Saturday, April 25, 2015

The Fool #1 Major Arcana

   He isn't any more interested in "knowing" me than he was back then, and realistically, neither am I in him.
He's still looking for somebody to worship at his shrine, and "it ain't me babe" I haven't got the time. Just because you asked me to, I did drop the dime, asked him how he's doing, and he said he was fine. All the rest is a pantomime.
   Nothing clear or well defined, leave us to our memories, it is that kind of time. We can never go back. I don't know why you're trying to, it was not glory days for me and you, all we were doing was playing the fool., and to tell you the truth now, we broke every single rule.
   I'm not reminiscent or thinking of glory "daze" all of that time has somehow slipped away, when I think back now, I only remember the good ones and that's a blessing, I assure you. Let it go now, move forward, don't remember the bad times, keep the goods ones, and always remember that you are the tender that turned into a blaze. Warm yourself in that fire, and know that it's real love that created you in every single way.
   The past is the past, and onward we go, spreading seeds and growing a forest of trees behind us that turn into memories. We don't know the forest or remember the deeds, no one is left there to tend to the flowers or pull up the weeds, but when there is a problem, unfortunately, somebody bleeds. I wonder why that is.
Could you tell me please?
   Let yourself slip away to a lovelier day, and create your own future, "have it your way." When we create a recipe there are certain qualities, ingredients, that go together to create the perfect combination. It can never be repeated, not exactly, although, there can be copies made of it using similar circumstances. It is never the same, so we give it a name, and it is independent, to grow and expand, the way it was intended.
   We are the co-creators and when the ingredients are blended, our time together is ended, although, there may be others that keep the contact extended.
   A flower does not blossom forever, and it was not made to do so. It does not try to hold onto its petals as it is growing old, it loves it's life and experiences it completely, neither holding onto the past or looking to the future. It lives in the moment, and it shines. It is loved and it feels love as it is created. This is to be celebrated. All of the should of, would of, could of  been, never happened. Accept this, and stop talking about them. They will only bring you down. What is, is. Accept it, embrace it, live it, love it, and let go of what never was. "You cannot change the past, there is no future in it."
   Your choices are how you think, act, and feel, they are the material upon which you build. Fill yours with love, hope, joy, faith, laughter, and infinitely, you will come to know the Masterpiece that is who and what you are. You are the star, an entire world, how you inhabit that space is up to you. Do only the things you love to do. I love you. "If your heart is in your dreams there is no request too extreme."

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