Monday, February 16, 2015

Aquarius: There is a distinct desire to interact and relate to others of your group, neighborhood, and community, at this time. You have a general feeling that if you do not express yourself in some way positive that you will surely burst and realistically, you just might if you don't. When I say that, I mean that most accidents occur when energy is banked and not allowed to be expressed. Let's use a little example here for reference as I know that your mental processes are working overtime and you need visuals to be inspired. There is a dam and that means that the water is backed up so that it can be used efficiently, like for making the windmill turn to grind the flour, or to make electricity, or a gazillion other different things in this cost effective world. All goes well until the water is not allowed to vent out of its dam every now and again in order to create and expand its horizons in its multitude of directions. With enough force this can flood an entire continent and destroy everything in its wake. Human beings are no different than this controlled power in nature. What is different is that the dam has reliable indicators that it does not question to let its care givers or keepers know when it is time to open the gates and let the forces of nature play, no one ever questions this necessity. In human beings it is the questioning of your natural bio-rhythms that get you in trouble. In other words you need to put your energy into some really mind/body absorbing activity that allows you to express your natural talents and ideas with others in some sort of group effort. Your out pouring of energy is more likely to be positive if it is focused on some project where you and others can see the results immediately. You must identify with this project in some way and become one with the group mind. Try to get that dormant chip off your shoulder and not take everything personally, in other words, allow others to have their own opinions even if they differ from your own and don't be so argumentative and aggressive, instead, concentrate on exactly what you are trying to do. If you can avoid this you should be able to convince almost anyone of the base validity of your project and in so doing "sell" the idea and in the process impress people with the power of your convictions.
Show the world what you are made of but don't shove your ideas down their throat, make a great contribution and realize some of your dreams. There is a desire to relate to others underneath all of this insecurity and in order to get rid of the inferiority complex you must get in there and do some real physical/mental work clearing the air so to speak. Remember to compromise where necessary, alright, alright, do it even if you have to grit your teeth, and avoid the controversy that could be linked to it if you say directly to them what you really think. You can be warm and you do draw people to you when you want to. So, why not make peace instead of war and in so doing really give something good to the neighborhood. It will bring balance to all concerned. Trust me.Bring back the faith in yourself and what you know to be true.

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