Friday, July 8, 2016

New Moon in Cancer; Digging In and Healing from Within

Have you ever thought about why it was that in the middle ages the physicians used leeches to purge and 'cleanse' the blood for almost any kind of ailment? Have you ever thought about the fact that the first thing that is done after any major cataclysmic, catastrophic, disaster is the cleaning out of the excess garbage. These two things are related, as is the old cliché "When you are crying, you are healing." Tears tear one open and allow the pain to flow out. Do not be ashamed to cry. It is the cleansing of the Soul, and the means of allowing yourself to actually let go. You are free to be.

Women have long been thought of as the most prominent healers, and realistically they are the fore-runners in this field, after all it does start in the home, usually with the Mother. Now, it is the feminine aspect that rules, and not the sex of the person. I believe that this has always been so. A simple hug goes a long way to reinforce this process. I send you all a great big hug, right here, right now. Take a minute, do you feel the love? It is there for you, if you will accept it, just as simply and easily as I have sent it. It is tangible. It is real. Everything begins and ends with the thought. If you act upon it, accept it as your own, build upon it, pass it on, it becomes stronger, creating a connected chain of events that are constantly growing and building upon the beginning thought into the creation of the group mind combined as one entity.

There is major strength in the three fates: The Measurer, The Cutter, and The Sewer, all Creators and Healers of the Dream, which is of course who and what we all are. The Measurer is the thought, or Air as we all know it. The Cutter takes the project to the next level by beginning to bring the thought to life through determined and focused Action, or the Fire element as we know it. The Sewer, holds the product and feels the fabric of its worth, thus holding it together cementing the glue with Love and Will, or the Water element as we know it. The Creation is then placed out into the world and manifested physically to be enjoyed by all, this is the Earth element as we know it. To be and do is why we are here. In days gone by, absolutely nothing was ever thrown away unless it was absolutely beyond some kind of use. The details are as important as the finished product and the process.

There are stories about not staying in the past because there is no future in it, and how we must stay in the now of the moment in order to create the future, and not re-create the past. I can understand this analogy to a certain extent. It is like reading a recipe, and then adding your own take on it. We become what we know for sure. The problem that I see more than anything else is that we do not seem to have any real foundation that we consider to be a firm and solid base upon which to build. Perhaps this is so in the outside world as we know it. The inside world is our own to design according to our own specifications, we decide who is privy to this domain, and we can say "No admittance." at any time. This is the real foundation of our lives. The Spirit or Life Force lives within us, not outside of us. We have control over this landscape. We can build from here. We can change our 'blueprint' at will. The thing that we must do is relearn how to imagine and play with our creations until we love them completely and unconditionally, before we allow anyone else to see them. In this way we 'own' our Measurer-Cutter-Sewer-Creation, and best of all it is an integrated part of us that no one, and nothing can ever take from us, ever.  We know the REALITY of LOVE and it LIVES within us. Like a child or a pet that we have raised from a baby, they belong to us forever. No matter where they go or what they do. They will always live in us, and they will always be at home there and welcomed.


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