Thursday, February 26, 2015

Astrologically Yours

There is a considerable amount of power-plays directly surrounding you at this time, this is no great surprise, due to the multitude of projects you have up in the air at the moment. and combined with the amount of people who are, or seem to think they are involved in making decisions about these projects, whether or not they are is your judgement call. You have a considerable amount of self-confidence, knowledge, and courage to carry through on any and all of these objectives, however, allowing others to be involved in situations where it is in all actuality none of their affair is a big NO-NO period, and this is where I would suggest you draw the no crossing this line under any circumstances imperative ultimatum. You are in total alignment with your objectives and in such a way that you do not alienate others simply because you have the entire situation set up so that everybody benefits and you know this. Do not waste your time and energy trying to explain this to anyone, believe me when I say that it is better to do the deed and let them see the consequences of your actions and move on than it is to try and explain anything that you are trying to do. It is a good time to combine your personal interests with those of others and get them to work with you toward a common goal, although, you must maintain control and understand that you are in no way dependent upon their help. You are a totally self reliant independent who is willing to participate and "help" others to realize their full potential. You do this as a service to the greater whole of society, as a result you can obtain material backing as well as moral support for your projects. It is your confidence in yourself that makes people and organizations have confidence in you. In general, the clarity with which you "see" your long-term objectives enables you to plan a course of action very thoroughly, get the right people to do the work, set up the terms for all concerned and see that the project is followed through to completion. Direct and forthright action is demanded to do this and this means that you really do not have the time or the energy to allow drama to enter into your life in any area. You do not seek out confrontations but when necessary you must handle them immediately. This can cause some misunderstanding within the area of adolescent children as well as adults who consider themselves to be victimized in some way and who are really looking for some kind of savior or parent figure. The sooner you deal with these situations the better off you will be. It is one of those situations where you have taught them how to take advantage of you and now you must show them how to respect you and your authority and stand on their own two feet. There are way too many irons in the fire for you to allow things to continue on in the way that they have in the past and realistically it is not good for the people concerned either, because quite simply it is not growth oriented for any of these parties.You must detach from the situation and really ask yourself what it is that you should be learning from all of this. Try not to over-think the obvious. "Thank the Goddess for the petty tyrant for they force us to be our very best." They also force us to give up our very real "self importance" with full knowledge that if we have nothing to defend then there is really no problem at all. Then you are able to ask yourself some very direct questions like; What is it that these people are really after? What do they want from me personally? Once you remove all of the outer chatter and finger pointing you will know exactly how to handle all of the points involved and it may just be as simple as removing these people from your life for good, especially if you can accept the fact that they have very little to offer anyone including themselves and that all you can compare them to is a burr under the saddle that is not only irritating the horse but that is causing you problems in maintaining your position in the saddle and thereby delaying your arriving at your preordained destination and in all actuality this may be the only real objective of these people anyway. Walk away and stop trying to understand the fact that idiots sometimes stand on the outside rattling their tin cups and shouting at any one who will listen, that two and two is five and do the math.

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  1. Absolutely amazing! Completely to the THE TEE correct! Thank you.