Monday, October 31, 2016

New Moon in Scorpio

New Moon Dreams

"If something walks out of the refrigerator, let it go"

     I absolutely love this saying. It is so appropriate for what we are now experiencing, which is the very real need to let go of the things that are no longer working for us in our lives. Sometimes we are just afraid of being alone, and sometimes it is just easier to allow than to contest, because if we change something then we have to grow in order to fill the void we have just created.

     Before this last Moon I was upstairs working away on my creations when I got this peculiar feeling that I needed to go downstairs. The voice inside my head would not leave me alone? I tried to argue about it, but that little green meanie was adamant about my having to go. Having had years of experience with trying to negotiate with this stubborn, definitely Irish Deity, and never, ever, winning, I finally sighed that long suffering sigh, got up and went down the stairs shaking my head the whole way down. Imagine my surprise when I got almost to the bottom stair, and there sitting with his head cocked at me in a very relaxed Sssss shape sat a half grown Water Moccasin. He was not sticking his tongue out at me, he actually reminded me of a puppy, I felt that if his tale could have been wagging it would have been, and I could feel his smile. Interesting...hmmm... I said to him out loud, "What are 'you' doing here? How did you get in?" He just wagged his subconscious tail some more, and grinned broadly within my own mind. "I know, I continued, I'll just close my eyes now, and when I open them, you will be gone. Ready?" I swear he nodded. I closed my eyes tight, and then opened them hopefully. "Nope, not gone. Well, I guess I have to deal with it. What is your message?" I went and got the broom and dustpan, he didn't move, he just sat there and allowed me to sweep him out the door.

     I went upstairs and checked out some reading material, meditated and wrote some, I am now going to share with you what I got out of this little interlude, to me it was and is a real ongoing gift that I am still receiving from, hopefully you will get something out of it to, that can be used constructively in your day to day living world, after all, it is all just so Natural. Isn't it?

     "Are you ready to seize the moment and follow your good fortune and dreams? Saturn evolves for some of us reflecting our lives from 1988-1989 and our decisions at that time, being re-evaluated in 1998-1999. Letting go is important. "Any virtue that is carried to extreme measures becomes a vice." Where there is no challenge, there is ultimately no growth.

      When you give and give and give, and never want to control anything, this is the same as not caring about anything, one way or another. Your lack of control can imprison you, just as surely as the bars incarcerate people in prison. You fall prey to and at the mercy of the very people that you give the most to, and guess what? No matter how much of the unearned, uncontrolled, that you give away, unconditionally, the more they will begin to demand of you.

     "What we resist persists."

     You are confused. You don't understand. You gave them everything. How can they say that you don't care about them? What did you not give them the most of? The river the Sea... always the smallest and the greatest are in the end the same drop of water. A tear drop falls and encompasses all.

     It is possible to squeeze the very life force out of what you profess to love the most, if you try to possess and own it. Catch twenty-two. The more open and flexible you can be to learning and living in new ways, the better off you will be long term, changes come to you and your world and they are geared to open you up in ways, possibilities, and opportunities, that you could at one time only have imagined. Opportunity is everywhere, but you must acknowledge it, and most of all, you must be aware to the openings that come, in order to follow through on them. Change is inevitable, it is better to embrace it than it is to fight it.

"Be as gentle as doves and as wise as serpents."

     Consider the base of operations; the home, your most personal, private, relationships, and the closest ones. How are they working for you, or not? What needs to be changed as far as your own interaction therein, expectations, energies given or with held, support of any of these, mentally, actively, spiritually, emotionally? Your professional life is being held up for evaluation in this light as well. Take your time. It is your future we are talking about. It is better that you think about it, digest it gradually, come up with a solid plan, before you act. Above all, do not go off half cocked.

     This is a learning process, as all things in life are. It is also an opportunity to grow and expand, this is a time of harvesting. If you are aware you will see the opposition clearly. Make no mistake about this, life is filled with these confrontational lessons, "what does not destroy you makes you stronger" this is no less than a merger of positives and negatives to make a whole that flows accordingly, and correctly in the direction it is focused upon. It is a matter of compromises, negotiations, and honest consideration of all the odds. A balancing of accounts and measures taken.

     Challenges, and how they make one have to do their very best, teach us the most, force us to go beyond our comfort zones, expand, test the mettle, and ultimately push our selves to do the impossible, going that extra mile by demanding perfection, and once we have cleared the air and taken that first look at our final brain child, laughing with the pure joy of accomplishment. Because when we do our very best, it is when we care the most, and not when we are just getting by on cruise control, allowing our lives to ferment and rot by settling, without thought of the outcome. Where there is no challenge, there is no growth. Someone or something that does not demand that you give your very best does not care about you, and you are expendable, so are they. There is no commitment. There is no future. "you have become comfortably numb" your life, your choice. You decide. Whew! What a message that serpent brought, huh? Have a wonderful All Saints Day! Blessed Be. Consultations by appointment only. Phone reading available. or 305-731-6280

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