Friday, February 13, 2015

Aries: Why not start where it all begins...especially since this sign is experiencing itself in all its power and glory right now. You probably want to know the why's and how's and where-fore's so, please allow me to explain. The planetary alignment is direct in all of it's hits. In the first quadrant of a natural chart or natal chart, this being highly personal just like the ram likes it, there is our good friend and solar Lord of Chaos or Lady of Discordia, as the case may be, revving up the vibrations of the physical body making it almost impossible to be still or not be at least doing something online or on the phone, this planet is the planet that rules the "new age" of high-tech computers, Iphones, Nasa, Metaphysics as well as anything else that is new and innovative, it normally rules Aquarius, so it is all about working with groups and not alone, this may take some work and adjustment for the Aries person as normally this is a sign that is always leading the pack and cares not one whit about whether or not anyone else follows as long as they are free to be. The planet Pluto in the house of career and business as well as the way  the general public sees and experiences the personality is at this moment (and has been for some time back and forth over its exact configuration) exactly square Uranus in Aries with Aries ruler in the 12th house of the hidden just getting ready to go over the top and into the 1st house or Aries, so the tension is fierce to say the least. Please do not go backward dear Ram as it will do you no good to try and fix something that is already over and done with when everything inside you is desperately screaming to move forward and be FREE! Remember that you have made a very strong commitment to many groups of people and they are all waiting for you to lead them to the promised land. It is up to you to make your own stand and while you do this, remember to listen and not lord it over lesser souls as they will at some point in the near future be a real test for you if you do. Pluto is giving you unlimited power to do what ever it is that you are passionate about, the thing about this planet Pluto is that it is very subtle in its teaching and very, very deep. Pluto will give you everything that you ever dreamed of but it is up to you to support, direct, and focus the energy in a positive way and that means that you need to work within some sort of structure that will give you room to grow so that you do not stagnate. Stagnation is not at all accepted in any of these situations and if you try to stay in some situation that does not give you unlimited growth and also affirmation and validation you will be forced out of the situation by events or accidents that seem to be out of your control. Not so, as you well know. What you must ask yourself is exactly what is it that you are afraid of that keeps you so tied up and what are you hiding from? One thing is certain you can never go back to where you were with anyone or anything and the sooner you accept this as a reality the sooner your load will lighten so that you can do the work you were intended to do and draw in the people and opportunities that you are praying or asking for. If it seems that you are moving through sluggish water it quite possibly is so, try letting go of what no longer works for you and see what happens. Saturn is joining the line-up giving validity and depth to the structures that you are building and making your creative brainchildren a physical reality. It is all about how you deal with jointly held resources and just how disciplined you are in your quest. Jupiter is giving you the ability to expand on any and all things and it can have the touch of Santa Claus or of course you can just twiddle your thumbs and fingers and flush it all away by thinking that you can have it any and all ways. I am here to tell you that you must chose this day whom you will serve and the direction of your life either into the darkness or into the light. It is better to combine the energies and find the balance so that it does not have to be either or.

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