Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse In Pisces...Yes, There Is Quicksand Out There, Be Ready To Rise Above It...

These Times 

     "These times, these times, we hold on by a thread to the cord of our minds. Spinning and desperate, not having a clue. Like the rabbit in "Alice in Wonderland" shouting, "What to do? What to do?"

     "We the dreamers who have wondered all of our lives, searching and never finding, Paradise. Who are we? Where are we going? When will we know? What will we do when we get there?"

     "There is no destination in this wacky, crazy world, anymore. Wherever we wind up, we will never be alone, and there is always a door. Enjoy the journey, relax upon the view. It really does not matter what you say, or what you do. There really are no mandatory, formational rules. So many get caught up in the madness that modern wo/man calls success, climbing up the latter of destruction, they painfully regress."

     "So, here we sit in this millennium, between right and wrong, trying desperately to find a note to an ageless empty song. We hear the music, so sweet and clear, inside of our minds, yet we cannot seem to bring it out into the material world. It drifts in and out of our consciousness, untouchable, yet potent, in its messages, just beyond our grasp, as reality always is, when waking from a lucid dream, that we cannot quiet remember or explain."

     "Triple vision slides on the earth plane, mere seconds of ecstasy, years spent in pain. We try to ground by rooting in the Mother, only to find that our antennae is rising up instead. Crystal lightning from the head, memories of something we heard or said, we lye awake in bed, like the living dead, these subliminal messages making us more unearthly than ever before. We visualize a door, a stairwell, a key. We call in the directions and try to see, our sacred spaces. The veils are so very thin. Where do we begin and our reality as we know it, end? Like the curtains that flow and billow around us, causing chaos and confusion. What is real, we wonder, and what is illusion?"

     "Like a kaleidoscope, everything is subject to change. All situations are within range. We stand on the particles of a landscape that is never consistent, and is always strange. We thought that it was flashbacks from the drugs of the seventies, so we quit cold turkey in our fear, trying to get a grip and understand exactly why we are here. No such luck. Many surrender, just give up, lost in the land of confusion. What the fuck? They throw up their hands and curse their bad luck, get lost as consumers chasing the almighty stock brokers, bankers, candlestick makers, buck."

     "Addiction is obsession, and compulsive behavior does rule us. Rabbits being the approved role model, you know, para the almighty 'they' of the status quo? So, crawl up in your hole, pull it in after you. Safe in your self-inflicted negativity (SIN) you sleep. No one to censor the tears that you weep. At least that is what 'you' think."

     "Why are you crying "Little Fool, Little Fool" Don't you believe in Magick? Miracles do rule, and they happen every single day too. Don't you know the hat trick? YOU ARE THE MAGICK!!!"

     "One day a chunk of coal, the next day a diamond. All in the luck of the draw. The "Fifth Sacred Thing" comes to call. As long as you've got the Spirit, you've got it all."

     "The problem Is? You must 'know' that this is true. If you lay down and pray to die, it is your will that will be doing the killing. Why not make a different choice? Keep the faith and pass it around like candy, in and our of town, to every, single, person you come into contact with, and it will grow."

     "We crawl before we walk, and we take steps before we run, everything is a training ritual, and life does not come with an instruction manual. You are an original bona fide creation. This does not need an explanation. It does, however, come with free will. Are you up for it? How are you going to focus and direct yours, is the question. Always question the harnesses that claim to be the only way, and never, ever, make decisions from a place of fear, (failure to utilize available resources) only from a place of love. This is the True Power of love. "Take your passion and make it happen."


Friday, September 2, 2016

Little Red Riding Hood: What In The World Has Come Over Us?

Little Red Riding Hood: What In The World Has Come Over Us?: What happens when you lose the one thing in the world around you which your entire world up until this point has revolved around? Whether i...

What In The World Has Come Over Us?

What happens when you lose the one thing in the world around you which your entire world up until this point has revolved around?
Whether it is a dream or a reality, to the mass majority, matters very little, for in your own mind, it is your whole world.
It gave you definition, focus, a reason to get up in the morning, to be. It was something, somewhere, someplace, someone, you belonged to. In a maddening sea of probability you had a reason, you were cared about and for.

Suppose you had never known anything any different? Your life was on cruise control, you didn't have to think about what to do, or why. If you no longer had this familiar situation, or person, who were you? What were you supposed to do with yourself, when there was no longer even some familiar semblance of the dream that you had always lived your life for?

You were spinning into the bottomless pit, completely lost. You could not get your bearings, nothing made any sense, and there was no one that you could talk to about it, nothing to compare it to within reason.

What would you do? Where would you go? How could you find your own way when all so called normal was gone? You looked around you and you were in a completely strange land. You did not know anyone. You had no friends, no family members, nothing you could relate to. You belonged no where. What then?

How many times can this happen to a person until they can no longer find any reason what-so-ever to go on, in their own mind? They ask themselves "What is the point? I am so tired. I am so disillusioned. I am so very, sad. I cannot pretend anymore. I do not have the will to go on. Even if I did, what reason would there be to do it?"

What causes these symptoms? You are living in an illusion of a life. You have thrown everything away, chasing a dream that never was, nor will it ever be. Hiding from the truth of your very own self created reality. You have not allowed yourself the personal luxury of living within a state of grace, alone, comfortable and secure, in being who and what you are naturally. You have given your power away. You believe more in what the outer social media world says is true than what IS in reality the Greater You.

The reality is that there is no standard that is set into stone of how anyone is supposed to be. Every Individual is a unique and perfectly formed entity. There are no rules that are not manmade. These rules were created not only as a test, but also to control, manipulate, compartmentalize, and separate. Divide and conquer, is as good of an analogy as any. They were not designed to make anyone happy. They were designed for ultimate productivity and maintenance of a certain type of lifestyle, without any kind of consideration for feelings, understanding, or comprehensive growth.

The push has always been to the physical or mental world, addictions rule, and yet this society is the very first to point out to the masses not to lose control. What does this even mean? "Little Pink Houses, Mother's little helpers" The Rolling Stones, definitely a huge message. Were we listening? Did we get it, or were we just lost in the music? Well, we are seeing it now. We have become a nation of human garbage disposals in our universal accepted roles as children who never grow up and take responsibility for their own actions. Relationships that never evolve past the point of dreaming, fully expecting just to show up and everything just happens without our having any kind of choice in the matter.

There are three phases in a relationship of any kind, the first two are spontaneous, they just happen, and for what they are worth, that is just fine. The trouble begins when we expect to stay in this state of perpetual ambrosia forever. Tiny Tim's "Tiptoe through the Tulips" comes to mind here. In the third aspect, it is contractual. It must be planned, negotiated, organized, coordinated, and defined.

Instead we become Mules. If you have ever tried to work with a real life Mule you know exactly what I mean. For those of you who have not, you do realize that this means stubborn, set in your ways, a basic refusal to act, or do anything, and yet expecting the world to go on around them as if nothing had happened.

It does not work like that. In the beginning it was supposed to be a well respected way of being. Everyone had their own little niche. How so? It never was a reality. It was only on the silver screen, seen in black and white. Think about that one. It never was real life. It was a file away mechanism, morse code for contained, controlled, utilized, indoctrination, established. Not free by any means.

That was the projected dream, never manifested, wasn't it? In a lot of ways it still is, only now it is creative, jaded mergers, instead of romantic structures. Ironically, perhaps, this is more honest than the lies we bought into that make us miserable slaves, without any kind of lives of our own technically and realistically. It is to a system that not only does not work, but in reality never did.  

Respect yourself first and foremost or no one else will, by knowing who you really are and loving yourself completely as you are now. We have been beaten up, used, abused, robbed blind, laughed at, and thrown to the curb quiet enough, don't you think? So what can we do about it besides crawl into our caves half dead and wish it were all over? We can get the ultimate revenge, by being personally happy and successful. Take all of that energy and spend it outrageously on ourselves, our projects, our dreams, by building our own private reality. How? By never compromising on what we really want, or need. If you don't know what that is it is time to find out. Stop pointing your fingers and instead follow your own nose.

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