Thursday, March 5, 2015

Astrologically Yours
Happy Full Moon! Perfect time to do this blog as it shows exactly how you are beating yourself up with indecision, remember there is always other alternatives to anything, what really matters is what you are really trying to create or do and the relative question is; What choice will take you closer to realizing your specific goals and creative aspirations? With Neptune the planet of illusion singing her sirens song (and I am positive this is a female) and all those beautiful fun filled dreams and messages, how does one have the time to make decisions much less carry through on them? The mistake is in just allowing things to happen to us instead of making concrete decisions, this is when we become the victim. If you have ever made a pot of stew or enjoyed one, then you know how important it is to not only collect all of the ingredients and put them together in the pot with some water or broth, but it is equally important what you season them with and the time that you allow them to simply simmer on the stove and then cool and settle a bit to be at their very best, it is also important how they are served or presented and what they are brought together with as well as whom. It is a natural fact that all things are not compatible and as individuals we all have different tastes and ideas of what goes with what and when this should be happening, so no decision is a decision, and what that decision is can and usually does tie your hands on further negotiations or activities as well as make you a very real "back seat driver" which of course in real life no one appreciates or will tolerate for any length of time.
That said, there are some very specific energies at work here that with just a little effort from you, can bring in creative change in all of the areas of your life, giving you more control over these situations and gaining the respect of your peers as well as any authority figures involved. Through working to rebuild, reorganize, and restructure certain areas in sync with other members of the group or organization, (it is better to work within a group structure toward common goals than it is to work alone) you will establish good relationships as well as accomplish so much more than you ever thought possible and as you do this you will heal in many ways the different levels of discontent and malaise that has been plaguing you for the past few months becoming more vibrant as you move in a completely different direction. This will not happen without your conscious and objective focused participation, attention to detail is one of your strong points at this time as you see the big picture very well, these next two weeks are very important and this energy will not come again so I would suggest that you utilize it well to achieve the goals that you have only dreamed of.This is a culmination point building up to the New Moon. The opportunities are there but only if you "take the bull by the horns" and go with it. While care in spending is advised, it is a very good time for selling an idea or getting a loan. Your energies are favorable for working with others toward a common goal especially on projects where negotiations are required for this is your strong point and it is a gamblers aspect as long as you are in it for the good of all concerned you will most probably get what ever you ask for. On a strictly personal level you need new ideas, plans, and activities in order to revive old relationships or magnetize new ones as the natural impulse is to break free of all restraints and find something or someone new rather than work through the situation. Have some thought about this and make sure that this is really what needs to happen and not just your own inner compulsion to be free at all costs, only to wake up later totally alone and lost. You are here to experience the world, not avoid or escape it. Your sensitivity is at an all time high as is your imagination, enhanced as it is by the planets inter-play you can and do feel a little overwhelmed and actually feel like screaming, "What do you want from me!"  It could be a good time to deal with some of those long term issues from the past by seeking some psychological therapy from someone you trust allowing yourself to let go of the past and move on with confidence into the future. Try something new and have some fun open up to the possibilities, anything can and probably will happen and as long as you allow yourself to be flexible to new growth and experiences it should be all right. Change is inevitable and it is better to embrace it and move into the flow of your life that is in the now, than it is to try and escape it.

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