Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Friday the 13th Full Moon in Cancer

"It's better to learn how to fall gracefully on your butt, than it is to fall full on your face forward."
-billy barr-

This full Moon comes with a confrontational grand cross in all of the Cardinal-Aggressive-No-Nonsense signs. It signifies that it is time to get down to the real business of living life with no excuses, and no apologies. The business end has no patience for the hopeful expectations of what may, or might have been, if only. It looks only at the projected results.

It demands that reality be clearly met head-on in a factual, and determined, focused way. This is done by making tough decisions, drawing up business plans, appointing the people you need to help make the impossible, possible. You will know them by their base knowledge and follow through, being actively precise in what they want or need, showing what they can really do for you.

Again, with no excuses, and no apologies. Certain things are needed to make anything a reality. "Money talks and bullshit walks." What exactly is it that you think you are going to continue to get for free? Bullying and acidity in your techniques or mannerisms, will get you the door, or the "buffer people" like the secretary, or the answering service. Or, no answer at all, if you have pushed them that far against the wall. Time for a reality check.

"No one is really an Island."

It will not get you the results you think that you deserve. So, forget the bluffing. What do you really need? Ask for it honestly. Give the proper people the reasoning for the request, see what happens.  If they do not believe in you, why should you believe in them? Go somewhere else for your future, leave them behind, know that if they can't see the potential, they are blind.

Stop looking for answers outside of your own mind, body, skill, unless you need it specifically for what you, yourself are trying to manifest, build, create, or do. Stop it!  Make a list of your priorities. Follow through. Stop the wool gathering. It can make you crazy. It also accomplishes nothing, except to waste your valuable time.

Silver linings are only found when you get rid of the "dirt" that is blocking your "flow" of energies, so that you can actually "see" what you have accomplished, or not. People can be a part of the process or an absolute dead weight. Be willing to do the work that it takes to make these "Aha" moments shine by standing behind your own dreams and creations, proudly offering them to the world with a smile of confidence on your face. Open and inviting with no apologies.

You will have then arrived at the doorway of your destiny. Hand over your VIP pass to the doorman at the gate with dignity, knowing that you have earned this privilege.

"Smile pretty for the camera Baby."
It is your life, live it to the best of your ability.
Blessed Be.

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