Sunday, March 20, 2016

New Moon Pices/ Full Moon Libra/Full Eclipse

     The New Moon heralded a six month period of letting go of anything that is no longer useful in ones life, and allowing the new attitude, commitment, thought processes, or actions, to come into play. It is time to do that now. Holding onto the past is as simple as coining the phrase, "That's just the way I am." It is also just as destructive. In fact this thought process is ruling your ongoing life, every time you invite it in by saying it, you enforce it's reality. It does not exist! Yesterday you were someone else. It is impossible for you to actually believe that you have lived this long learning nothing. You are the Captain of your own destiny, you decide how or what you are going to believe, do, feel, or create. You must, however, also decide to make this commitment to yourself. Change is inevitable either way. It is much better to ride with the tide than it is to beaten to death as you go through the rapids and over the falls. You do see them when they are coming up, and you do have the option to make a choice about how you are going to chart your destination. Being a victim 'IS' a real solid choice, and it is very popular in the mainstream. Victims are made, they do not exist.
     The Full Moon gives you the energy to get out there and put some of your ideas to work in the world consciously. The thing is that you must interact with others in order to do this. This is a truly independent type of Spirit, sheathed in a soft designer glove (you are the designer) it plays at being a loner. It is most assuredly not one. Partnership is inevitable as every single action has a complimentary reaction, this can be for the positive or the negative. The planets have no medium of knowing one from the other, that is your job. It is hard to believe, or accept that the continuance of your own past-life selfishness, or selflessness, as the case may be, is creating all of the problems. The outside world is a construct that you have created to set yourself within. It is your own personal comfort zone. Like your living room or bed room furniture. If you look outside yourself and blame others for your circumstances, you will need to take some time to really look at your choices, and why you have made them. Evaluate carefully, and please be honest with yourself about this. Being fully aware of who-what-where-when-how-and why you do things the way you do them, without the added baggage or time consuming process of pointing the finger outwardly, by blaming others for creating the problems, really makes things much simpler. Your life, your responsibility to direct and focus. If you find yourself prone to developing some sort of reoccurring chronic impediment that is physical, mental, spiritual or emotional, (it can be any or all at any one given time) that you use as an excuse or a weapon, for sympathy, escape, understanding, or reasoning, for not making any type of commitment or decision, and thereby find yourself drowning in dead-end jobs, relationships, places or things, it just might be that you are refusing to be dependent in any way, therefore your loyalties are questionable to others. They don't trust you because they 'see' you as an outsider who is being "faithful to yourself only" and there any type of allegiance ends. They wonder what you want from them. By not joining, playing, or interacting intimately with others in any way except superficially, the problem is self evident. 
     The Karma is; When you learn to have consideration for others, you begin to love, not only them but yourself, really. You give up the desire to control people, things, places, or situations. You start to 'see' all sides of the coin by simply detaching. Detachment from the self centeredness of the self enables one to be able to laugh at the seriousness of the rules that have been created by the Ego's extreme Mystique. Comedy is anger turned inside out. It is a terrible thing to hold inside all of that fear, and that is exactly what the seeds of anger are. Frustration at it finest. Consider a baby that is left alone in a crib, at first it is all about the fingers and toes, then the outer environment comes into the scope of things, color and light for awhile intrigues and fascinates, ultimately the mind expands, the baby laughs and gurgles, the Spirit plays, that is the outside physical world. However, eventually the baby will be hungry for attention and food, so it cries, if its needs are not meet it screams, becoming more and more enraged and agitated as time passes. This is frustration. As an adult we have the option of taking care of our own needs and desires. Are we?
     In order to 'see' the reflections, one must 'see' the design. The design is the future scope based on what you want or need now, as well as what you have learned from the past experiences. Realistically what you have learned is all that should be kept from the past as you grow into the now of the future dream. Long term planning, is the blueprint for finding the balance or middle ground that is strong enough for you to build your life upon, and it is what we all came here to do. Our personal mission is like a set of dominoes, what you do now effects the entire structure of the future. It is cause and effect and you are responsible for your own actions. We are linked by the chain of humanity, our destiny is to serve. The question is found in how we devote our lives to ourselves as well as others. Life is the mission. Remember to be gentle with yourself, and kind to others. What is sewn now will be the harvest later. Astrologically Yours. Blessed Be. Happy Eostre.

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