Sunday, April 23, 2017

New Moon in Taurus

When does the dream begin to fade...reality set in? The shiny newness of the vehicle of life begin cracking and chipping, becoming dull with over exposure to the constant borage of abusive use? It does not have to be this way! We were not created to suffer!

We were made to experience the most extreme gifts of pleasure, joy, and love. To learn from each other, how to share, build, create, brainstorm, play, and through faith, and hope to merge with one another, not to destroy each other.

We have created this manmade Monster called "Industrial Civilization" and we have voluntarily made ourselves fodder for this "Machine" named "Progress." Regress is more appropriate, if you follow his/herstory.

We fight for our own dis-ease, so we keep it. It is destroying us all, when all we need to do in order to be free is to surrender. Without desire there is no control mechanism.

What do we have to surrender to? The real fear is the one we have about allowing ourselves to realize that we created the very prisons that we hate, in order to experience life.

Real Life is not a "Picture Perfect Present" all wrapped up in a colorful box, with ribbons and bows, at least not forever, although, it does seem to start out that way. Physical beauty comes in stages, and it can only be appreciated, if we have reached the level that it takes to be able to comprehend the meaning of it's creation, at any given moment. One mind, one world, one concept. Different levels, different strokes. Each individual is unique in their concept of what beauty is. This is as it should be.

The tapestry of our lives is our own creation. Yes, we do utilize our abilities, our talents, our personal perceptions, individually. What we have learned in putting our collections together is what makes us unique, and special. It also makes us "fit" into place perfectly, and exactly the way we are, as well as where we are, now.

The beauty of this creation is in it's differences, that compliment and weave, intricate designs, amazing us all, if we will allow ourselves to be. We are "Free Will". We are all there "Is". If we could only "see" that in simply being, we are doing exactly, what we came here to do.

A flower blossoms, it lights up the place it is in, perfectly. We are not any different in our being. There are fields of flowers that from an aerial view seem to look the same "amber waves of grain" if the time is taken, to really experience, and look at each individual one of the flowers, we can "see" that each is different, each serves a specific purpose, in where and what they are, and even though they all may "look" the same to the naked eye, they are not, yet, they are related intricately, of course, but none can hold their special place, for without each "one" there is a hole, a void, a thread bare in the tapestry, a vision, never complete, an emptiness, in knowing that beauty, that spark, that ray of light, is gone forever from our lives. This Is Love.

We try to ground in each other, to fill this emptiness, this void, when all we really have to do, is focus within. The warmth of a fire, is nothing outside of itself. The energy comes from being ignited, and sharing that inspiration, not by giving it away, but in the sharing, of that warmth, that knowledge, that spirit, so that the whole can benefit, from this great gift of the power, of knowing.

It is a realization, and acceptance, of who and what we are, without censor, that brings the light of hope, joy, ultimate faith, and the connection, with all that is, was, or ever will be. Infinite-Reality.

What is it that we see, or believe, is greater than ourselves? Why do we buy into this? Why the constant search for meaning? Instead, our world's are filled with self-inflicted pain, tears, puncture wounds, invasive surgeries, drugs, sex, in the name of love, war, in the name of God. Faith and Hope destroyed, through incarceration, and indoctrination, control through desperation, hunger, needs, unfulfilled.

We are a "911" situation, and instead of addressing the actual dis-eases, by facing the situations head on, and seizing the moment that it takes, to embrace, and deal with reality, we play head games with the symptom's, wasting valuable time, and resources, on basic "bandaid" material.

No matter how self-intoxicating, demoralizing, dehumanizing, addictive, or poison, they may be, we would rather accept, and embrace, these toxins, into our systems, than to just admit the truth to ourselves. The truth is: Neglect, abandonment, abuse, denial, and (FEAR) "Failure to engage available resources" we can fix the problem, by first acknowledging that it does not begin outside of ourselves. That is the REAL LIE. That finger pointing outwardly at THE REST OF THE WORLD. Blaming some obscure "THEY" for doing whatever "TO" us, instead of taking responsibility for our own lives and decisions.

It is not some miracle cure, and yet it is a miracle that we find the truth at all, given our base ability to maneuver around it all, and lie to ourselves, blatantly. We have it all right at our fingertips, and we are the only ones who can perform the operation, or procedure. We are only here for a limited time, and we alone are the drivers and navigators of this great journey.

What we choose to experience, learn, see, do, and be, is entirely up to us. Our choice. Our directive. Our life. Everything we do that does not feel right for us specifically, is a passive manipulation for control. Control of what? What is the fear that we have that compels us to this type of self destruction is as varied as the individual. Blessed Be. LOVE AND LIGHT.