Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Jupiter's Twelve Year Cycle Comes To An End...

     "I can do it. I can do it. I can do it. I can do it!"
     Remember the 'Little Engine that Could'? No matter how many twists, turns, delays, detours, mishaps, hills, or mountains to climb, tunnels to go through, or rough terrain, he sang his little song with a great big Santa Claus smile on his face, until the turning of the wheels and the chugging of the engine vibrated with the will and music, and they moved as one toward their ultimate goal, happily complete and satisfied.

     "The desire to be the best that you can be, the very need to be, can succeed over any talent."
     Luck comes to people who are open to the possibilities. Even more than that, recognizing the opportunities when they come knocking and not hesitating upon taking the actions needed to make them a very real reality by systematically following through on these intuitions to their fulfillment is the major difference in success and failure. This process is fueled by burning desire. I can do it! I will do it! I am doing it! Wishes are great. Everything begins in the mind, but it takes follow up and action to firm the base, an active knowledge of very real working skill and abilities, as well as the capacity to learn what ever it is one needs to know by maintaining an open mind.

     At this time we are all experiencing an end of a twelve year cycle of Jupiter, and the beginning of a new cycle of Jupiter. These twelve year cycles are amazing revelations. It gives us the opportunity to re-evaluate our lives, our goals, our ambitions, and ask some really mind expanding questions. We must take the time to do the work in order to actually 'see' what progress or regress we have made. It is well worth the time and observation, or as many would call it, meditation. It should be easier to do for you as it IS all about you. Here is the frame work that gives you the process that you need to be able to do this.

     First start by giving your personal life a overview. Really look at where you are and what you are doing in these areas. This will be based upon your date of birth chart if you do not know your active natal chart. Don't worry it is just as important to 'see' this part of your life as it is the other as it will give you some major insight on exactly why things are happening around you, or to you, at this time.

Aries Sun or Ascendant: Look at your partnerships. These are not your so called LUV relationships that I am talking about, these are your committed, contractual, marriage, business partnerships, and management positions go here as a contractual partnership as well. If it is your own business then you will be looking at your customers and what is going on with them, if it is your marriage, then it is your spouse, if it is a management position, you are looking at your possibilities for advancement or not, as the case may or may not be, if it is a roommate situation, (not a personal relationship but a business/contractual situation, in other words, if you are sleeping with them this does not count, unless it started out as business partnership and then the lines got foggy, if this happened you are indeed in trouble and it needs re-evaluation, the two should never mix, and if they do, well take a look for yourself.)

Taurus Sun or Ascendant: Look at your work and service to others area, also your health, if you have small pets these figure into the equation as well. How is your physical body? How does your commitments effect this. Are you under too much stress? Why?

Gemini Sun or Ascendant: Look at your art, the things you do for fun, your children, the people that you LUV, not committed relationships like marriage. If you are a musician then you will need to take a hard look at where you are with that. What needs to change?

Cancer Sun or Ascendant: Look at your home life. Is it in chaos? What steps do you need to secure your base? You may have problems with one or both parents, perhaps there has been a death, or one parent has regressed into being the child now. Perhaps it is a mourning period. What are you learning about yourself from the things around you that are being taken away or wearing out?

Leo Sun or Ascendant: Look at your community, your extended family members, your skills in communicating with them or it. Are you involved, or are you ready for some massive change. Maybe you just need to get out more and see what is going on. All work and no play can make Leo no longer feel loved or enable you to shine. If you can't find it where you are maybe you need to go where you can.

Virgo Sun or Ascendant: Look at your finances, are you really building from a foundation that is right for you? Or are you just dragging yourself through a job that in reality has no promise of anything more than to atypical daily grind of going nowhere with very little acknowledgement for who you are or what you do. Being tired all the time is a standard condition of this. Try to find your own bliss and somehow follow it, even if it is a sideline distraction.

Libra Sun or Ascendant: Look at yourself, or I should say to yourself. Where are you? What are you doing? Why are you doing it? Sometimes it is good to do nothing for awhile and just allow yourself to float, but not at the price of your commitments. All of the good intentions in the world will not rebuild what can be destroyed if you have no consideration at all for those who are around you. At the same time, it is good to be Santa Claus but don't go overboard with the sleigh.

Scorpio Sun or Ascendant: Look at your past. It has huge 'Hungry Ghosts' memories that are there waiting for you to acknowledge them, embrace them, or let them go, and by all means MOVE ON! You are wallowing in it. Get out in the sunshine and dance under the stars, go to see people who are actually doing things, share your thoughts and creations with them. Open up. Life is for the living.

Sagittarius Sun or Ascendant: Look at your friends, your common interests, your dreams, your visions. What do you see? Isn't it time that you shared these with the rest of us. Why are you hiding in your rabbit hole. What happened to your wings? I know that you still have them. Stand tall and proud and please stop trying to be "Just like everybody else" you know that you are not. We lose as much as you do, if not more when you hide your light under a bushel and do not manifest them into the world. This pity party that you are on stinks. I want to see you shine!

Capricorn Sun or Ascendant: Business is the call of the day. Surprise, Surprise, Surprise! This is the time of the harvest for you, or as the case was for Nixon and Watergate, the flip side, this only if you compromised on the details. Take a good look now and see if you can rescue your projects by dotting the I's and crossing the T's before the judgement day of January first. Otherwise. Well, you decide.

Aquarius Sun or Ascendant: If you are not traveling, or at the very least head over heals in learning, sharing, and teaching new things, then I am disappointed. Get with the program, will you? Maybe it is time you thought about publishing that new thing or getting that patent. The world is waiting.

Pisces Sun or Ascendant: You must conserve your energies. It will do you no good to give them all that you've got. In the end it will be a deficit for you and the rest of us too. Your intuitive vibes are vibrating and your skin is so very thin. If you need help with understanding the things that go bump in the night, or even in the daytime in your case, get some professional help to guide you. Think Whoopee Goldberg in Ghost. Yes, they are all around you. It does not have to be a problem. It can be a gift.

      For all of the Signs

You will be looking at these partnerships from a completely detached point of view in this manner. Mentally, Actively, Emotionally, Physically.

     Questions for all signs are these; What was the Ideal plan that started twelve years ago? What did you hope to accomplish by doing all of the things that you have done in order to insure the success of the project? Where were you directing all of your energies to as far as accomplishments go? What needs to be changed or redirected? What needs to be let go of? What are your goals of today and where are you directing them towards? What do you need to do in order to make them successful? What new energies do you need to bring into the equation, include as many people, places, things, as you need to in this evaluation. It is your life and no one knows it better than you do.

     The years that need to be looked at are this year 2016, 2004, 1992, 1980. Some of you will not go back that far, but this is the sequence. In order to get a good idea of your progress go back at least twelve years and see where you were at then. 

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Happy Howl 'O' Ween!

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