Wednesday, July 13, 2016

"If Your Heart is in Your Dreams, No request is too Extreme."

Nature is balance. There is always equal quantities in everything, positive to negative. When one thing goes another must follow in order to restore the balance. What is your solar opposite? Your lunar opposite? What is your natural enemy? Your natural food supply? Their opposite poison? If you are an Aries your solar opposite would be Libra. Aries is the wake up caller, or Rooster of the zodiac. The child, or seeker. They are the Lion King, or Queen. They need no permission to do anything. The Libra sign on the other hand, is laid back, breakfast in bed, slowly enjoying the morning, waiting to see what it will bring, wanting company, someone to talk to, or share with. The Hummingbird would be a good example. These two are extremes of their elements, and they are mirrors of the interiors of each other, or what they are each lacking in strengths, and, or, weaknesses.
When you look into someone else's eyes, in reality, you 'see' yourself. That is, 'if' you are paying attention. Details are the most important thing in this world and beyond. What ever encourages un-natural destruction is a malicious force, and there is no good that can ever come out of it. "No Martyr died for a good cause." Consider the complications as well as the domino effect that follows a well positioned void. I say this because if you are looking in someone's eyes, and you don't 'see' yourself, that means that there is no one at home in there to reflect back at you, and this is exactly what a void is. An empty vessel, or a "Goddess of Discordia, or Lord of Chaos".
It is not rocket science, consider nature, it is the perfect meditation in beauty, peace, and serenity. What is her flip side? The underbelly of survival of the fittest. Mother Nature weeds out the weakest strain naturally. Are you holding up your end of the spectrum? If not, why not?
Escapism of any kind is a massive hemorrhage, of a cop out mind set. Who are you really kidding here? What do you need to do in order to be where you wish to be? What is stopping the natural flow of energy around you? You are. Why you are doing this is the problem. What are you afraid of?
Procrastination is the most dominant force in the world for massive destruction, on all levels. It is the number one killer of the dream machine. If you want something, all you have to do is start.

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