Sunday, August 30, 2015

The Nature of the Truth

Full Moon in Pisces

"You don't have to be right all of the time, it's perfectly o.k. to be a little off kilter, dreamy, and to follow your 

heart to where ever it may lead you, just because it feels good to do it. This is how we discover the dream,

how to create it, and then manifest it into physical reality. I like to think of it as a colossal collage, set up on a 

huge drawing board dream scape with all of the tools and art work fully at my disposal, any thing is possible.

Of course that is is exactly what it is, the thing that amazes me is the fear that most people have of having 

dreams, yes, there are really people out there who limit themselves, even in their dream time, a lot of them,

yes, really.  I wonder why that is? Did you know that if you can't dream it you can't have it? How does that

make you feel? Competitive, I hope. Believe me, when I say that better alternatives are always available to

you that will allow all kinds of long term rewards that are most satisfying, short term, long term, momentary,

you are in control of how, when, what, where, and why. Is that what the problem is, are you afraid of being

in control of your own world or destination? Mind my asking exactly why that is, as well as when that type

of mind set came into being? Get rid of it, now. It is time to believe in you, because realistically, you are all

that you have unlimited access to, and that is way more than enough, you are limitless. There is a little catch

though, I can hear you now, saying; "Here we go, what's the catch? I knew this was coming!" You have to

believe that you are limitless in order to be limitless. You are the only one who can open those doors that

you have closed off, submerged, or petitioned for. Instant gratification; "We want what we want when we

want it!" Art, creativity, social functions, dancing, any of these are perfect vehicles to open up those doors

and windows of the Soul, as they all fulfill the senses, heighten the energy awareness factor, taking the 

thought and feeling nature to the next level of Spirit, which is action manifested in the physical world.

Playing hard, physically working the body, coordinating it with the mind-spirit-feeling nature, alleviates 

impatience, frustration, anger, the kind that causes 3-6 year old's to stamp their little feet or throw temper

tantrums, pouting, and sometimes fighting physically, or breaking things when they don't get their way. This

is self-evident in the now of today in the very adult world. "At any given moment we can all play the fool or

the genius." If we revert to madness in the moment instead of being the director, and producer of our own

life's focus and direction, we stop the flow of energy by this kind of reaction, we can divert it by being gentle 

with ourselves, and remembering that we all make mistakes, this is how we learn, grow, and ultimately come

to know who we are through our interaction with both ourselves and others, responsibly and intimately. This

does not "just happen" it has to be orchestrated, planned, and acted upon consciously moment by moment,

until it becomes as familiar to us as getting up in the morning and brushing our teeth or combing our hair. We

must get over the fear of the almost overwhelming desire to be perfect, (where does that  thought come from 

anyway?)  and acknowledge the fact that this particular situation does not actually exist. We can then relax 

into the moment, learning from what we once considered to be our ultimate humiliations or failings by 

turning them into strongly well built success stories. It all starts in the mind. The thoughts we have are always

the doorways into the future, without them or the dreams that we have because we allow them to run wild

at times, how on earth or otherwise, would we know where, what, when, or why, we were doing, going, or

wanting anything? It is always easier if we enter the center with an open mind, the possibilities are endless,

if we are ready and willing to act upon our gut feelings, instinctual nature, instead of trying to control them or

beat them into submission, because of obscure so called rationale that has absolutely no kind of value to us

long term or short term other than as basic control and manipulation tactics. Remember the dog in the cage?

Another good one by Alan Cohen is this story: A man comes home from work tired, all he wants to do is

sit in his chair, take his shoes off, and read the paper, when he comes in the door his five year old son meets

him at the door, smiling and excited to see his Daddy at home, the child asks; "Daddy, will you play with 

me?" The man is disheartened because he loves his son and does not want to disappoint him, hanging his

head he spies a picture of the world in the paper and has a brainstorm. Picking up the paper he tears out

the picture and tears it into pieces like a puzzle, he hands them to his son, smiling and making a game out

of it he tells him; "Take this in your room son, and put all the pieces back together again, come see me when

you're done." Enthusiastically the child takes the puzzle and goes to his room, the father settles down to read

his paper fully satisfied that he has served both of them well. In a short time the child comes back with the

page all in tact and glued together. The man is surprised by this and asks the child how he did it, to which 

the child responds, "Well, at first I just couldn't do it, it was too confusing, but then one of the papers fell

down and I saw a hand on the other side, so I turned all the papers over and saw a foot and then a head,

so I put those together and it made up a man."  The moral of this story is this, if you concentrate on the

person and not the whole world miracles happen. Remove the toxins, don't take yourself or others too

seriously, refuse to buy into the drama, keep it light, thereby allowing no misunderstandings to gather moss

so that they grow into anger or resentment. Stay focused on your dreams and aspirations, it is not necessary

to open your whole world up to anyone or anything that is not a part of your very intimate private world, 

keep it that way. You will be glad you did, dirty laundry belongs in the washing machine, not on the table.

Consider your priorities and make a plan to focus on them and not the outer world in general, realistically

beyond calm reason, "they" have very little to do with you. If you must/needs get involved do this only after

you have all of your own affairs in strict order, and then only if you feel like it. Do not allow yourself to be

guilt tripped or coerced, remember, those who try to do this, need you much more than you need them, ask

yourself why this is true, and exactly why that is. Consider the options, as well as the alternatives from a

detached, logical perspective, follow the pathway of the dream. Don't allow yourself to get distracted from

your own purpose, by establishing your priorities in your own mind, you are free to concentrate your mind,

and your energies on your creations in a timely fashion without feeling the pressure or burden of someone

else's demands or assumptions. "Be gentle with yourself, you are a child of the universe, no less than the 

birds and the trees, you have the right to be here" compromise or make adjustments only when you feel the

need to do so. Know yourself, then everything else will fall into place. You are the missing piece of the 

puzzle, there in is the established framework of your life, you can add accessories at will. Blueprints were

only designed as a guideline, they are not engraved in stone, it is you who must adjust them or deny their

validity or even toss them aside and get new ones, never, ever settle for less than the very best for you, find

that perfect fit that is unique and especially custom made for the now of you. Life is after all a creative work

in progress, the colors and characters constantly changing to compliment the "Spirit of the now" that is

what animation is all about, you should love it or leave it alone. Blessed Be.

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