Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Happy New Year!

The Desire is to Be...Inventive, Creative, Original, and Free..

     This year is ruled by the number 10 which is symbolized by the "Wheel of Fortune" you know how it spins. Anything can happen, and it will. The key is to have some sort of vision of how you would like the outcome to be before you start. That way whatever happens, you are prepared to initiate the next best form of action.
     There are a sequence of other years that have this same vibration, and since I am a firm believer in the sequence of events, as well as the basic building process of learning and growing throughout the life of a person or entity, I would like to recommend that you check out how these years unfolded for you, if you are of an age to do so. These years are: 1990-1999-2008-and now-2017. Major happenings should be evident in these time frames, and if you come forward with your analysis of them, you just might see common denominators that have pivoted you to where you are in moment of the now. These can be used to see what worked for you, as well as the things that you want to avoid re-inventing in your life.
     The 10 is also symbolized by Isis and Osiris, notice how these two names are interchangeable, Osiris is pronounced; O-si-ris. It is a classic number of ultimate rise to glory, and possible fall from grace, according to the individuals personal desires, and actions. The name will be known for good or evil, there is no in-between, honor or dishonor.
     10 is capable of arousing the extreme responses of love and hate - respect and fear. There is the "know it all" tendency of wanting to control everything and everyone around you. The tendency to do things on impulse alone, because of course you know better than anyone else does what is right for the whole. There is also what I call the pure "Angel" vibration, where everything is given for the loved one. Appreciation is everything, and everything can or may be given up for this reasoning. Every event or situation is self-determined. 10 is the symbol of LOve - LIght, (no misprint here, think about it) which creates ALL that can be imagined, and it also contains the code of the "Wheel of Fortune" symbol. Meaning...
     "To Ordain: Order it, appoint it, establish it, invent it, with authority, officially Image it, imagine it in its full completion, and it shall become real. It will materialize one way or another, again no in-between."
     The power for manifesting into reality creative concepts, dreams, intentions, is inherent. But it must be used with wisdom, and a totally disciplined and directed focus. Since the power for absolute creation, contains the polarity power point for absolute destruction.
     Self discipline and infinite compassion, must accompany the gift of the former, in order to avoid the tragedy of the latter. This is why anything that is done on impulse alone can and most probably will cause a domino type of chain reaction, and the scales can tip to either extreme.
     It is better to plan before executing anything that could have these sort of long term consequences. Discipline must precede Dominion. The process must be taken into consideration. I cannot stipulate this enough. IT IS THAT IMPORTANT!
     "What is the worst that can happen?" "What is the best that can happen?" These questions while valid in most prior day to day situations, will not work now. Why? Because we no longer have the luxury of the middle ground in most cases. We are working without a net. There is no insurance policy to take care of the damages. If you fall you are pretty much on your own. Can you pick up the pieces and start over? I don't know. Can you? It is better not to entertain this as an option, don't you think? Seeking the Balance is the best for all concerned, if at all possible.
     Unfortunately, some people fail to realize their potential for power, and consequently they harbor deep-seated feelings of frustration, causing them to feel unfulfilled. This indulgence breeds anger, and occasionally causes re-actions that are primarily based on pride and arrogance alone. These are used in order to cover up feelings of inferiority? It is a catch 22; going round in circles and winding up absolutely NO WHERE. Why waste your precious energy on no win situations?
     It is better to take no action at all in this kind of mental fog. Hostility or any kind of deep seated feeling breeds only its twin chain reaction. Chaos.
     Coming to terms with the exact situation one is in is far better for all concerned. You can do this by clearing away all types of judgements; all of the he said, she said, they said, should of, would of, could of, been.
     Close these types of exit doors and windows. They are not beneficial to what is best for you or anyone else in any situation, and not only that, they use up a whole lot of positive energy that could be being directed towards getting the things that you really want to happen done. Exits include any kind of Escape mechanisms, Guilt,Shame, Blame, Denial, Procrastination, Over-Indulgence. When attention is directed at what has gone wrong, and not how things are, we lose our power to act effectively in the world.
     "Closing the exits means staying with the feelings, whatever they may be. It means letting them run their course. Feelings are like muscles - the more intensively you stay with the exercise, closing the door on escape, the more heavy emotional lifting you can do, and the clearer your mind becomes, your body is able to act." Big corporations learned this long ago, that is why they have board meetings.
     "Nature makes no judgment. Humans do."

     The Balance of the elements of the mind, or thought processes, the ability to take affirmative actions, utilizing the base intuitions in a positive, creative way, and the physical manifestation into the world of these finely tuned, and focused mechanisms, allows you to be co-director of all you seek to be.
       Recommended books:
- The Art of Possibility - by Rosamund and Benjamin Zander

- Star Signs - by Linda Goodman

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