of too many compromises on the part of all concerned, these very real, buried complaints, and grievances seek to be aired because they are weakening the effectiveness of the entire entity on all levels of development in your life, personal, as well as professional, in that the "team" is not working together toward common goals or aspirations. There is a division here that must be repaired or let go of, as it is not growing or being supported in any way. There seems to be a "closed door" or "mind set" that is not open to new initiations, ideas, or adjustments, thus productivity is grinding to a crashing halt. Change is a necessity, not an option. Your energies can and will be used more effectively working within a partnership or group. You are not an island. You must admit this to yourself. If you cannot allow the people who are around you now to come into your life and be a part of it, then you must accept the fact that they are a part of the problem. This must be resolved, accepted, and ultimately acted upon. Like a surgeon, you must take a cold, clear, look at the situation, in order to "see" the truth, and then "fix" it. What you feel, think, and do, are completely different from where, what, and how you imagined yourself to be, however, your thoughts are clear, your heart is full, and your actions can be productive, if you are willing to share your ideas, and aspirations with others, this can be amazingly gratifying if you will allow it to happen, and get over the fear. Dream of to the flow...share the burden...hold out your hand. What have you got to lose...really? Life is to be lived. Are you living it, or is it an existence that you have chosen for yourself? What are you holding onto that is in reality, holding you back, and keeping you a prisoner to the past? What brings you pleasure? Are you indulging it? Are you closing the door and bolting it to new experiences and horizons? Where is the strain or pull off of your energies in your life? Trace the path and nip it in the bud, move on! Don't look back.
"All impulses of thought have a tendency to clothe themselves in their physical equivalent." -Napoleon Hill-
"Nothing stands between us and our desires except the lack of a definite purpose." What is you purpose? Find it and the pieces all fall into place. You will feel it, and there will be a smile upon your face. Follow that dream to where it takes you. Never, ever, let it go, all else that is important will follow. I promise you.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Little Red Riding Hood: The Giver of Form MoonAries: To be really alive is...

Little Red Riding Hood: The Giver of Form MoonAries: To be really alive is...: The Giver of Form Moon Aries: To be really alive is to be burning up inside with passion and the desire to create, so much so that it is ...

The Giver of Form Moon

Aries: To be really alive is to be burning up inside with passion and the desire to create, so much so that it is impossible not to have the need to share what you are excited about with the whole world. When you are in this place you are living your purpose, the fruit of that abundance is ripe, and ready for the ultimate harvest. This is a time of being extremely intent upon your goals and aspirations, productivity is high. You are alive with the prospect of the "Ideal" and your brain children are the gold that the alchemists speak of as being pure, this energy fuels your creations with power, making them priceless, as well as timeless. You must not scatter these energies, instead maintain your focus by making well thought out choices. Commit to these constructive plans, consider their purposes, eliminate all obsessive thoughts that do not have anything to do with your project at hand, so that the energy is well directed toward its goal, and not boiled away drying up in the subconscious without the proper outlet it needs to be successfully released.

Taurus: The energies of the planets come from a grander scheme of things within us as their co-pilot and guide, not outside of us, although, sometimes we do project our reasoning feelings outside of ourselves, as we take on the offensive, defensive, or obsessive compulsiveness of others, instead of being the progressive, productive, individualistic power houses that we are supposed to be, we make our selves out to be small and weak. You are responsible for your own choices, make no mistake about this. If you are a victim, it is because you have chosen to be one, whatever the reasoning for the lesson, it is one. Yes, there are a lot of poor lost souls out there who could really use your help, however, the real trick is knowing who is willing to take responsibility for themselves enough to do the work, and with your helping hand, guidance or support in the moment, to help themselves to become strong once again, as opposed to expecting you to "save" them. Transformation only occurs when one is willing to be an active participant in your own life.

Gemini: Power becomes rancid if it is left (or hidden) in a drawer (or under a bushel) instead of being utilized and shared (or marketed) with others in mind. There are many opportunities available for you to do this now, in fact this may be one of the biggest problems you have, too much of a good thing made available too fast, and going in too many different directions cause not only chaos of the mind, but also massive indecision over all. This can sometimes be so overwhelming that one stands still, doing nothing and going nowhere. That is where you are now. No matter what you may thing about the situation at hand, it is imperative that you understand that it is a real gift. All of those many questions that you have been asking (and they are legions) are being answered, just like you asked them. It is important that you get clear, and by all means write this all down. You must accept the truth when it comes to you, once you "know" beyond a shadow of a doubt, you must act upon these answers doing exactly what is best for you. If you go into denial you will be going on another dramatic voyage to nowhere, if that is where you want to stay, good luck on that instant replay. The choice is yours, have it your way.

Cancer: Yes, it is personal, and there is a very full house around you. Dark Mother to light Mother, must become a friend, transform a partnership area or it must end, put the proper pieces back together again, or worst case scenario, throw them out and move on. Don't look back, even if it is all a mental thing, reinforce the walls that you are building to protect yourself. Do it with love and do not allow obsessive "stinking thinking" to enter into the equation, make a commitment to love yourself, a foundation is built from values, commitment, deliberation, good materials, and solid work ethics. It does not "just happen" ever! Make a better choice and allow yourself to enjoy the ride, smile with the perks that this "attitude of gratitude" brings you, as well as those around you. Teaching (helping) comes through osmosis, you cannot live someones life for them, that is their job, and their choice. You are not meant to be a martyr, no one is really, instead allow the gentle waves to take you  to a place you've never really been before, the dream can become the reality, if you allow it to flow. Let go of your fears, they are choking you to death, breathe.

Leo: "We cannot avoid using power. So let us love powerfully." -Martin Buber- This is an inside job. You will not find it outside of yourself. You must love you first. The energy that you have now can feel like the proverbial "alchemists heat" if you do not channel it properly, internalizing it instead, it can eat you up, literally causing pain, frustration, and bitterness. This happens when you refuse to recognize the necessity for change. You must let go of the past, and create a new future
upon its ashes, you are not a victim, you are a volunteer. You must accept this, taking full responsibility for not only your choices, but the reasoning behind your making them. What are you building, and for whom are you building it? What is the foundation laid upon? If you find joy and fulfilment in what you are doing, that is one thing, if you truly love what you are doing, that is another, but if you are doing what you are doing in the Spirit of "I'll show them a thing or two" power play kind of thing, your projects foundations are all built on sand, and the monument to nothing and no one is destined to fall in. Why not take a "reality inventory' here and decide exactly where, what, and how, you really want your life to be, personally moving in that direction.

 Virgo: "One thing I know: The only ones among you who will be really happy are those who will have sought and found how to serve." -Albert Schweizer- The opposite of this is the traditional "Gray Lizard" type, these are the ones who never experience their own freedom of attitude or action because of their obsessions, consciously always focused outside of themselves, and only through this experience of projection onto others do they feel fully energized, in contact with themselves, and alive. They are in denial of themselves as the center of their own worlds and without this center there is no creation, no release, no truth, and there is a complete dependency upon others as a reason for being or doing. This enables them to not take full responsibilty for their own life or their decisions. This is not life. It is an existence. There comes a time when it is impossible to "pretend" to be alive by living vicariously through others, this usually becomes apparent through some kind of implosion, ephiphany, or violent opposition by someone who you really care for to your controlling or manipulating their life. It can be a rude, although, imperative awakening. They do this not because they seek to hurt you, but so that you will wake up, and also so that they can live their own lives, as they are forcing you to live your own.

Libra: Should I stay or should I go? So many opportunities, alternatives, directions, choices, enough to boggle the mind, churn the senses, shake up your world. Oh, yes, you are in your element, so why aren't you enjoying the sensation? Because you are listening to way too many differnt drummers (opinions) pipers (so called leaders) and not paying attention to your own music of the Soul. You are obsessed about how to maintain a lifestyle that is no longer a happy place for you to be in, and you are refusing to let go of the past, although, it has definitely let go of you, to the point that all that is left of it are the dreams you once had, and a handful of memories. In order for you to shake off the clouds (dregs) so that you can "see" that your future is literally beating down your door, pleading and shouting, trying to get your attention and make you "wake up" to the possibilites that are now available to you, which will set you free, you must be willing to let go and allow yourself to surrender to the flow of change. Instability, oh, yeah, exciting, uhuh, are you ready for the future? If not you could die here, if not literally, then figuratively. Is that really what you want to do with your time? What's in it for you?

Scorpio: It is time to make a full commitment to something that you love to do and get on with the journey. Stop procrastinating! What exactly is it that you are so afraid of that you have put yourself in chains and hidden in your chosen "dungeon" from the light of the world for so very long? The work is waiting for you and it is not going anywhere. Why? Because nobody else can do it. That file has your name on it in "blood" if you will, and darling, it is your blood that signed up for this stint on this earth plane, so please, for your own sake, (and sanity) get on with it. Yes, even if you have to come out of the "closet" whether it is "broom" or otherwise, just do it! You will be amazed at what happen next. Dreams can and will become a reality when you make that decision to be "real" back it up with sincerity, will, creatively expressing your work, you will gain the freedom that you have always wanted, broadening and stretching your horizons unconditionally. You are the Captain, navigator, the journey "IS" the destination, so stop making plans, searching for that "perfect time" that time is now, so jump right in, the water is FINE!

Saggitarius: Time to take a leap of faith, let go of your tenacious hold on the so called "Status Quo" it is over rated, plus the fact that it has never worked for you before, and as you already know, it is all an illusion anyway. You can and will create your own as you go along, but not if you do not have the courage to let go. Your words have the power to change the lives of those around you, this can transform their worlds and through osmosis "The World" but only if they are heard. Sometimes it is hard to "see" the forest for the trees, but this is only when you allow yourself to ground in the Earth, feel the inspiration of the breeze as it whispers to you all of the answers that you will ever really need. First you must forgive yourself, for you cannot move forward until you do. You cannot find redemption in anyone elses eyes. The forgiveness you are seeking has already been supplied for you and you alone to live a better life. Follow your dream. What are you waiting for? Here's your sign.

Capricorn: Total power corrupts completely, ever heard that one? The explanation is this; A team of horses struggling to move forward, desperately pulling on their reins, muscles bulging, eyes wide with fear, nostrils flaring, mouths bleeding, as the Tidal wave behind the chariot approaches wrecking havoc behind them. The chariot driver (controller) is a big and powerfully built being,very determined, and stubbornly holding back the horses by pulling on the reins, refusing to allow them to move forward. What can the outcome be? An unstoppable force hits an immovable object. Some Miracle? Well, of course this could happen, but realistically, what are the odds? This entire stance "IS" self destructive, calculated, total denial of reality. Contained power destroys not only the one who tries to contain it, but in every instance everything around it. Power is supposed to be utilized, shared, and turned into something that serves a focused and directed purpose, like electricity from dams. My question to you is this. What are you so angry about that you are being stubborn and not allowing yourself to make wise choices, cutting off your nose to spite your face kind of thing?

Aquarius: Well, now that you have done all that research, calculated all the risks, put out feelers here, there, everywhere, planned your strategy, made your first few moves, blown all those far flung dreams (smoke) out of your eyes, dusted away the cobwebs in your mind, and followed your own kind of drummer for awhile, (alone). What is the outcome of it all, the final concensus? What will you commit to? Which will you expand upon? Or, is your mind still racing at break neck speed, bouncing off all those self confining walls, and dissatisfied with it all, not quite what you expected?
Why not just relaz and allow everything to evolve at its own pace, (a watched pot never boils) and all that jazz? Let go of the past, really, as "they" say, there is no future in it, and unless I miss the mark, ( which I do not for a moment believe that I do) you are all but consumed with the boredom and the pretense of it all anyway. Look in the mirror, grab your real self with both hands, (if you can recognize, and accept the reality of that self) be honest with you for a change, (no one is watching, I promise) What do you really see? I thought so. The sky is the limit, go for it, we do have the technology. Be the you, that you really want to be. Where are you now?

Pisces: Confused, dreamy, misdirected, romantic fantasy, busy dreamer, compelled, expanding, deranged, demanding. These are just a few of your daily dose of "normal" don't worry about it. I know, I know! You don't have time to do that, plus the fact that you have some really super, duper, "helpers" who  take care of all of those "little details" now don't you? Well, if you don't, you should have, especially, if you are really getting serious about doing certain "things" and "people" which of course you think that you are. Remember this; You are an "Idea" person, and if you really want/need to be at your best in the here, and now, you need an assistant, an accountant, a manager, but most of all (and above and beyond all) you need someone to be your "buffer" (you know, like the bouncers that they have at clubs to keep the peace and mellow situations out) one that has power, and grace, a surface veneer that can at the same time say "hands off" creating freezing boundaries without making physical contact. You are fragile, and in this state, there is great power to create, for this you need to have your own "sacred space" place and time to dream.

Love and Lightning! 


Sunday, July 5, 2015

Venus conjunct Jupiter

Summer of Love

"We attract to us what we are. What does this say about us."

The power that resonated through his veins, spoke to me. I felt the call of nature as it pounded through my
veins, his presence drawing nearer, every step he took toward this culmination point a force that vibrated
the memory of another time, another place, another life, another race.
I knew him, who and what he was, or had been, before I ever saw his face. I stood still in the back of the
place, as the walls pounded around me, I he got closer and closer to where I stood. He too,
had that expectant look upon his face as he looked into my eyes, we were mesmerized. 
The whole world around us disappeared  in the moment. Life times of memories converged, flooding
in between us. We were in unity as the world stood still, we did not speak with words. Could we have
understood or heard, each other if we had? Our directions changed in the moment of that connection, two
equals connecting and passing in the night, we acknowledged each other, yet physically we never merged,
instead silently slipping away into the darkness, ever sensed, never heard.
What would have happened if we could have touched each other, followed our instinctual nature, on
that attraction, what clinical people call a whim, to me it is destiny, and to him?
We will never know, the joy, the pain, the happiness, that we lost or gained, in that significant moment that
we made that choice, never even giving a voice to the magnetic attraction that boiled just below the
surface of the skin we were in, but logic did win that day, cautioned control, our base of operations so
perfectly orchestrated by a power beyond the mundane world's domain, was cancelled out.
I have no claim to the how or why's, of the reasoning or the lies, that we formulated on our very own
personal levels, all I know is that in the passing, our meeting of the souls, both destroyed and created
our lives in the now. This is destiny, and she smiles.
Sometimes we are not ready to embrace the dream, both fear and passion, are the energy, of the same
kind of theme.It is all in the expectations, what either will be, or even mean.
The physical is a confusing thing. Why do we fight the way that we feel? Why do we try to make some
sort of sense out of emotions? They are not logical, they are hormonal, interior mechanisms, beyond our
control, biological. We have been told that it is not right to trust these transmitters and receivers, because
they lie to us. Really? What should we trust then? Research, comparisons, inflection, spreadsheets, the
group mind?
We wonder why we are so unfulfilled. When is the last time that we did anything spontaneous just because
it was what the senses willed? We want to own, control, manipulate, impress, dominate. What is wrong 
with this scenario? Where is the love? What happened to trust? Why can't we just reach out and touch?
A hug says so much, more than words can ever express. Hold my hand, look into my eyes, pat my knee,
bring me a surprise, know me. Not what you think, or see, but how we feel together, physically. If you
want to know love, you must be open to believe, "I believe in miracles. Where you from? You sexy thing?"
Remember that song? How did we get so lost, so wound up in what we think? 
They have retreats now where it is therapy for a couple to go to a place in nature with a cabin where they
won't be disturbed, they take blind folds with them. At first they practice not talking, instead they feel.
Sitting with each other holding hands, running their finger tips over the texture of the skin, the hair, one
finger tip at a time tracing and memorizing, feeding each other energy. It is all sensory projection, and
it is intense. We have lost touch with what is really important to us. "Darkness defines the light, as the light
deepens the dark, one does not exist without the other, depth and substance, no longer a void unfulfilled, but
instead passionate movement, graceful yield." Whose permission do you need to be happy?

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Little Red Riding Hood: Cancer/ Moon Child/ DreamerWhich came first, the ...

Little Red Riding Hood: Cancer/ Moon Child/ Dreamer
Which came first, the ...
: Cancer/ Moon Child/ Dreamer Which came first, the pictures or the words? The pictures always have, of course, they are what our imaginati...

Cancer/ Moon Child/ Dreamer

Which came first, the pictures or the words? The pictures always have, of course, they are what our imaginations expand upon, dream about, build upon, and cherish. When we are so full of the promise of what our senses have experienced, we must, needs, share the visions. Sometimes because it is a blessing, that we feel so strongly about, that we think we will ultimately burst without letting the whole world know about it, sometimes it is a curse that we must blow out in order to keep from destroying ourselves with its dark and ominous sensations of fear and panic. These feelings can only be expressed in words, for the mind is our release valve which funnels through the power of verbal enunciation. The effects are as powerful as the senses of the heart, and they carry further than the beat of this rhythmic natural drum beat, as they are expressed in a language that vibrates in such a way that all can comprehend. The words are not instinctual, they are thoughtful, and they carry judgement, experience, responsibility, and the knowledge of the person who is expressing them.
Every day as I dress to go out into the world, I anoint myself with oil, and as I say my prayers, I remember what my Mother told me when I was a child, and I repeat these words aloud as I draw out the symbols for Mercury, the Messenger of the Gods, and the ruler of both Gemini and Virgo, the Moon, and the Sun, and
these of course the carrier of the words; "Careful of your words, make them nice and sweet, for some day your words, you may have to eat." Powerful in it's base simplicity. I try my best to not only keep it's meaning in my memory, but to also practice it by always being aware of what I say at all times, and to whom.
I feel that words are the most important things in the world, and that their effect upon our surroundings cannot be expressed or impressed upon too much. We really are what we eat, on all levels, mentally, spiritually, emotionally, physically, and infinitely. 
Our thoughts are based upon what we see, feel, know, and experience to be true to us personally, and our
mental processes with their many corridors of the mind's libraries, filled with literally billions of filed away memories, are our blueprints upon which we build our lives. 
The things that nurture us, the things that we do, believe, create, and feel, are the basis of our mental processes, and this is where art or pictures become prominent in the world. Music is filtered into this as well as the effects of the cords and notes. Sound is as much, if not more, than a word can ever be, combined with the words in harmony, the feelings and, or, emotions expressed, become the world in which we personally, physically live, while building a life. We have the option of filtering what we allow into our personal space. This place is sacred. It boggles the mind how much effort and time, we put into charging and recreating our mental-emotional, spiritual-physical bodies, and how little attention is paid to the surreal effect that our environment in it's totality has upon our overall beings. 
Vibrations are around us at all times, and some of them cannot be censored, this is a given. We live where we are, coming to an understanding of the compromises we must make in these instances, however, we do have choices, unfortunately, for the most part our steady diet as a conglomeration is "junk food" for thought and vibration.
Remember the commercial that said, "Is it real or is it Lennorex?" Sound shattered the glass. We are no different. What is your personal level of "noise" pollution, and what can you do to change it? It does matter, a lot, what you allow into your personal space, the obvious is a no brainer. "You are what you eat."

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Little Red Riding Hood: Gemini into Cancer New Moon"No matter where you go...

Little Red Riding Hood: Gemini into Cancer New Moon"No matter where you go...: Gemini into Cancer New Moon "No matter where you go, there you are." I know that statement has been said a gazillion times in j...

Gemini into Cancer New Moon

"No matter where you go, there you are." I know that statement has been said a gazillion times in just as many different ways, I believe, however, that it is very appropriate for the reality of the now of this time frame. I once did a self portrait of me looking in a mirror, while the me of the future ran before me, looking backward through time at the me in the mirror of that present time. It was an amazing metaphor for me to swallow, yet it was and is, so appropriate as to what I see, in the now of today. We are constantly looking backward for answers as to why we are doing something, always trying to understand through our past  experiences. I find this ironic. I wonder how it is that we have come to think that the person of yesterday could be anything at all like the person that we are today. We have learned lessons along the way that
the person of yesterday could only imagine. Our decisions then, were based on what we knew then, and  not on who and what we are and know in the now. Where has this circular motion of decision making come 
from? The group mind is easily directed toward one objective, which is usually utilized to control.
"The past is a cancelled check, the future is a promissory note, and the present is cash in hand." Which means that we can use it in any way that we see fit.We do not need permission to love our lives. Perception is reality. What is yours trying to tell you? Challenges are wake up calls to "do" something. If you find a situation uncomfortable, slow down, take a moment, and really ask yourself, why you find this particular thing, person, place, or objective offensive. What is it stirring in you? Why are you not at home in the moment that you are living? What exactly do you need to change or do to fix it? How much do you have to give up to please others, and how much do you expect them to give up to please you? What is your comfort zone? What disturbs it and why do you ignore it if it does? Your personal space is the most important place there is, and the things that surround you should be a very real reflection of who and what you are and not what is expected of you. The reasoning for this is that this is where you go to recharge your batteries and retreat from the tensions of the world. It should not be a place where you have an open door policy to the things you need to do, take care of, finish, or any obligations that are not volunteered by you, but expected of you, either. Your home is where your heart should be given full reign, and that place should be sacred to you, and anyone that you allow into it as well. If it is not cherished, it will not be supportive of your needs, instead it will house your fears, and you won't be able to hear your heart. Respect and connect, protect and reflect, your focus becomes your reality. In order to be clear on your objectives you must honor your self, and your place.Get rid of anything that does not fit this criteria, forgive yourself, and move on.
"As a man was driving around a dangerous hairpin mountain curve, a woman in a little red sports car tore around the bend from the opposite direction, cutting him off and forcing him to veer off the road. To add 
insult to injury, as she sped by, she yelled, "Pig!" Furious, the man shook his fist at her and shouted, "Sow!"
He kept going around the curve, where he ran into a pig sitting in the middle of his side of the road." -Alan Cohen-
There are those who follow, and there are those who lead, almost always through osmosis, like Johnny
Appleseed. These few scatter their gifts across the land, blown by the idea, from a free and giving hand.
They are always moving, never reaping what they sow, although, almost always, there is a bumper crop
harvest, from what they do, say, or know.
Their burdens are heavy and the water continually flows, they don't think about it, they're just doing what
they know.
Enjoy the moment and the fruit along the way, don't bank on tomorrow, or fall for today. Believe in the promises, and utilize the cash on hand, always be mellow when ever you decide to take a stand. Remember always, and in all ways, that we have been gifted as a classroom, this wonderful playground, that we call the promised land. We are here for a few reasons; To grow and enjoy the moment, to  love with total abandon, to trust in the truth that knows instinctively to be real, and to have faith beyond reason, that we can trust the way we feel.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Little Red Riding Hood: Sagittarius Full Moon-Gemini New Moon Synopsis

Little Red Riding Hood: Sagittarius Full Moon-Gemini New Moon Synopsis: I catch a glimpse of a reflection, it startles me. Who is this stranger that stands before me? She stares back at me, balefully, unafraid, a...

Sagittarius Full Moon-Gemini New Moon Synopsis

I catch a glimpse of a reflection, it startles me. Who is this stranger that stands before me? She stares back at me, balefully, unafraid, accepting of the inevitability, that I would one day, "see." I examine her while she patiently waits, silently as if there is no where else that she would rather be. She does not try to make small talk or apology, for her presence in the mirror, a reflection, I once recognized as me. She smiles simply at me, then she lowers her eyes, and I go away, for eternity.

Every culture falls victim to the machine, no one is exempt from the illusion, the ultimate addiction and manipulation of the dream. Yes, it is our dream personified, projected, and modified, becoming a compulsive thing. We hold onto the fringes, flying with the motion, we know that we are out of control, but we cannot keep ourselves from hoping, that it will all work out in the end.

Nothing "just" happens, my friend. It is all a chain reaction of the choices we have made. The players and the corporations are still laughing at our insistence of focusing on the ultimate redemption, the light at the end of things. They find us to be naive, as they laugh up their sleeves, because of the density, it is all that they know.

All things in nature move within a flow, you can't fool Mother Nature, she is a real and honest pro. Quick fixes do not stand the test of time, and they are not meant to, they are projections, and are based on the research of cause and effect, they have an expiration date, and as fast as they have came into being, they are also erased.

Long shots, the quick buck, letting it ride with Lady Luck, all of these methods are vile and corrupt, so "they"say. Faith is consistence, Joy is complete, Love happens when these factors converge and meet. The true power to create, manifest destiny will not wait. Patience wins every time. Infinite is within every single dream. Some say that they do not know what this means. They want a blueprint, some kind of guarantee. Why should "they" invest their precious time, on empty promises. I say, "Why Indeed." For anyone to think this way, much less express it means that "they" themselves are, "EMPTY."

A dream comes from a fully passionate soul, expressed fully, with measured control, its main ingredients are
thoughtful, focused expression, continuous action toward it's ultimate destination. Soulful consideration, on the heartfelt, expression of the brain child, creation's fulfillment, and manifestation, physically being brought into the world.

The birth of a dream is a flow, yes, but there is always a focused goal. It does not "just happen" that is a myth. We are equipped naturally to just simply be, and we are given specifically, tools that are especially
designed to do this: A mind. A dream, (as many as you have, you can do) a feeling Soul, and a Spirit to guide us in what and how to do it and when. A Physical body to create all of this with and in.

When one part is negligent the entire process is stuck, and it begins to back up, stop up, and cave in. We are complete in and of ourselves for what we came here to do. We are generators of energy, and it is specific in it's nature. NO ONE ELSE CAN DO OUR JOB FOR US. The catch here is that we have to participate actively or it does not happen.

What are you waiting for? This is your sign. Your time is your own and you alone, decide how you will use it or abuse it. Start now, if you have not already. Today is the day.

If you are driving in a vehicle and you pay attention to what you are doing and where you are going to the best of your ability, focused and controlled on one objective, instead of worrying whether everyone else is doing what they are supposed to do or not, the chances are that they will handle it without you. So will the world around you. The body vehicle is no different. "Be, and let be." What a concept.

"When seeking enlightenment, we chop the wood and carry the water. When enlightenment is reached, we chop the wood and carry the water."

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Scorpio Full Moon Opposite Taurus Sun

"Do you love yourself enough to give yourself what would make you happy? Can you trust that your happiness will not take away from another's good, but will only add to the sum total of joy in the universe?
Asking yourself what you want is not selfish; it is your responsibility. The more you honor yourself with beauty, play, and joy, the greater will be your capacity to love and serve others." - Alan Cohen -

There are no accidents, only occurances that are orchestrated to wake you up to the possibilities.
I know every single little thing about you, oh, yes, I do. All of your hopes, desires, wishes, dreams, and
your visions too.
Every little, tiny, secret that is within you, that surrounds you, and fuels you to be the very best that you
can possibly be, and that sometimes fools and dominates you through and through.
You cannot hide anything from me, for I am that which is within you. The treasure, the jewel, the golden,
glowing, effervescence of the magical, elfin, wooded creature, whose mesmerizing reflection looks back at
you, from the depths of the mirror of your mind, and this I find to be priceless and so very refined, before 
and after any kind of man made, artificial daze of time. I adore that in you, for it is mine.
As the Sun shines it's holy light upon my chambers, opening up all of your hidden things for me to reach and see, you will find that you are suddenly feeling so very light, buoyantly, free, able to make decisions, and to
let go of anything or anyone that is no longer a part of your world vision, opening up to simply be, exactly
who and what you are supposed to be, without regret or apology. None needed.
You must ask yourself what it is that you seek in this magickal world that has been made for me. You must
do this with your eyes and heart wide open, arms and legs akimbo, head thrown back, standing in limbo, then you will understand that it is all that you already are, all you need do is blossom.
Go with the tides, bearing the fruits of your visions, following your dreams to their full fruition. Do not allow
yourself to get tangled up, distracted, and lost, in the mindless mazes losing all sense of time or phases. This is the domain of the Trickster's medicine, drawn by you, created by you, so that you seemingly have a valid excuse to; "fall off the path, get lost in the sauce, roll in your misery" as you are half mad with what you call passion and is merely compulsive, obsessive, addictive, and irrational, abstractions.
Instead take the actions that bring you joyful real passion that is lasting, straight from your heart, fueling your
creations by magnetically drawing together every single thing, person, place, natural objects, needed in order to build the dream. The only difference in the process is that you are expressing your truth and not someone else's carcuture of who and what they think or say or indicate that you should or could be. When you can do this completely and flow in the moment you are within the luninescance that is the realm of the Goddess.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Little Red Riding Hood: The Fool #1 Major Arcana   He isn't any more inte...

Little Red Riding Hood: The Fool #1 Major Arcana
   He isn't any more inte...
: The Fool #1 Major Arcana    He isn't any more interested in "knowing" me than he was back then, and realistically, neithe...
The Fool #1 Major Arcana

   He isn't any more interested in "knowing" me than he was back then, and realistically, neither am I in him.
He's still looking for somebody to worship at his shrine, and "it ain't me babe" I haven't got the time. Just because you asked me to, I did drop the dime, asked him how he's doing, and he said he was fine. All the rest is a pantomime.
   Nothing clear or well defined, leave us to our memories, it is that kind of time. We can never go back. I don't know why you're trying to, it was not glory days for me and you, all we were doing was playing the fool., and to tell you the truth now, we broke every single rule.
   I'm not reminiscent or thinking of glory "daze" all of that time has somehow slipped away, when I think back now, I only remember the good ones and that's a blessing, I assure you. Let it go now, move forward, don't remember the bad times, keep the goods ones, and always remember that you are the tender that turned into a blaze. Warm yourself in that fire, and know that it's real love that created you in every single way.
   The past is the past, and onward we go, spreading seeds and growing a forest of trees behind us that turn into memories. We don't know the forest or remember the deeds, no one is left there to tend to the flowers or pull up the weeds, but when there is a problem, unfortunately, somebody bleeds. I wonder why that is.
Could you tell me please?
   Let yourself slip away to a lovelier day, and create your own future, "have it your way." When we create a recipe there are certain qualities, ingredients, that go together to create the perfect combination. It can never be repeated, not exactly, although, there can be copies made of it using similar circumstances. It is never the same, so we give it a name, and it is independent, to grow and expand, the way it was intended.
   We are the co-creators and when the ingredients are blended, our time together is ended, although, there may be others that keep the contact extended.
   A flower does not blossom forever, and it was not made to do so. It does not try to hold onto its petals as it is growing old, it loves it's life and experiences it completely, neither holding onto the past or looking to the future. It lives in the moment, and it shines. It is loved and it feels love as it is created. This is to be celebrated. All of the should of, would of, could of  been, never happened. Accept this, and stop talking about them. They will only bring you down. What is, is. Accept it, embrace it, live it, love it, and let go of what never was. "You cannot change the past, there is no future in it."
   Your choices are how you think, act, and feel, they are the material upon which you build. Fill yours with love, hope, joy, faith, laughter, and infinitely, you will come to know the Masterpiece that is who and what you are. You are the star, an entire world, how you inhabit that space is up to you. Do only the things you love to do. I love you. "If your heart is in your dreams there is no request too extreme."

Friday, April 3, 2015

Little Red Riding Hood: This Lunar Eclipse happening at exactly 8:00am tom...

Little Red Riding Hood: This Lunar Eclipse happening at exactly 8:00am tom...: This Lunar Eclipse happening at exactly 8:00am tomorrow morning at 14' Libra is the culmination of the one we had last October at 14&#39...
This Lunar Eclipse happening at exactly 8:00am tomorrow morning at 14' Libra is the culmination of the one we had last October at 14' Aries, it is a call that demands our focused attention to whatever it happens to be that we are personally trying to create. How do you find out what that is if you don't know?
Eclipses demand your focused attention and you will know it right away if you are not paying attention due to the irritation of those around you, the accidents you have, it is no coincidence that things keep happening to you now, they have been building for at least six months and we have ignored them. Its really kind of funny when you think about it, "If you don't mind it don't matter" is the theme here and there have been countless books written on the subject of projecting, controlling, and utilizing the amazingly unexplored hallways of the mind. People like Norman Vincent Peal and his "Powers of Positive Thinking" book, Napoleon Hill's book, "Think and Grow Rich" and the workbook, Scott Cunningham's series of books and let us not forget Star hawk and the Spiral Dance or Z Budapest and Grandmother Moon as examples, these books along with countless others have opened up the minds of billions of people the world over, which is pretty impressive as most people were not even allowed to  consider these thought processes as an option, much less read about them, until 1954 when Gerald Gardener came out of the "broom closet" and wrote his first confessional. Bless them all for being real Avatar's and torch bearers, without them where would we be? At any rate, with all of that opportunity, I wonder how many have actually put to use their theories on a day to day living scale? They have given us the virtual "keys to the kingdom" the golden rules of the cave that holds the gifts of having it all. Perhaps, we do not understand the procedure or have a listing of the rules to follow step by step. Let us take a little walk and see if we can discover what exactly these rules are and how to put them to work in our daily lives.Timing is everything, so try not to react impulsively, if you can step back for a few moments and take a deep breath and really look and think about what is happening around you and "see" where the culmination point is headed in as many directions as there are opportunities, and then decide upon what directive your are the most interested in following or just decide to let it ride if you are happy with the wave you are riding, that's o.k. too, sometimes to decide to do nothing is a great decision. We are transmitters and receivers of energy and as many of you know from experience, what we put out there is exactly what we receive back on all levels. When we are passionate about something our energy level sky rockets and this causes it to be more focused and powerful. It is in fact, demanding of the natural elements exactly what it is that we want or need the most. I know that you have personally experienced this phenomenon in your own lives perhaps, without even recognizing it as anything except luck. An example would be that you had been decorating you house or you had moved and were in need of a particular set of lamps for your bedroom, in your minds eye you imaged exactly the sort of lamp you wanted to go with your particular decor, this being true even if you did not have the exact picture of them in your mind, you had a limited amount of money to spend on them, so one day you go out shopping, determined to find these lamps even if you have to go to a hundred stores in order to find them, you are determined to have what you want. You get in your car and drive to the stop sign, turn left, turn right, pull into the parking lot of a store, go into the store, walk straight down the aisle and go to the department that you are looking for without even asking and there standing on two end tables are your beautiful lamps, you recognize them immediately, of course, you smile and without even looking at the price tag you know that it is for exactly them amount that you have in your pocket to spend on them. Now that you have this example in mind, I know that you have remembered a time when something just like this happened to you. Do you remember how you felt? It was empowering wasn't it. What if I were to tell you that you can do this every day? You can. It is all a state of mind. This series of eclipses and planetary aspects are set up to force us to realize our full potential, not as a trial and error sort of thing but as a true and lasting gift. It is all in how we receive it or deny it. We are here to learn and grow, expand and prosper. Yes, there are tests. How are we doing on those? Are we accepting of our part in the show that is going on around us or are we refusing to accept our roles in the continuing "days of our lives?"
Our pleasure/misery level will show us the answer to that question immediately. What does yours read? Do you want to change the outcome? Then change your direction by accepting your part and playing it to the hilt. You are the center of your world and everything revolves around you, without you your life does not exist. Does that tell you just how important what you do, what you feel, what you create, and what you  think is? It is everything. Don't get discouraged if you don't feel like going out and conquering the world it is not necessary to do this unless you really want to, what is important is how you feel about your world personally and that you be happy in it. What's the rush? What are you running to or from? What ghosts chase you that keep the whites of your eyes rolled back in fear and the cold sweat dripping down between your shoulder blades? Sometimes just looking in the mirror is a revelation. Reflection just might reveal that you yourself are the "Headless Horseman" of your own nightmares and that you are running circles around your own feet. I have always thought of fear as meaning; "Failure to engage available resources." My own definition as I have observed  a lot of people who run circles around their dreams and literally waste their entire lives in the service of someone else while fully believing that for what ever reason the person they serve is more deserving than they are. We fear success more than we ever do failure for the simple reason that it takes commitment to succeed and along with that focus goes it's family members; Responsibility, accountability, attention to details, and oh, yes, that little cousin called determination and its sister reliability, all under a blanket coverage called work it. Basically, what I am saying is that a dream is just the beginning of any plan and raw talent is the first ingredient. and like most ingredients it is a part of a team that needs the support of other main ingredients or basics to hold it together, sweeten it, allow it to mature, grow, be baked, served, demonstrated, marketed and enjoyed. Nothing just happens without a whole lot of joining factors making it available and everything is all about the right timing. The "proof is in the pudding" and in any major big city our streets, gutters, dry goods stores, restaurants, clubs, drawing rooms, board rooms, aerobics/dance floors, stages, etc. are filled with some of the most talented people in the world. All were once shiny and new "Cherry 6000's" and had so much potential and promise that they really did believe that all they had to do was show up in order to be discovered or have the curtain lifted, and sometimes it did happen, sadly to others it did not and as one after the other of the less talented, less so called, beautiful people made it "big" and the so called special ones got older and perhaps wiser, it became apparent that just maybe, something else was involved in the "firming of the deal" or "pushing of the rock" up the mountain, hmmm, the thought occured, maybe, some training, advertisement, marketing, cultivation of some social skills, legal or professional representation, an agent, perhaps? A chain linking of all the elements or six senses, what the so called "normal" world has dressed in the "clothing word" abilities. To us that word is now called Infinite potential and the possibilities are endless as it encompasses all not known energies along with transmission and receptors and broadcasting them irregardless of the type of disguise we are clothing them in this week. Does it really matter what they are called as long as we know what they are to us and how to utilize them so that they work for us? I think not. Ah, but I digress, back and onward with the explanation at hand. Life teaches us a series of lessons in what is known as the "school of hard knocks" if we refuse to acknowledge the fact that we are here to not only join with others but to also engage, create, share, and become one with them, toward certain goals and aspirations, we can be like a ship without a rudder, compass, or anchor, and in so doing become lost in the fog forever. We were not meant to "do it all" alone. In fact, "doing it all" in anything is relatively impossible. Take a singer or a musician, or a performer or artist of any kind and make a simple listing of just what you personally connect them with as their arsenal of "standard working tools." Wow! That is very impressive! Isn't it? Try it with a few different scenarios, characters, personalities, amazing
isn't it? Now let's try to bring some definition into it. The thought. The action. The feeling. The physical. Or: The dream. The creation. The flow. The physical reality. All of these are categorized in the elements, now that sculpture, that band, that wonderful painting, that blueprint, can just stay in the garage, be moved to the attic, creep into the basement, be sold at the local flea market or online, be given or thrown away on a trash heap, along with everything else it took to put it together, (and that's o.k. too, if it's just a passing desire or experience you needed and not a life's passion, and there is a difference) or it can be taken to the next level. How is this achieved? When you have taken something as far as you can on your own imagination and skill and there is absolutely nothing you (or your band members, ect) can think of to do, it is time to find out what your real objective is. This is called the commitment phase. You must ask yourself some very serious questions now as this can be life changing should you decide to follow your dream into making it a vocation. How far do you want to go with this? How much time are you willing to give to its creation? What will you have to give up in order to pursue your goals? Who is involved, who is not? Is it worth it? Why is it worth it to you? You always have choices and options. It is now time to make some and to do some research even if it is only in your own mind. Be honest with yourself. What is needed to move this dream forward? Make lists, make phone calls, ask for help, join clubs, take classes, read everything you can get your hands on, goggle is your friend, as is Facebook and Twitter, blog, get involved passionately. This is the social element, talk, talk, talk, get that passion drumming, flowing, growing, moving and grooving along. Plan and have fun with it, play with your brain children, just like real children they need your attention and your love, dream the dream, expand your horizons and allow your imagination to go freely. See yourself being the very best at what you do and know that it can be, grow into it completely. One day you wake up and you are your creation. That is what happens when you are really committed to your goals and aspirations. It can be as simple as a neighborhood you belong in or a friend that you love, something happens on the way that changes production from a thing into a real way of life and one day you look in the mirror and realize, "Hey, this is not a chore, this is who I really am." Imagination is the doorway to all new ideas and creations." (Carson) Don't you think it is time you used yours? This is the recipe for "real Magick" and it is a gift.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Astrologically Yours
Solar Eclipse/New Moon

    I suppose that it's a matter of just how hot the water or creativity or passions around us gets, as to how
this major eclipse will effect all of us and of course, just how much in control we are of ourselves and our
environments. It is still a "gamblers aspect" so it is still 50-50 for any and all things, but particularly related
to the business of groups, intimate or otherwise, partnerships, where creativity, passion and major original
inspirations can thrive. We can change our world one head, one world, at a time. What I am saying is that
it is time to do something different, especially if, like most of us the old standard, status quota has not been
working for you, no matter how hard you tried to rectify the situation. Check out your options, believe me
there are many, we are by no means as trapped as we would be led to believe. If you have tried in every
way to understand, fix, reconcile, and, or come to terms with some situation, perhaps, it is time to quite
simply throw in the towel and walk away. Ultimatums won't work, for you have tried them before, only
positive action in another direction will. The only real thing to make sure of is that you are not jumping out
of the frying pan and into the fire by going in a new direction that is exactly like the one you are leaving, for
if you do this it will be worse for you and you might as well stay right where you are until you have well and
fully learned the lessons in humility being provided for you. If you have had enough, take some time and
cool off if you need to but do not wait too long to act upon your visions, twenty-four hours is more than 
enough time to re-evaluate any situation and come up with a practical decision. Do not second guess your
self on this or the other parties involved either, know your market and your strategy, then move on it, take
a calculated risk using your vision, your knowledge to get what you need, and move on if you must. Don't
look back, you have negotiated and talked the subject to death and you have grown and changed. Have
they done anything any different that would inspire any type of loyalty within you? It is time to force the
hand of fate.Stop trying to "fix" everyone else"s "leaks" and concentrate for once on your own, for you
are drowning here even if you can't "see" it. Ask yourself: What are my priorities and responsibilities here?
List them in the order of their importance and then fix these things first. If you have any energy, time, or
resources to share after you have done this, be very aware of who you are giving them to and why. The
why of the matter is the key. Are you actually helping them to help themselves or are you just giving them
another "band aid" until the next "mark" comes along. Be very honest with yourself about this, no one stays
a victim, if they are indeed one, and they have their own lessons to learn. Who are you to deny them this 
experience? It is, after all, why we are here. Get rid of the guilt, this drags you down, concentrate on your
own issues instead. It is important to give back to be sure, but you must stop thinking that you are the "breast" of the world. That is called co-dependency and you did not come here to be a martyr. Did you?
Don't undersell yourself by listening to people who tell you things "for your own good" really? What are
their credentials in this field and better still what is it that they want from you? You are the Master of your
own destiny, prove it by doing it and living it. Do not compare notes with anyone on this, they are not you.
Establish your priorities in the order of your needs and take the steps to make your dreams a reality. Allow
others the space to realize and make manifest their own if they can. A generous heart does not mean that
you make yourself into a "free for all patsy" honor your own needs first, and then what you do will grow 
flowers, trees, works of art, dreams come true and ultimately joy. Blessed Be.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Astrologically Yours
Happy Full Moon! Perfect time to do this blog as it shows exactly how you are beating yourself up with indecision, remember there is always other alternatives to anything, what really matters is what you are really trying to create or do and the relative question is; What choice will take you closer to realizing your specific goals and creative aspirations? With Neptune the planet of illusion singing her sirens song (and I am positive this is a female) and all those beautiful fun filled dreams and messages, how does one have the time to make decisions much less carry through on them? The mistake is in just allowing things to happen to us instead of making concrete decisions, this is when we become the victim. If you have ever made a pot of stew or enjoyed one, then you know how important it is to not only collect all of the ingredients and put them together in the pot with some water or broth, but it is equally important what you season them with and the time that you allow them to simply simmer on the stove and then cool and settle a bit to be at their very best, it is also important how they are served or presented and what they are brought together with as well as whom. It is a natural fact that all things are not compatible and as individuals we all have different tastes and ideas of what goes with what and when this should be happening, so no decision is a decision, and what that decision is can and usually does tie your hands on further negotiations or activities as well as make you a very real "back seat driver" which of course in real life no one appreciates or will tolerate for any length of time.
That said, there are some very specific energies at work here that with just a little effort from you, can bring in creative change in all of the areas of your life, giving you more control over these situations and gaining the respect of your peers as well as any authority figures involved. Through working to rebuild, reorganize, and restructure certain areas in sync with other members of the group or organization, (it is better to work within a group structure toward common goals than it is to work alone) you will establish good relationships as well as accomplish so much more than you ever thought possible and as you do this you will heal in many ways the different levels of discontent and malaise that has been plaguing you for the past few months becoming more vibrant as you move in a completely different direction. This will not happen without your conscious and objective focused participation, attention to detail is one of your strong points at this time as you see the big picture very well, these next two weeks are very important and this energy will not come again so I would suggest that you utilize it well to achieve the goals that you have only dreamed of.This is a culmination point building up to the New Moon. The opportunities are there but only if you "take the bull by the horns" and go with it. While care in spending is advised, it is a very good time for selling an idea or getting a loan. Your energies are favorable for working with others toward a common goal especially on projects where negotiations are required for this is your strong point and it is a gamblers aspect as long as you are in it for the good of all concerned you will most probably get what ever you ask for. On a strictly personal level you need new ideas, plans, and activities in order to revive old relationships or magnetize new ones as the natural impulse is to break free of all restraints and find something or someone new rather than work through the situation. Have some thought about this and make sure that this is really what needs to happen and not just your own inner compulsion to be free at all costs, only to wake up later totally alone and lost. You are here to experience the world, not avoid or escape it. Your sensitivity is at an all time high as is your imagination, enhanced as it is by the planets inter-play you can and do feel a little overwhelmed and actually feel like screaming, "What do you want from me!"  It could be a good time to deal with some of those long term issues from the past by seeking some psychological therapy from someone you trust allowing yourself to let go of the past and move on with confidence into the future. Try something new and have some fun open up to the possibilities, anything can and probably will happen and as long as you allow yourself to be flexible to new growth and experiences it should be all right. Change is inevitable and it is better to embrace it and move into the flow of your life that is in the now, than it is to try and escape it.