Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Astrologically Yours
Hello, my other Venus ruled people, this the Venus of the physical world. Have you hugged a tree today, painted a painting or a wall or created some wonderfully put together gourmet dish and presented it gorgeously to friends, clients or partners, gone dancing, played music or sang your heart out passionately? Well, if not, then by all means get to it, time is a wasting and the world is waiting for your beautiful clarity in whatever way you decide or need to present it and I as your Astrologer friend know that you desperately need to do this for all of our benefits, including your own. Bringing beauty to the world is, after all, what you are here to do whether it is in the field of design, food, clothing, art, pleasure or negotiations, which by the way is high on your list of priorities at the moment, so, let us address this problem now. First off, "don't get mad, get satisfaction." The only way to get this is with proper research and delegation and not by throwing a fit, although, to be quite honest, it should not have gone this far and the very fact that it has is a major feather in your cap of discipline and stick-to-it attendance, that said, let me also say this, that same stubborn, dig in your heals type of mentality has led you to this position over and over again for the last fourteen years or so, isn't it time you tried a different tactic? I think so, don't you? I am going to endeavor to help you with this so please pull in that lip and get rid of the furrowed brow will ya'? If it is not a part of the answer then you are free to disregard. Now then, I know that you are feeling very confused at some level with "friends" and quite possibly with business arrangements with a friend and or group, perhaps a corporation, and I also know that you have gone to great lengths to try and rectify this situation on your own and that at this point you are ready to express yourself, and find new arrangements on all levels. In other words basically just throw in the towel, after venting all of the above said, of course. I do understand the need to do this and in any other circumstances I might be prepared to agree with this consensus whole heartedly, however, under the circumstances, I believe that you stand to learn more and gain more by follow through than you do by just walking away. I think that underneath it all you feel that way too. This entire situation is like immediate deja- vu and it needs to be handled indiscriminately by you this time, instead of walking away angry and frustrated as well as quite possibly empty handed. I know you have made phone calls and quite possibly emails and letters to try and rectify what you can only see as a misunderstanding and now you are making all kinds of mental inventory, and grasping at straws. Stop! Detach from the situation and be the observer and not the victim. You are by no means a victim and no one has any power over you or your life's priorities unless you allow it, except you. Communication in a clear, concise, logical and informative way is your best recourse and ticket to success in either personal or business dealings. Yes, you must write your letters and make your phone calls, but first you must do some research and get all of your facts and formulations in order, your wording must be strictly disciplined and structured, stick to the problem at hand if you hope to have anyone take you seriously, much less consider your ability to handle a job that specifically deals with people on the one hand or authority figures of any kind on the other. If you would be thought of as a professional you must actively project yourself in this position, not only in what you say but in your actions and presentation. Your words have the power to influence whole groups of people if they are well thought out and have any base in reality.  Reference and cite; names, addresses, dates, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, positions that the people in question hold and any other valid information that you have or that has been given or sent to you dealing with the issues involved. Hopefully you have been keeping track and this will merely be a matter of you looking up your notes, if not by all means do the work and do not in any way try to "fudge" this opportunity to be taken seriously and to get what you have worked so hard for and deserve. You must know by now that all is not as it has seemed and that someone has been taking advantage of your "good nature" and taken credit for your work. File that information away and stick to the facts, it will do you little or no good to point fingers, etc. Remember this; Your work is a reflection of you and what you value and you must enjoy it, if your "joy" barometer is at an all time low and your energy level is depleted it may just be time to get out of this situation altogether, but first, get satisfaction and then you can walk away with your head held high and your heart singing a song of victory, because you have not only had your say but you have brought certain things to light that will clean the slate for a lot of others that you leave behind and who knows it just may change the flow. Whatever you decide to do get it in writing and be firm on this, whether it is a contract or a job description or a referral letter, it does matter and if it is an issue, well, then it is an issue, and those who object just may not be on the level. Take this into consideration overall and seek legal counsel where needed. As far as the personal end of things go all I can do is refer you to my good friend Tanya Tucker and her song, "If it don't come easy better let it go, 'cause if it don't come easy there's no natural flow." In other words you do not have to prove anything to anyone if it's real it is, and if it's not, well, it's not, move on and get a guitar or something else to play with...Love and Chaos...You have all the luck in the world if you believe in you and I know that you do.

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