Thursday, June 25, 2015

Little Red Riding Hood: Cancer/ Moon Child/ DreamerWhich came first, the ...

Little Red Riding Hood: Cancer/ Moon Child/ Dreamer
Which came first, the ...
: Cancer/ Moon Child/ Dreamer Which came first, the pictures or the words? The pictures always have, of course, they are what our imaginati...

Cancer/ Moon Child/ Dreamer

Which came first, the pictures or the words? The pictures always have, of course, they are what our imaginations expand upon, dream about, build upon, and cherish. When we are so full of the promise of what our senses have experienced, we must, needs, share the visions. Sometimes because it is a blessing, that we feel so strongly about, that we think we will ultimately burst without letting the whole world know about it, sometimes it is a curse that we must blow out in order to keep from destroying ourselves with its dark and ominous sensations of fear and panic. These feelings can only be expressed in words, for the mind is our release valve which funnels through the power of verbal enunciation. The effects are as powerful as the senses of the heart, and they carry further than the beat of this rhythmic natural drum beat, as they are expressed in a language that vibrates in such a way that all can comprehend. The words are not instinctual, they are thoughtful, and they carry judgement, experience, responsibility, and the knowledge of the person who is expressing them.
Every day as I dress to go out into the world, I anoint myself with oil, and as I say my prayers, I remember what my Mother told me when I was a child, and I repeat these words aloud as I draw out the symbols for Mercury, the Messenger of the Gods, and the ruler of both Gemini and Virgo, the Moon, and the Sun, and
these of course the carrier of the words; "Careful of your words, make them nice and sweet, for some day your words, you may have to eat." Powerful in it's base simplicity. I try my best to not only keep it's meaning in my memory, but to also practice it by always being aware of what I say at all times, and to whom.
I feel that words are the most important things in the world, and that their effect upon our surroundings cannot be expressed or impressed upon too much. We really are what we eat, on all levels, mentally, spiritually, emotionally, physically, and infinitely. 
Our thoughts are based upon what we see, feel, know, and experience to be true to us personally, and our
mental processes with their many corridors of the mind's libraries, filled with literally billions of filed away memories, are our blueprints upon which we build our lives. 
The things that nurture us, the things that we do, believe, create, and feel, are the basis of our mental processes, and this is where art or pictures become prominent in the world. Music is filtered into this as well as the effects of the cords and notes. Sound is as much, if not more, than a word can ever be, combined with the words in harmony, the feelings and, or, emotions expressed, become the world in which we personally, physically live, while building a life. We have the option of filtering what we allow into our personal space. This place is sacred. It boggles the mind how much effort and time, we put into charging and recreating our mental-emotional, spiritual-physical bodies, and how little attention is paid to the surreal effect that our environment in it's totality has upon our overall beings. 
Vibrations are around us at all times, and some of them cannot be censored, this is a given. We live where we are, coming to an understanding of the compromises we must make in these instances, however, we do have choices, unfortunately, for the most part our steady diet as a conglomeration is "junk food" for thought and vibration.
Remember the commercial that said, "Is it real or is it Lennorex?" Sound shattered the glass. We are no different. What is your personal level of "noise" pollution, and what can you do to change it? It does matter, a lot, what you allow into your personal space, the obvious is a no brainer. "You are what you eat."

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Little Red Riding Hood: Gemini into Cancer New Moon"No matter where you go...

Little Red Riding Hood: Gemini into Cancer New Moon"No matter where you go...: Gemini into Cancer New Moon "No matter where you go, there you are." I know that statement has been said a gazillion times in j...

Gemini into Cancer New Moon

"No matter where you go, there you are." I know that statement has been said a gazillion times in just as many different ways, I believe, however, that it is very appropriate for the reality of the now of this time frame. I once did a self portrait of me looking in a mirror, while the me of the future ran before me, looking backward through time at the me in the mirror of that present time. It was an amazing metaphor for me to swallow, yet it was and is, so appropriate as to what I see, in the now of today. We are constantly looking backward for answers as to why we are doing something, always trying to understand through our past  experiences. I find this ironic. I wonder how it is that we have come to think that the person of yesterday could be anything at all like the person that we are today. We have learned lessons along the way that
the person of yesterday could only imagine. Our decisions then, were based on what we knew then, and  not on who and what we are and know in the now. Where has this circular motion of decision making come 
from? The group mind is easily directed toward one objective, which is usually utilized to control.
"The past is a cancelled check, the future is a promissory note, and the present is cash in hand." Which means that we can use it in any way that we see fit.We do not need permission to love our lives. Perception is reality. What is yours trying to tell you? Challenges are wake up calls to "do" something. If you find a situation uncomfortable, slow down, take a moment, and really ask yourself, why you find this particular thing, person, place, or objective offensive. What is it stirring in you? Why are you not at home in the moment that you are living? What exactly do you need to change or do to fix it? How much do you have to give up to please others, and how much do you expect them to give up to please you? What is your comfort zone? What disturbs it and why do you ignore it if it does? Your personal space is the most important place there is, and the things that surround you should be a very real reflection of who and what you are and not what is expected of you. The reasoning for this is that this is where you go to recharge your batteries and retreat from the tensions of the world. It should not be a place where you have an open door policy to the things you need to do, take care of, finish, or any obligations that are not volunteered by you, but expected of you, either. Your home is where your heart should be given full reign, and that place should be sacred to you, and anyone that you allow into it as well. If it is not cherished, it will not be supportive of your needs, instead it will house your fears, and you won't be able to hear your heart. Respect and connect, protect and reflect, your focus becomes your reality. In order to be clear on your objectives you must honor your self, and your place.Get rid of anything that does not fit this criteria, forgive yourself, and move on.
"As a man was driving around a dangerous hairpin mountain curve, a woman in a little red sports car tore around the bend from the opposite direction, cutting him off and forcing him to veer off the road. To add 
insult to injury, as she sped by, she yelled, "Pig!" Furious, the man shook his fist at her and shouted, "Sow!"
He kept going around the curve, where he ran into a pig sitting in the middle of his side of the road." -Alan Cohen-
There are those who follow, and there are those who lead, almost always through osmosis, like Johnny
Appleseed. These few scatter their gifts across the land, blown by the idea, from a free and giving hand.
They are always moving, never reaping what they sow, although, almost always, there is a bumper crop
harvest, from what they do, say, or know.
Their burdens are heavy and the water continually flows, they don't think about it, they're just doing what
they know.
Enjoy the moment and the fruit along the way, don't bank on tomorrow, or fall for today. Believe in the promises, and utilize the cash on hand, always be mellow when ever you decide to take a stand. Remember always, and in all ways, that we have been gifted as a classroom, this wonderful playground, that we call the promised land. We are here for a few reasons; To grow and enjoy the moment, to  love with total abandon, to trust in the truth that knows instinctively to be real, and to have faith beyond reason, that we can trust the way we feel.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Little Red Riding Hood: Sagittarius Full Moon-Gemini New Moon Synopsis

Little Red Riding Hood: Sagittarius Full Moon-Gemini New Moon Synopsis: I catch a glimpse of a reflection, it startles me. Who is this stranger that stands before me? She stares back at me, balefully, unafraid, a...

Sagittarius Full Moon-Gemini New Moon Synopsis

I catch a glimpse of a reflection, it startles me. Who is this stranger that stands before me? She stares back at me, balefully, unafraid, accepting of the inevitability, that I would one day, "see." I examine her while she patiently waits, silently as if there is no where else that she would rather be. She does not try to make small talk or apology, for her presence in the mirror, a reflection, I once recognized as me. She smiles simply at me, then she lowers her eyes, and I go away, for eternity.

Every culture falls victim to the machine, no one is exempt from the illusion, the ultimate addiction and manipulation of the dream. Yes, it is our dream personified, projected, and modified, becoming a compulsive thing. We hold onto the fringes, flying with the motion, we know that we are out of control, but we cannot keep ourselves from hoping, that it will all work out in the end.

Nothing "just" happens, my friend. It is all a chain reaction of the choices we have made. The players and the corporations are still laughing at our insistence of focusing on the ultimate redemption, the light at the end of things. They find us to be naive, as they laugh up their sleeves, because of the density, it is all that they know.

All things in nature move within a flow, you can't fool Mother Nature, she is a real and honest pro. Quick fixes do not stand the test of time, and they are not meant to, they are projections, and are based on the research of cause and effect, they have an expiration date, and as fast as they have came into being, they are also erased.

Long shots, the quick buck, letting it ride with Lady Luck, all of these methods are vile and corrupt, so "they"say. Faith is consistence, Joy is complete, Love happens when these factors converge and meet. The true power to create, manifest destiny will not wait. Patience wins every time. Infinite is within every single dream. Some say that they do not know what this means. They want a blueprint, some kind of guarantee. Why should "they" invest their precious time, on empty promises. I say, "Why Indeed." For anyone to think this way, much less express it means that "they" themselves are, "EMPTY."

A dream comes from a fully passionate soul, expressed fully, with measured control, its main ingredients are
thoughtful, focused expression, continuous action toward it's ultimate destination. Soulful consideration, on the heartfelt, expression of the brain child, creation's fulfillment, and manifestation, physically being brought into the world.

The birth of a dream is a flow, yes, but there is always a focused goal. It does not "just happen" that is a myth. We are equipped naturally to just simply be, and we are given specifically, tools that are especially
designed to do this: A mind. A dream, (as many as you have, you can do) a feeling Soul, and a Spirit to guide us in what and how to do it and when. A Physical body to create all of this with and in.

When one part is negligent the entire process is stuck, and it begins to back up, stop up, and cave in. We are complete in and of ourselves for what we came here to do. We are generators of energy, and it is specific in it's nature. NO ONE ELSE CAN DO OUR JOB FOR US. The catch here is that we have to participate actively or it does not happen.

What are you waiting for? This is your sign. Your time is your own and you alone, decide how you will use it or abuse it. Start now, if you have not already. Today is the day.

If you are driving in a vehicle and you pay attention to what you are doing and where you are going to the best of your ability, focused and controlled on one objective, instead of worrying whether everyone else is doing what they are supposed to do or not, the chances are that they will handle it without you. So will the world around you. The body vehicle is no different. "Be, and let be." What a concept.

"When seeking enlightenment, we chop the wood and carry the water. When enlightenment is reached, we chop the wood and carry the water."