Friday, April 3, 2015

This Lunar Eclipse happening at exactly 8:00am tomorrow morning at 14' Libra is the culmination of the one we had last October at 14' Aries, it is a call that demands our focused attention to whatever it happens to be that we are personally trying to create. How do you find out what that is if you don't know?
Eclipses demand your focused attention and you will know it right away if you are not paying attention due to the irritation of those around you, the accidents you have, it is no coincidence that things keep happening to you now, they have been building for at least six months and we have ignored them. Its really kind of funny when you think about it, "If you don't mind it don't matter" is the theme here and there have been countless books written on the subject of projecting, controlling, and utilizing the amazingly unexplored hallways of the mind. People like Norman Vincent Peal and his "Powers of Positive Thinking" book, Napoleon Hill's book, "Think and Grow Rich" and the workbook, Scott Cunningham's series of books and let us not forget Star hawk and the Spiral Dance or Z Budapest and Grandmother Moon as examples, these books along with countless others have opened up the minds of billions of people the world over, which is pretty impressive as most people were not even allowed to  consider these thought processes as an option, much less read about them, until 1954 when Gerald Gardener came out of the "broom closet" and wrote his first confessional. Bless them all for being real Avatar's and torch bearers, without them where would we be? At any rate, with all of that opportunity, I wonder how many have actually put to use their theories on a day to day living scale? They have given us the virtual "keys to the kingdom" the golden rules of the cave that holds the gifts of having it all. Perhaps, we do not understand the procedure or have a listing of the rules to follow step by step. Let us take a little walk and see if we can discover what exactly these rules are and how to put them to work in our daily lives.Timing is everything, so try not to react impulsively, if you can step back for a few moments and take a deep breath and really look and think about what is happening around you and "see" where the culmination point is headed in as many directions as there are opportunities, and then decide upon what directive your are the most interested in following or just decide to let it ride if you are happy with the wave you are riding, that's o.k. too, sometimes to decide to do nothing is a great decision. We are transmitters and receivers of energy and as many of you know from experience, what we put out there is exactly what we receive back on all levels. When we are passionate about something our energy level sky rockets and this causes it to be more focused and powerful. It is in fact, demanding of the natural elements exactly what it is that we want or need the most. I know that you have personally experienced this phenomenon in your own lives perhaps, without even recognizing it as anything except luck. An example would be that you had been decorating you house or you had moved and were in need of a particular set of lamps for your bedroom, in your minds eye you imaged exactly the sort of lamp you wanted to go with your particular decor, this being true even if you did not have the exact picture of them in your mind, you had a limited amount of money to spend on them, so one day you go out shopping, determined to find these lamps even if you have to go to a hundred stores in order to find them, you are determined to have what you want. You get in your car and drive to the stop sign, turn left, turn right, pull into the parking lot of a store, go into the store, walk straight down the aisle and go to the department that you are looking for without even asking and there standing on two end tables are your beautiful lamps, you recognize them immediately, of course, you smile and without even looking at the price tag you know that it is for exactly them amount that you have in your pocket to spend on them. Now that you have this example in mind, I know that you have remembered a time when something just like this happened to you. Do you remember how you felt? It was empowering wasn't it. What if I were to tell you that you can do this every day? You can. It is all a state of mind. This series of eclipses and planetary aspects are set up to force us to realize our full potential, not as a trial and error sort of thing but as a true and lasting gift. It is all in how we receive it or deny it. We are here to learn and grow, expand and prosper. Yes, there are tests. How are we doing on those? Are we accepting of our part in the show that is going on around us or are we refusing to accept our roles in the continuing "days of our lives?"
Our pleasure/misery level will show us the answer to that question immediately. What does yours read? Do you want to change the outcome? Then change your direction by accepting your part and playing it to the hilt. You are the center of your world and everything revolves around you, without you your life does not exist. Does that tell you just how important what you do, what you feel, what you create, and what you  think is? It is everything. Don't get discouraged if you don't feel like going out and conquering the world it is not necessary to do this unless you really want to, what is important is how you feel about your world personally and that you be happy in it. What's the rush? What are you running to or from? What ghosts chase you that keep the whites of your eyes rolled back in fear and the cold sweat dripping down between your shoulder blades? Sometimes just looking in the mirror is a revelation. Reflection just might reveal that you yourself are the "Headless Horseman" of your own nightmares and that you are running circles around your own feet. I have always thought of fear as meaning; "Failure to engage available resources." My own definition as I have observed  a lot of people who run circles around their dreams and literally waste their entire lives in the service of someone else while fully believing that for what ever reason the person they serve is more deserving than they are. We fear success more than we ever do failure for the simple reason that it takes commitment to succeed and along with that focus goes it's family members; Responsibility, accountability, attention to details, and oh, yes, that little cousin called determination and its sister reliability, all under a blanket coverage called work it. Basically, what I am saying is that a dream is just the beginning of any plan and raw talent is the first ingredient. and like most ingredients it is a part of a team that needs the support of other main ingredients or basics to hold it together, sweeten it, allow it to mature, grow, be baked, served, demonstrated, marketed and enjoyed. Nothing just happens without a whole lot of joining factors making it available and everything is all about the right timing. The "proof is in the pudding" and in any major big city our streets, gutters, dry goods stores, restaurants, clubs, drawing rooms, board rooms, aerobics/dance floors, stages, etc. are filled with some of the most talented people in the world. All were once shiny and new "Cherry 6000's" and had so much potential and promise that they really did believe that all they had to do was show up in order to be discovered or have the curtain lifted, and sometimes it did happen, sadly to others it did not and as one after the other of the less talented, less so called, beautiful people made it "big" and the so called special ones got older and perhaps wiser, it became apparent that just maybe, something else was involved in the "firming of the deal" or "pushing of the rock" up the mountain, hmmm, the thought occured, maybe, some training, advertisement, marketing, cultivation of some social skills, legal or professional representation, an agent, perhaps? A chain linking of all the elements or six senses, what the so called "normal" world has dressed in the "clothing word" abilities. To us that word is now called Infinite potential and the possibilities are endless as it encompasses all not known energies along with transmission and receptors and broadcasting them irregardless of the type of disguise we are clothing them in this week. Does it really matter what they are called as long as we know what they are to us and how to utilize them so that they work for us? I think not. Ah, but I digress, back and onward with the explanation at hand. Life teaches us a series of lessons in what is known as the "school of hard knocks" if we refuse to acknowledge the fact that we are here to not only join with others but to also engage, create, share, and become one with them, toward certain goals and aspirations, we can be like a ship without a rudder, compass, or anchor, and in so doing become lost in the fog forever. We were not meant to "do it all" alone. In fact, "doing it all" in anything is relatively impossible. Take a singer or a musician, or a performer or artist of any kind and make a simple listing of just what you personally connect them with as their arsenal of "standard working tools." Wow! That is very impressive! Isn't it? Try it with a few different scenarios, characters, personalities, amazing
isn't it? Now let's try to bring some definition into it. The thought. The action. The feeling. The physical. Or: The dream. The creation. The flow. The physical reality. All of these are categorized in the elements, now that sculpture, that band, that wonderful painting, that blueprint, can just stay in the garage, be moved to the attic, creep into the basement, be sold at the local flea market or online, be given or thrown away on a trash heap, along with everything else it took to put it together, (and that's o.k. too, if it's just a passing desire or experience you needed and not a life's passion, and there is a difference) or it can be taken to the next level. How is this achieved? When you have taken something as far as you can on your own imagination and skill and there is absolutely nothing you (or your band members, ect) can think of to do, it is time to find out what your real objective is. This is called the commitment phase. You must ask yourself some very serious questions now as this can be life changing should you decide to follow your dream into making it a vocation. How far do you want to go with this? How much time are you willing to give to its creation? What will you have to give up in order to pursue your goals? Who is involved, who is not? Is it worth it? Why is it worth it to you? You always have choices and options. It is now time to make some and to do some research even if it is only in your own mind. Be honest with yourself. What is needed to move this dream forward? Make lists, make phone calls, ask for help, join clubs, take classes, read everything you can get your hands on, goggle is your friend, as is Facebook and Twitter, blog, get involved passionately. This is the social element, talk, talk, talk, get that passion drumming, flowing, growing, moving and grooving along. Plan and have fun with it, play with your brain children, just like real children they need your attention and your love, dream the dream, expand your horizons and allow your imagination to go freely. See yourself being the very best at what you do and know that it can be, grow into it completely. One day you wake up and you are your creation. That is what happens when you are really committed to your goals and aspirations. It can be as simple as a neighborhood you belong in or a friend that you love, something happens on the way that changes production from a thing into a real way of life and one day you look in the mirror and realize, "Hey, this is not a chore, this is who I really am." Imagination is the doorway to all new ideas and creations." (Carson) Don't you think it is time you used yours? This is the recipe for "real Magick" and it is a gift.

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