Wednesday, November 30, 2016

New Moon in Sagittarius

The Centaur; Four Feet On The Ground, Head In The Clouds

     When I look at you, when you gaze back longingly at me, I see my whole world in your eyes as they plead. No surprise, I believe.

       I know all of your dreams. I see them as they glimmer and shine, just out of reach, to this place and time.

       The music drifts over you as you float away, following the tune to some special place. We go there together, you and I. You as the messenger, I as the spy.

You are my Muse, giving wing's to my fingers as they fly over the strings, always so limber, a relative memory, reminding us always that we are always free to be.

I don't write the tunes, they write me. I open myself up to the tender that is always a willing ember of forgotten fantasy.

       She said, " I was desperate for shelter and you opened your door."

      He said, "You were everything I ever wanted. How could I ever ask for more?"

        Across the room the music bound them forever with its mesmerizing score. They smiled and fell into the well of each others eyes.

There was no need for words...their hearts spoke as one, as note after note filled them to the brim with each others essence.

They "knew" each other at a depth that the physical world could not, or would not, ever understand. Twin Souls collided and merged on that day. Twin Spirits ran through the forest as they laughed and played.

Then the physical opened, reared its 'reality check' head, and they could not stay.

       Too much time, too much distance, too many years of built up resistance, one tiny buds taste of perfection, whole worlds have ended this way.

"Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare."
-Japanese Proverb-

       Dreams are like that. Reality is a really hard task maker at times. It takes focus, direction,  determination, and will power to actually "live" the dream. It does not just happen. In the beginning, yes, the reality of long term infinity, never.

       Diligence to the day to day details, commitment to the work, concentration means everything, so much so that at times we can get lost in it.

       What do you love? What matters the most to you? What are you trying to create? What would you be doing somewhere, somehow, no matter what the circumstances, naturally, even at a super unconscious level?

       That "thing" that you are compelled against all of the odds to do, Is your dream. It is what you really want to do and be. It is what sets you free, makes you different and unique. It is as easy as 1-2-3. I wanted it. I got it. I love it!

       Now it is time to share that love with the world.

       Singers sing, Musicians play music, Writers write, Artist's create, Mother's mother, Father's father. Painter's paint, Director's direct, Actor's act, Lawyer's debate, Doctor's doctor, and if they are not doing it as an actual craft as their life's work, they are each and every one doing it anyway, only now their ability to put their all into it is limited. How sad is that. What a real loss to the world.

       There is a place for everything and "A time for every purpose under heaven." What are you waiting for? Acceptance of who and what you are is of the essence, however, it does demand a commitment of your personal presence, and almost all of your focused attention to be all that it was intended to be.

"A house divided cannot stand."

Sc    Scattering your energies to the four winds will rip you apart, literally. It must be in accord from within yourself to be productive. What you think. What you do. How you feel. When you build, and to what purpose? What is your dream?

       If you are a Singer, or a Writer, or even a Lawyer, you think in the language of words. You express these words (act on them) you feel the song, the lyrics, the power, as your voice expresses it's vibration from the heart, you breath in the energy throughout your entire body as you build the melody, framework, case and share it with the world. This is pure energy. It has power. It is uplifting. It has a message of faith, love, and hope, for those moments in time it builds this bridge between your world and mine, and we are all ONE.

      The Musician follows the note with the mind as it comes from the physical contact with the instrument, the vibrational tone lifts the spirits and builds a symphony of dreams in the minds and spirits of all who hear it, as well as giving an overall sense of peace and well being.

      The Writer is compelled to write not knowing what will come from the heart and the Soul into the mind, and through the fingers onto the paper. They allow it to build its own unique message that is beyond the mere words that were used to express it, and make that connection with the world called Hope.

      All of these unique and personal things (and there are as many different ones as there are people to do them) that we do come naturally to us. We are called and compelled passionately to express them joyously as we share these gifts of the Spirit as the Light that animates and gives us the Life that we are here to live, as well as the breath that connects us all to each other in completion.

      Whenever we are not living the dream, a piece is sadly missing from the puzzle, not only from our own personal lives, but the light of the world is dimmer for the lack of the missing piece, YOU.

      We are not mistakes. We are valid pieces that make up the tapestry of perfection. We can see our world and how it is dying, just how little of our love or thought is going into our living. What would happen if we all decided to live unconditionally in our own joy and bliss? Not irresponsibly, but tangibly, thoughtfully, and creatively? One baby step at a time find your way back to yourself.

"Who are you really?"
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