Saturday, March 25, 2017

New Moon in Aries

New Moon In Aries

When all cats are gray in the night, and when all of our so called social distinction has taken a fall, we stand alone with nothing more than what we know.

What do we know?

1. We were all created equal.

2. Each of us were given the gift of life for a specific reason.

3. There are three distinct sexes.

4. People come in all sizes and shapes.

5.We are all individuals.

6. We are all a part of the food chain.

7. We are all interconnected.

8. Nothing on this planet is self sufficient in and of itself.

9. We need each other to survive and thrive.

10. Everything is just as important in the evolutionary process as we are.

11. Nothing is more important than we are.

12. We are all ONE.

How will those who have always washed and ironed the sheets, and done those strict military corners on the beds, adhered to schedules, like babies to their feeding times, compartmentalized every single moment of their days, into neat little sections, like plastic wrapped squares of American cheese, meals up at exactly the same time every day, with all of the proper food groups represented at table, forks, spoons, knives, napkins, and water glasses, wine glasses, placed just so, be able to adjust to the fall of the status quo?

When they can no longer take a little pink pill to get up, a little green pill to calm down, a little yellow pill to sleep, a cool glass of Chardonnay to relax, when no one cares what they think or do, or even who they are with, all their dramas of excess baggage, and way too many rules to ever follow. Their weaknesses found in the very rigidness of their programmed to receive, thought processes.

They are easily manipulated and confused. They pantomime, and say things like; "We like our rituals, they make us feel safe."

We have become an institutionalized society for the most part, simply going through the motions of a life without really experiencing anything of any lasting value, terrified of being out of control, being passionate, or thought of as stupid, or alone.

These things are completely insupportable, unreasonable assumptions, for without changes in our thought patterns, there is no room for growth. We are filled with distractions, frustrated, stuck, and unproductive, "Zombies in the Mall" type of stagnant.

What is really important to you? Are you living it?

If you are not, this New Moon in Aries is going to be a huge catalyst for change. Things that you have been doing by rote, or "just because" you know all of those "little things" that you do that take up the majority of your day, and mean absolutely nothing? If you are nodding your head now, get ready for the roller coaster ride of your life, as you are tested at almost every level of your world as to what is real and worthy of your "life's blood, sweat, and energy" and what is really ready for the garbage bin.

This may include lots of things, situations, places, and yes, even relationships, also people that you have either out grown, or are no longer on the same page with. Somethings must go. You can do this consciously or not. It will be easier and more productive if you are aware of the process. I wish you luck. I hope that you recognize this as an opportunity to expand your horizons, and take complete and total responsibility for your own life, by living your dreams to their fullest. The time is now. 

Love and Light!

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