Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The First in the Series of Planets: The Sun

The Sun

The Sun in our hemisphere is a molten dying star. We once thought of it as a God/Goddess, and were Sun worshippers, some still are. At it's core it is pure Nuclear power, or intense heat, it is literally burning itself out, light years away.
We see it as light, love, nurturing Nature, warmth, and eternal. It is complete in and of itself. We could not live without it. It's projected light gives us our animated life force, for we too are "little atom bombs" burning ourselves out from our core.
The Sun is magnetic, so are we. the Sun is a Transmitter and a Receiver, so are we. One day the Sun will become a black hole; In this we have a choice.
The Sun is a purely physical, element with spiritual connotations, (it is the creative force behind our animated bodies, even in the Biblical sense, as opposed to the Scientific, Metaphysical or Astrological  forums) "From Dust to Dust" "Ashes to Ashes" "Atom to Atom" "Sign to Sign" without the combining of the elements there is no life force, and therefore, no us.
Consider the Atom and all of its components (It is a metaphor; One you will have to do a comparative study of, as well as its effect, as particles of the human body on your own, if you are indeed interested in knowing, proving, or arguing the point, I sincerely hope that you are and do.)
My reasoning here is to show you one Master/Mistress stroke of the Sun, which in Astrology is the symbol of the Spirit within the physical body, or the animating factor that gives us light and life. The Spiritual body contains everything that it needs in one physical mold in order to be complete and whole in and of itself as a single stoic entity alone and independent of anything or anyone else. In order to grow, learn, feel, experience, expand, it must transmit and receive, but the first realization must be of the Self, or the Soul within. The Atom, or heat of the animation of Spirit, and of course, can't forget those fingers and toes, or the creative expression that goes along with those. We are only complete when we are in love with ourselves enough to exchange that love in a balanced way with another, or others. One cannot acknowledge what one does not know or have access to. If you are an empty void without animation, participation, heat, light, or love, you are an empty void, and all that a void can do is drain, or take. It does not participate in life. I am not saying that this is not a part of the world, for it very definitely is, however, it is the observer, and not at all involved in anything other than collecting data. This is the position of the destroyer or detonator. It is not on the same wave length as a receiver/transmitter. It gives nothing, takes nothing, and it is cold, not unlike the stars in the sky are. We are unique in our destiny, and we are here to experience all of what this world has to offer us, in all of its forms. The Spirit never dies, it simply changes form, so our light will literally live forever, just like the stars will, whether they are up close or light years away. This time, in this body, is a gift. It was given to us to utilize to the best of our abilities. How sad it is that some people decide to put their light under the influence or "under a bushel" and to waste the opportunity by shackling themselves to an endless void instead of living it unconditionally and joyfully within the moment for themselves, becoming a beacon and an inspiration to every other life they touch, much like the Sun does for us every morning that it rises and every evening when it sets. I wonder what happened to the dream. Don't you? See you next time. Please let me hear from you. Love and Lightning!  

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